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Complete Security Automation Solutions Installation

Complete Security Automation Solutions InstallationIf you own and/or manage a single commercial building or multiple sites, you have put countless hours of energy and preparation into the functionality and efficiency of your property. In order to protect all of the work you have completed within your building, it is crucial that the property is appropriately secured. This is where a security automation solution comes into play. Today’s world is run digitally and technology should be a top safety concern in terms of hackers and other ill-intended people who want to compromise your data. Physical theft of equipment, data and overhead, either by employees or visitors, is another security concern to be aware of. And, keeping those who are inhabiting your building safe should also be a main consideration. Continue reading

Save Money on Your South Florida Commercial Building

Save Money on Your South Florida Commercial BuildingIf you are the owner of a South Florida commercial building, than you are most likely on a continual search of how to save operating costs and make your building run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. Energy costs and how to minimize them are perhaps one of your biggest concerns. And, with energy costs making up a major percentage of commercial building operational costs, you are concentrating your money saving efforts in the right place. According to recent survey data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, lighting, heating and cooling, and ventilation account for over 60 percent of a commercial building’s electricity use. In addition, up to 40 percent of an average commercial building space is unoccupied at any given time, yet the lighting, cooling, etc. continue to stay on, costing the owner unnecessary money. Continue reading

Why You Should Install a Building Automation System

Why You Should Install a Building Automation SystemIf you have been searching for a way to increase your productivity, conserve resources, reduce costs and have complete control over your facility, a Building Automation System may be what you’ve been looking for. Managing every aspect of your facility has never been easier. With Advanced Control’s Building Automation Systems, a sophisticated number of networks are interlinked to help you control and monitor multiple environments of your commercial or industrial facility or building. In addition to helping you control and monitor different areas at one time, these systems also ensure your building’s inhabitants are comfortable and safe at all times. So many systems are functioning simultaneously in today’s high-tech commercial buildings, and it is important to be able to monitor and control these areas easily and quickly. With a Building Automation System, you are in complete control of your facility thanks to a touch-screen workstation located in-house, or through accessing your system via your smartphone, laptop or PDA. It truly is that easy. Here are several additional reasons why you should install a Building Automation System into your facility: Continue reading

Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Recording Solutions

Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Recording SolutionsDoes your commercial building have the correct security options installed to keep its occupants, visitors and equipment safe? Although business owners understandably look to keep costs down in certain areas, building security and recording options is not an area that should be minimized or forgotten about. Having inadequate security or recording capabilities leaves your building, occupants and equipment at the risk for vandalism, ill-intended behavior and can potentially put you at risk for liability issues. If you are the owner of a commercial property in South Florida, let Advanced Control’s affordable and high-tech CCTV and recording equipment protect your building properly. Continue reading

Understanding Building Automation and Control Systems

Understanding Building Automation and Control SystemsOften times, when we walk through the entrance of a commercial building, we are greeted with a sliding entry door, air conditioning or heating, good lighting and other conveniences that make our time spent there comfortable and conducive to getting the job completed. While we are expecting technology to function smoothly so we can accomplish our goals, we may not realize how much is going on behind the scenes in order for all of this to take place. This is where a building automation system steps in. These systems are centralized, interlinked networks consisting of both software and hardware that control and monitor multiple environments inside of an industrial or commercial facility. A building automation system not only manages multiple building systems at one time, it also guarantees a structure’s operational performance and keeps its inhabitants safe and comfortable. The next time you step inside a high-tech commercial building, consider all of the systems that are working together to make that building functional and safe. These systems will control and monitor the mechanical and electrical function, temperature and lighting, the building’s elevators, security and more. Each sophisticated system is able to share its information with one another through an IP network, in order to ensure everything is working resourcefully. Continue reading

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