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Building Automation Systems

Building Automation SystemsParking Lot/Garage Security Essentials


What impression does your property’s parking lot or parking garage give to visitors, or even those with criminal activity in mind? Are proper security measures in place and are some of these measures visible to those who are on the property? Believe it or not, your parking lot/garage is a crucial area to keep secure when it comes to the safety and security of your entire building and property. Controlling lighting and surveillance systems around the clock is possible with Building Automation Systems. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Management Systems  


Intelligent Building Management SystemsSave money and increase efficiency with an Intelligent Building Management System

Facility managers and property owners are always searching for ways to make their property and systems within the property more efficient. To help make this happen and cut costs along the way, many are turning to intelligent building management systems. These systems, also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS), are comprised of three components – software, sensors and control modules – and help regulate, monitor and retrieve data from every system and area within a building. Continue reading

Closed Circuit Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Security CamerasWhy Hospitals need CCTV

Many people are unaware how critical security measures are when it comes to safety within healthcare facilities and hospitals. Because these areas are typically open environments and anyone is allowed to enter into an emergency room, they also become at risk areas and prime targets for criminal activity. Having closed circuit security cameras is a vital part of any commercial building security system, especially in hospitals. According to a 2012 Crime and Security Trends Survey, published by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety, 154 shootings took place within hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the nation between 2000-2011. This same survey also stated that 98 percent of all healthcare facilities within America had experienced violent and criminal incidents. Continue reading

Building Automation Companies

Building Automation CompaniesFor building owners and managers, finding a way to cut costs while keeping efficiency at optimal levels is always a top priority. Building automation companies can help building owners achieve this balance with the help of a Building Automation System or BAS. These systems help control energy-consuming equipment, helping a building reduce its energy costs.  They are currently installed in more than half of the buildings in the United States that are larger than 100,000 square feet in size. Continue reading

Efficiency is Key for Healthcare Operations

Efficiency is Key for Healthcare OperationsMeasuring and improving the efficiency of your healthcare facility can be dependent on multiple factors. From the building’s infrastructure to its facility management and building operational systems, each aspect must work together in order for your property to run at optimal efficiency. Implementing the latest technology is also a vital tool to increase the efficiency of your building. These intelligent solutions, such as a Building Automation System (BAS), can measure the performance of each area of your building, in addition to offering a return on your investment. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are relying on a BAS to help manage, monitor and control each area and system of their building and its surroundings, plus take advantage of the system’s alert and notification properties if a particular system is malfunctioning or becomes nonoperational. Ultimately, facility managers are being provided valuable insight on their building’s performance and the status of its infrastructure because of these Building Automation Systems, this improving the impact on clinical service and the comfort and security of the building’s occupants. Continue reading

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