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Building Automation Systems Integration


Building Automation Systems IntegrationConnect all of your building’s systems with our Building Automation Systems Integration abilities


In recent years, more and more businesses are becoming interested in integrating the various systems within their building with the goal of increasing productivity, efficiency and safety and decreasing costs. At Advanced Control Corporation, our Building Automation Systems Integration options are helping countless buildings throughout Florida achieve their goals. Continue reading

Green Building Companies

Green Building CompaniesGreen building companies can help you lower costs and improve building efficiency

A goal on the minds of many building owners and property managers is how can a building become a green or intelligent building. Whether this goal has stemmed from the aspiration for “green” certification, lowered operating costs or to benefit the environment, green building companies like Advanced Control Corporation can make it a reality.

You can achieve “green” status and increase and improve your building’s sustainability through the implementation of a building automation systems, or BAS from green building companies. These systems have a multitude of benefits, including: Continue reading

Green Building Systems

Green Building SystemsIncrease your return on investment with green building systems from Advanced Control

Many property and building owners are revamping various aspects of their property in order to make it more efficient, have less of a negative effect on the environment and save them money. One way they are doing this is through the installation of green building systems or Building Automation Systems, also known as a BAS. These green building systems produce safer, more comfortable and productive environments for occupants while reducing overall costs. You may be curious how these systems work. A BAS is a centralized network that manages and monitors all of your property’s systems, structures and components. By controlling HVAC, lighting, temperature, air quality, access control and security systems at optimal levels, your building becomes as efficient as possible. Continue reading

Building Management System Software  


Building Management System SoftwareFour Advantages of a Building Management System

Are you aware that buildings account for 40 percent of the world’s energy use? Imagine the impact if all buildings were running as efficiently as they possibly could. How efficient your building is operating not only has an impact on the world’s energy use but also has a major impact on your business. Did you know that with a building management system software, you can reduce your property’s operating, utility and energy costs and improve productivity and efficiency? Continue reading

Building automation system

Building Automation SystemImprove Efficiency and Lower Costs With a Building Automation System

Consider all of the components and systems within your building that help it operate. From sliding entrance doors and lighting to comfortable temperatures and accessibility, multiple systems must run at once in a cohesive manner. To ensure these systems are running at optimal efficiency, you may want to consider installing a building automation system. Also, known as a BAS, building automation systems are designed with numerous, interlinked networks of both hardware and software that help manage, monitor and archive data for every system in your facility. They help each aspect within your building run smoothly so visitors and inhabitants are safe, comfortable and provided with an environment that allows for productivity. Continue reading

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