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Closed Circuit Television Technology

Closed Circuit Television TechnologyIf you are searching for an effective, affordable way to increase security at your commercial building, closed circuit television technology may be the ideal answer. Closed circuit television technology provides a cost-effective alternative to physical guards, blanketing your facility in 360 degree surveillance that leaves no exposed or vulnerable areas for thieves or vandals to exploit. The wide variety of camera types and advanced technology provides clear surveillance in low and no light situations, so your premises are as protected during the night as they are during the day. Closed circuit television cameras can even provide legal protection when combined with a digital video recorder or network video recorder, in the form of video evidence that will defend against nuisance lawsuits resulting from alleged incidents occurring on the premises. Continue reading “Closed Circuit Television Technology” »

Elevator Security Systems

Elevator Security SystemsElevators were once merely a convenience for building residents, but they have become an absolute necessity in today’s high-rise commercial buildings. In addition to providing a way to move people and objects between floors quickly and efficiently, elevators provide the universal access to floors and services that is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Along with this convenience and easy access comes a major vulnerability that you, as the building’s owner, must resolve: now that you have provided an easy means of access, how can you protect your tenants from unwanted visitors and intruders? An elevator security system is the ideal solution, as it will provide the means to monitor and control access to the various floors in your building, creating a safer environment for your residents and insulating you from any liability issues that may arise. Continue reading “Elevator Security Systems” »

Building Automation Graphics Software

Building Automation Graphics SoftwareOne of the challenges of building automation companies face is the need to provide users with a clear, simple way to access information and control their systems’ many functions. A complete building automation solution incorporates all the mechanical, electrical, and security systems in a building, integrating them into one cohesive system that is controlled through a single software interface. When you consider the sheer number and diversity of systems and components involved, including all the motion sensors, cameras, and other devices, the challenge becomes clear. Advanced Control Corporation utilizes specialized building automation graphics software to create graphic user interfaces for our building automation solutions that are extremely user-friendly, featuring custom-designed, dynamic color graphics with available full-motion animation. Continue reading “Building Automation Graphics Software” »

Choosing A Building Light Control System

Choosing A Building Light Control SystemAs an informed commercial building owner, you are aware that a building light control system is the first step in improving the energy efficiency of your facility. Building light control systems are customizable, offering a plethora of components and capabilities that can be combined to create different degrees of control. While this flexibility allows for the creation of lighting control systems that are specifically crafted to meet a facility’s needs, it also means that there are many systems on the market that do not offer complete and total functionality. When choosing a building light control system for your commercial building, make sure you select a system that takes into consideration a number of factors, including the occupancy status of your building spaces, your tenants’ needs, the security status of your building, and the degree of control you are seeking. Continue reading “Choosing A Building Light Control System” »

Choosing the Right Andover Software Solutions

Choosing the Right Andover Software SolutionsToday’s intelligent buildings require increasingly sophisticated software to control all the various technologies that keep them operational. At the same time, building personnel want control systems that are simple, reliable, and easy to use. Meeting these divergent requirements takes building automation software that is versatile, powerful, and carefully constructed with user-friendly features that allow it to respond quickly to changing situations. Advanced Control Corporation is able to meet even the most advanced building control needs with building automation software solutions from Andover Controls. Andover Controls offers several different building automation software solutions, each with their own unique features; which of Advanced Control’s Andover Software Solutions is right for your facility? Continue reading “Choosing the Right Andover Software Solutions” »

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