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Building Automated Systems & Services

Building Automated Systems & ServicesManaging operations at a modern commercial building is no simple task; with the increasingly complex network of systems that are present in even the smallest commercial buildings, owners really need a robust building automation system and dedicated monitoring services if they want their building to function at its best. As an industry leader in building automated systems & services since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has the experience and expertise to provide the exact solution necessary to ensure the most efficient operation of your facility. Our cost-effective building management solutions are customized to meet your particular needs, with a full complement of software and energy management services for buildings of every size. Our services range from initial building automation system design, to the training of personnel in the proper management of the program, as well as expert energy management services from trained operations personnel who will provide ongoing maintenance and routine checks to ensure your system delivers optimum performance for years to come. Continue reading

Building Control Systems in South Florida

Building Control Systems in South FloridaIs your South Florida commercial building unnecessarily wasting energy and money every month? Building control systems regulate the operational functioning of commercial buildings, with each individual system in charge of a single element of the structure’s operation, such as the lights, the HVAC system, etc.  Each building control system operates individually, without access to information gathered by the other control systems, sensors, or other building components. This sequestration of control systems can cause them to operate inefficiently, which is a particular matter of concern for South Florida commercial building owners since our hot humid climate already leaves us with high energy costs. Advanced Control Corporation can install a building automation solution that will integrate all the various control systems and components in your building so they can share information and operate more efficiently; among other effects, this increased connectivity means South Florida building owners will enjoy lower energy bills and a more responsive building environment. Continue reading

How Smart Are Intelligent Buildings?

How Smart Are Intelligent BuildingsThe term “intelligent buildings” is often used in discussions of modern commercial buildings, but if you pressed those speaking to answer the question, “How smart are intelligent buildings?” few could give you a definitive answer.  The best response we can give is that intelligent buildings are extremely smart… and getting smarter all the time. Intelligent buildings use automation solutions that integrate their mechanical, electrical, and security control systems, leveraging information from occupancy sensors and other hardware and software components to create a highly responsive and energy-efficient environment. With the development of the Internet and web-based automation solutions, intelligent buildings got a whole lot smarter, able to provide enhanced environment and security controls that can be remotely monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or PDA.  As new advances in information technology vastly increase the data sharing and processing capabilities of modern buildings, the capabilities of intelligent buildings will continue to expand, creating buildings that are more responsive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective than ever before. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Management System Software

Intelligent Building Management System SoftwareManaging all the operations in modern commercial buildings is not an easy task. It takes a whole host of control systems and hardware components for a building to function: even a seemingly simple operation, such as making the lobby lights come on when it gets dark, requires a number of hardware components and several different control systems to work together in order to accomplish the assignment.  Light sensors scattered throughout the lobby register the level of illumination; the information needs to be processed to determine whether the lights should be turned on or not; the decision needs to travel to the electrical system, where the system finally flips the switch that turns on the light, illuminating the lobby. Intelligent building management system software makes this and all other operational functions possible, by integrating all the diverse control systems and components in the building so they can share information and work together to accomplish the desired functions. Continue reading

Smart Building Solutions

Smart Building SolutionsBehind the placid surface of modern commercial buildings there are a multitude of electrical, mechanical, and security control systems hard at work performing necessary tasks. As the number and complexity of these core systems has increased in recent years, so, too have the various associated hardware devices that supply the systems with the information they need to function, such as motion sensors, closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders, access card readers, passive RFID scanners, and more. This growing tangle of technology has given rise to the need for a single master control system that can integrate all these diverse systems into a single unified network that can share information and perform its functions efficiently. Smart building solutions are the answer: by integrating all of the various systems into a symbiotic whole, they improve the functioning of all the individual building systems, creating a more secure, comfortable environment for occupants, while improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, which in turn lowers operating costs and improves the building’s carbon footprint.  Continue reading

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