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Miami Commercial Buildings Security System Checklist

Miami Commercial Buildings Security System ChecklistSecurity is a top concern for Miami commercial building owners, who need to find a reliable, cost-effective way to ensure the safety of their premises and property while keeping their tenants and their possessions safe from harm. Security automation systems can provide the protection Miami commercial buildings need, but only if all points of vulnerability are addressed. Use this Miami commercial buildings security system checklist to make sure the security system you choose provides full protection for your building. Continue reading

Green Building Solutions Boca Raton

Green Building Solutions Boca RatonEnergy-efficiency, sustainability, and other environmental issues have become major concerns for Boca Raton’s commercial building owners in recent years, as mounting evidence of the damaging effects of man-made industry on the environment has been uncovered. No longer content to deplete natural resources with the profligate waste of energy, these environmentally aware building owners are seeking ways to reduce their energy usage and minimize their carbon footprint. If you are looking for ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency, Advanced Control Corporation offers green building solutions Boca Raton building owners can utilize to achieve their sustainability goals, reducing the amount of energy used in their facilities while creating more comfortable and responsive work environments. Continue reading

Building Energy Management in Miami

Building Energy Management in MiamiAre you looking for a way to reduce energy costs at your Miami commercial building? Energy management is a key concern for all commercial building managers, who are responsible for keeping operational costs low and tenant satisfaction high. Building energy management in Miami is a particularly difficult task, as building managers in this area have to contend with blazing year-round tropical heat and high humidity, in addition to the more common challenges of rising energy costs and the need to conserve resources. As the leader in building energy management in South Florida for 27 years, Advanced Control Corporation has the knowledge and experience to help you devise a comprehensive energy management plan that will allow your building to operate more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Continue reading

Best Building Automation Air Options in Miami

Best Building Automation Air Options in MiamiAir pollution is now the single largest environmental health risk, according to a report issued by the World Health Organization earlier this year. While much attention has been paid to the dangers of outdoor air pollution in the past, the focus is now shifting to indoor air pollution as the larger health threat. Workers in commercial buildings are at risk, particularly in cities like Miami where hot temperatures encourage owners to make their facilities as airtight as possible in an effort to keep in cooled air. Lack of proper indoor ventilation can cause carbon dioxide build-up, concentrated air pollution, and, when combined with the temperature differences between indoor air and Miami heat, pervasive mold and mildew problems, all of which can create major health problems. Advanced Control Corporation helps Miami building owners safeguard their tenants from harm by providing technologically advanced air quality control and monitoring systems that identify and remedy poor air conditions and create a healthier environment. Continue reading

Building Control and Monitoring Systems in Miami

Building Control and Monitoring Systems in MiamiRising energy costs and the desire to create a comfortable and safe building environment have today’s commercial building owners employing building automation systems that make their buildings operate more efficiently. Building automation systems control and monitor all the various operating systems in a building, integrating all of a facility’s control systems into a single unit so the diverse systems share information and work together more efficiently. For Miami building owners, the need to increase building efficiency is exacerbated by excessively hot temperatures and security issues that make an effective building control system a necessity. Advanced Control Corporation, the leading provider of building control and monitoring systems in Miami, can install a building automation system that will provide efficient use of your building’s mechanical equipment, helping to preserve a greener and safer environment while maintaining the comfort that your inhabitants require. Continue reading

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