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Efficiency is Key for Healthcare Operations

Efficiency is Key for Healthcare OperationsMeasuring and improving the efficiency of your healthcare facility can be dependent on multiple factors. From the building’s infrastructure to its facility management and building operational systems, each aspect must work together in order for your property to run at optimal efficiency. Implementing the latest technology is also a vital tool to increase the efficiency of your building. These intelligent solutions, such as a Building Automation System (BAS), can measure the performance of each area of your building, in addition to offering a return on your investment. Many hospitals and healthcare facilities are relying on a BAS to help manage, monitor and control each area and system of their building and its surroundings, plus take advantage of the system’s alert and notification properties if a particular system is malfunctioning or becomes nonoperational. Ultimately, facility managers are being provided valuable insight on their building’s performance and the status of its infrastructure because of these Building Automation Systems, this improving the impact on clinical service and the comfort and security of the building’s occupants. Continue reading

Summer Building Energy Saving Options

Summer Building Energy Saving OptionsAs a commercial building owner or manager, you are most likely always on the lookout for ways to conserve energy and reduce costs. During the summer months, utility costs tend to increase as your building’s cooling system must work harder to cool warm air. This is especially true for buildings that are located in South Florida. Systems that aren’t working as efficiently as they should be can cause a significant loss of cool air, causing the system to have to work harder and increasing your utility costs. Luckily there is a way to ensure all of your building’s systems are working properly and at maximum efficiency and have some of your utility or operating costs decrease. With the installation of a Building Automation System, you can have greater control over each area and system inside and outside of your building and decrease expenditures. Continue reading

How to Choose a Building Management System

How to Choose a Building Management SystemMore and more facility managers in need of increasing productivity while cutting costs and reserving resources are turning to the help of a Building Automation System. These intelligently designed systems make it easier to regulate every aspect of a building or property through a number of sophisticated interlinked networks. A typical Building Automation System, or BAS, is comprised of three main components including software, control modules and sensors. These elements work together to help facility managers and staff oversee and control a variety of systems such as HVAC, security, access control, lighting and more. Through the ease of a touch screen workstation, located in-house, or via access on a laptop or mobile phone, accessing, updating or controlling any area in your facility is simple. Continue reading

Importance of Good Air Quality Control

Importance of Good Air Quality ControlNo matter what type of industry your building serves, proper air quality control should be a top priority. In order to keep the occupants of your building safe, you want to make sure the indoor air is free from contaminants, odors, toxic fumes, and dust among others. However, in order to have a healthy indoor air environment, your air quality control plan should be thoroughly planned out. So how can you improve the comfort and safety of your inhabitants and maintain proper air quality within your building? One possibility is by investing in a Building Automation System. Continue reading

Healthcare Building Securities

Healthcare Building SecuritiesEvery healthcare facility needs a solid security management plan that should include preventative, protective and responsive measures. The need for hospitals and healthcare facilities to regularly update and revamp security plans is evident in a recent survey by the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS), entitled “Crime and Security Trends Survey.” This survey shows that between 2004 -2010, hospital crime and violence doubled. Because healthcare facilities have higher security risks than many other types of facilities, it is imperative to have healthcare building securities options that keep patients, visitors, staff and assets safe. With care being provided twenty-four hours a day and hospitals being publicly accessible, security precautions must be taken. In addition, with a variety of drugs on site, measures such as access control are crucial. With so many aspects of a hospital needing to be secure, and to increase safety, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are implementing a Building Automation System or BAS. Continue reading

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