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Achieving an Energy Efficient Building

Achieving an Energy Efficient BuildingMaking your building as energy efficient as possible is the first step to achieving sustainability. Becoming energy efficient helps your company control increasing energy costs, decrease its environmental footprint and also add value to your building and business. When you partner with Advanced Control, we will help you develop an energy efficient building strategy by analyzing your existing usage. Our experienced team members will suggest appropriate energy efficiency solutions and help you implement a variety of tools and services available to you through our company. Through the integration of a Building Automation System (BAS), you can solve your efficiency, comfort, security and equipment issues easily and affordably. Continue reading

Parking Garage Security Options

Parking Garage Security OptionsAffordable and effective parking garage security is available with Advanced Control!


There are several effective parking garage security options that can be utilized to generate ample security protection around your property. Investing in this type of security is just as important as investing in any other facet of your business. While Advanced Control Corporation offers unsurpassed affordability when it comes to the products and services we offer, the expense incurred to beef up your parking garage security is justified when you consider how drastically you will be reducing your liability, protecting your assets, and increasing overall safety by reducing crime. Continue reading

Video Surveillance Security Options

Video Surveillance Security OptionsDid you know you can improve the overall health of your business by implementing a solid security plan? With a variety of video surveillance security options from Advanced Control, you can rest assured that your equipment, employees, and data are as secure as possible. If your company currently has an inadequate security plan in place or is lacking recording capabilities, you are leaving your entire operation at risk for vandalism, a data-breach and potential liability issues. Create a safer environment through the installation of video surveillance security and CCTV options. Continue reading

Intelligent Building Management System

Intelligent Building Management SystemIncrease safety and efficiency while reducing costs with a Building Automation System

Imagine if all of the systems in your building worked together to improve the efficiency of operation and safety and comfort of its occupants, all while reducing energy consumption and operating costs. All of this and more is possibly with an intelligent building management system from Advanced Control. These systems, also known as Building Automation Systems (BAS) can help you better monitor and control the mechanical, fire, flood, lightning, HVAC, security and ventilation aspects within your building. Continue reading

Office Building Automation System Solutions

Office Building Automation System SolutionsPerhaps you have been considering a building automation system for your office, but want to learn more about the benefits and advantages it can provide. For starters, a building automation system is ideal for anyone seeking to integrate all of their building’s different systems into one unified system that is monitored and managed from one simple interface.  If you are an office building owner or operational manager seeking to unify all of the systems that keep your building running, then a building automation system might be the right choice for you. A building automation system works by combining all systems into one single structure, offering you critical control over all operations in the building. This computerized hub manages the systems that deal with heating, cooling, ventilation, security, lighting, access control, fire, flood, elevators, surveillance and more. Continue reading

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