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Building Automation Services Company

Building Automation Services CompanyAre you searching for a building automation services company that can provide you with qualified personnel to manage, maintain, and service your existing control systems? As building technology has evolved in recent years, the control systems needed to operate modern commercial buildings have become more numerous and more complicated. The building automation systems that integrate the various control systems have become correspondingly more complex as well. These advances in technology have left some building owners scrambling for a solution: they need experienced technicians who can manage their systems or personnel to train their employees so they manage their systems in-house. The owners of smaller facilities have been left at a clear disadvantage as many of them simply cannot spare the staff needed to manage these technologically advanced building automation systems. Advanced Control Corporation’s cost-effective building management solutions provide the answer to this dilemma: we are a complete Building Automation Services Company, able to provide you with fully trained, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who will facilitate and monitor your management systems or train your personnel. Continue reading

Automated Logic: Building Automation Systems

Automated Logic: Building Automation SystemsBuilding automation systems are an essential component of modern commercial buildings, used to integrate the HVAC, mechanical, lighting, security, safety, and other control systems in buildings so they can share information and work together as a single cohesive unit. Today’s building control systems are required to provide more advanced services than ever before: they have to balance the need to increase the energy-efficiency of buildings with the imperative to maintain comfortable working environments for residents, without compromising their ability to adjust to rapid changes and adapt to future needs. Advanced Control Corporation is able to achieve all these goals using Automated Logic’s advanced WebCTRL building automation system. Automated Logic has been designing their easy-to-use building automation systems for more than three decades, specializing in advanced software systems that ensure occupant comfort while providing the highest possible energy efficiency. Their latest generation of building automation systems includes innovative web-based technology that allows owners to control and monitor their energy usage from anywhere in the world. Continue reading

Understanding Building Automation and Control Systems

Understanding Building Automation and Control SystemsWhen you step into the commercial building where you work, you are probably enveloped in climate-controlled comfort in a well-lit lobby. You may slide your ID card to enter the elevator, take it to the correct floor, and scan your ID card again to open your office, where the lights instantly come on in as you enter the room. While all you see is smoothly functioning technology, creating this comfortable work environment is not easy. It takes many different control systems working behind the scenes to operate a modern commercial building. Each of these individual systems controls an electrical, mechanical, or security process in the building, such as the HVAC system, lighting control, or elevator access. Building automation systems integrate the various individual control systems over an IP network so they can share information and work efficiently together to create a comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient building environment. Continue reading

Choosing a Building Automation Company

Choosing a Building Automation CompanyAs a property manager or building owner, you have the responsibility of choosing a building automation company for your facility. This is not a decision you can make lightly, as your choice will have a direct impact on the day to day operations of your building, the financial wellbeing of your company, and the security of your building and its occupants. Early building automation systems were easily mastered, but the advent of intelligent building technology and developments in information technology have expanded the capabilities of modern building automation systems, making them more complex and difficult to implement correctly. The building automation company you select will need to be conversant with the latest information systems and energy management techniques, and fluent in a wide range of controls and systems. Continue reading

Top Building Management Systems

Top Building Management SystemsBuilding management systems have become a necessary fixture in modern commercial buildings. They control and monitor all the various electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a building, integrating all of the control systems into a single unit, allowing the diverse systems to share information so they can work together more efficiently. While all building management systems lower operational costs and create a more secure and comfortable building environment for their occupants, the top building management systems now go a step further. The advent of web-based technology has resulted in the development of advanced building management systems that integrate their facility’s control and communication systems over an IP network, creating facilities that are more responsive, more efficient, and remotely accessible from anywhere in the world. Continue reading

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