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Choosing a Building Automation Company

Choosing a Building Automation CompanyAs a property manager or building owner, you have the responsibility of choosing a building automation company for your facility. This is not a decision you can make lightly, as your choice will have a direct impact on the day to day operations of your building, the financial wellbeing of your company, and the security of your building and its occupants. Early building automation systems were easily mastered, but the advent of intelligent building technology and developments in information technology have expanded the capabilities of modern building automation systems, making them more complex and difficult to implement correctly. The building automation company you select will need to be conversant with the latest information systems and energy management techniques, and fluent in a wide range of controls and systems.

When selecting a building automation company, you should look for a company that utilizes the latest technology to provide complete building automation control services. Choosing a building automation company is not just a matter of finding a competent installer; instead, you need to find a building automation company that provides comprehensive building automation services and support, from the initial design concept throughout the installation process and ongoing system maintenance. Look for a building automation company that provides comprehensive solutions that include:

  • Innovative Building Automation Systems
    Insist on a building automation company that installs innovative integrated system solutions that provide controls and monitoring for a variety of building automation services, including advanced energy management, air quality control, HVAC and lighting systems, power monitoring, and security. Complete security automation services should be included, encompassing building access and elevator access control, as well as CCTV and video recording surveillance services.
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
    The ideal building automation company will provide cost-effective energy management services using easy-to-navigate software that will enable accurate measurement of your power usage in real time. Access should be through simple graphical user interfaces that allow you to access and monitor all of your building management systems – from lighting to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), wirelessly from any remote location.
  • Expert System Integration
    The best building automation companies provide automation solutions that work in tandem with the latest open protocol standards while providing seamless integration with any existing installed base of legacy systems.
  • Quality Implementation of Building Management Systems
    Choose a building automation company that has expertise integrating multiple building system disciplines, and is experienced at installing BACnet and LonTalk systems, as well as web-accessible and internet-based building automation solutions.  
  • Comprehensive Service Solutions
    To ensure all of your building control needs are met, you should search for a company that provides comprehensive building management services. A complete service provider will offer planned repair and maintenance services as well as energy management personnel and training services.

With 27 years’ experience in providing cost-effective building automation control solutions for major commercial, institutional, and industrial clients across Florida, Advanced Control Corporation is exceptionally well qualified to become your building automation company. Our expert technicians can design and install a new, customized building control solution that perfectly fits your needs, or help you manage, maintain, and service your existing control systems. Whether your project involves building automation, energy management, system integrations, security automation, or service solutions, Advanced Control has the technical knowledge and project experience to get the job done.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 for expert building automation control services for every sized building and facility!

Top Building Management Systems

Top Building Management SystemsBuilding management systems have become a necessary fixture in modern commercial buildings. They control and monitor all the various electrical, mechanical, and security systems in a building, integrating all of the control systems into a single unit, allowing the diverse systems to share information so they can work together more efficiently. While all building management systems lower operational costs and create a more secure and comfortable building environment for their occupants, the top building management systems now go a step further. The advent of web-based technology has resulted in the development of advanced building management systems that integrate their facility’s control and communication systems over an IP network, creating facilities that are more responsive, more efficient, and remotely accessible from anywhere in the world.

The operation of facilities of all sizes can benefit from the installation of one of these technologically advanced building management systems. In a typical commercial building, 30% to 40% of the facility is unoccupied at any given time. The top building management systems employ advanced hardware to collect occupancy information, including motion sensors, passive RFID scanners, access card readers, closed circuit television cameras, and digital video recorders. The integrated system then shares this information across the various control systems to modulate power usage, turning off the HVAC and lighting systems in the in the unoccupied areas. When correctly used, this intelligent building technology can yield an energy savings of as much as 30%.

When the building automation experts at Advanced Control Corporation install one of these advanced building management systems in your commercial building, you gain complete control over all the building control systems in your facility. You can access and control your building control system from an on-site location using a touchscreen workstation or interact with your building remotely over the Internet via a smartphone, laptop, computer workstation, or PDA. Our advanced building management systems use web-based automation solutions to provide you with up to date, real-time information on all your building control systems, including:

  • Lighting control
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Air quality control
  • Energy management
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Access control and security systems
  • Fire and life safety systems
  • smoke evacuation
  • Critical environments
  • Power monitoring
  • Building condition monitoring

To offer the most user-friendly experience, Advanced Control uses custom-designed graphics that allow seamless interfaces to your Controls, DVRs, live video feed, and other IP enabled devices, over a wide array of Web based platforms. Our ingenious interface incorporates data from various resources including the web to create intuitive, custom designed animations that clearly convey various conditions such as occupied, unoccupied, alarm, etc., so you can instantly grasp your building’s status in a single glance. Advanced Control’s web-based building automation graphics allow you to view trends charts, alarm notifications, and the general status of all your building control systems instantly from any location using your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

The sophistication of Advanced Control Corporation’s building management systems make them ideally suited for virtually every type of commercial facility, including the most technologically demanding building environments such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, research facilities, healthcare complexes, offices, and universities. Are you ready to discover the difference the installation of one of our top building management solutions can make to the operation of your commercial building? Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to create a customized building management solution that incorporates  energy management, access control, CCTV cameras, and the latest building automation technology to give you complete control of your facility.

Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 to discover just how efficiently your building can operate with the installation of one of our top building management systems!

Automated Building Solutions

Automated Building SolutionsOne of the challenges today’s commercial building managers face is the need to ensure all the various control systems in their facility can work together efficiently and effectively to provide a comfortable, safe work environment. For many managers, the difficulty of this task is compounded because their building’s owner has replaced individual control systems over the years with the component they deemed was best for the job, without considering whether its operating systems are compatible with the rest of the building control system. These building managers are left to cope with individual control system components that are unable to share information or resources, seriously impairing their ability to create the desired building environment. Using powerful Automated Building Solutions  products like Andover Continuum, Advanced Control Corporation can create a building automation solution that will ensure all the control system components in your building will work together seamlessly and efficiently, allowing you to provide a safe and comfortable building environment at your facility.

Advanced Control’s Andover Automated Building Solutions use software that employs the latest open protocol standards to create comprehensive, fully integrated automated systems that can work seamlessly with any installed base of legacy systems. Our building control solutions can even integrate with components that lack an open standard to communicate, via our large collection of more than 200 third-party communication drivers that includes many propriety protocols. Since Andover Continuum software is natively loaded with open protocol support, it is able to work with many other vendors’ products, enabling it to communicate and share information between all your building control systems including fire alarms, CCTV systems, HVAC and lighting controls, and more. This backward compatibility makes Advanced Control’s building automation solutions ideally suited to bridge the past, present, and future building control needs of new and existing facilities of all sizes.

Andover Continuum software creates an IT-friendly system that supports most major communication, desktop IT, and building automation standards including email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and Ethernet. Because our building automation solutions employ BACnet, an open ASHRAE/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with one another, Advanced Control can also offer wireless, web-based solutions for both new and existing systems. With our web-based solutions, users can access building controls remotely in real time, controlling and viewing their entire building automation system through a standard web browser. The advanced custom graphics and animations of our web-based building automation solutions create a user-friendly experience that is easy to navigate and use.

Advanced Control also provides Automated Building Solutions for building managers who need cost-effective, stand-alone solutions for unmanned or remote sites. Andover Controls’ integrated small building controller provides a single-board solution that can delivers low cost card-access and HVAC control. Using a network-ready controller that hosts an Ethernet port and supports TCP/IP, SNMP and a built in web server, our small building solution allows you to view your site information  from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser. Advanced Control’s Andover small building solutions are ideally suited for use in convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, and other retail locations.

Discover how much easier managing your building is with an Andover building automation solution in place! As the industry leader in system integration, energy management, and building automation in South Florida since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has created comprehensive building automation solutions for thousands of small, medium, and large buildings.

Contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660 so our automation experts can create the ideal Andover building automation solution for your facility today!

Building Ventilation Control Installation

Building Ventilation Control InstallationEffective ventilation control has become a critical concern for today’s commercial building owners, as the drive for greater energy efficiency has resulted in modern commercial buildings that are better insulated and as air tight as possible. While this sealed environment may seem to create a safer air environment for inhabitants, the reverse is actually true. Commercial buildings are typically heavily occupied, which creates high CO2 levels; when combined with volatile organic compounds from the out-gassing of carpeting, paint, and plastics used in the construction and furnishing of commercial spaces, the result is dangerously poor air quality levels that can significantly impair the health of the buildings’ occupants. In commercial buildings that include indoor parking garages, CO2 and NO2 gasses can further compromise air quality. Installing an effective ventilation control system allows building owners to control and monitor intake of outside air so they can reduce dangerous gases and CO2 levels to create a healthier indoor air environment.

Commercial building ventilation control installation options range from simple, stand-alone systems for indoor garages to complete, integrated building automation control systems that include air quality control monitoring devices, demand control ventilation, smoke evacuation systems, HVAC temperature control, humidity monitoring, and more. Each ventilation control option has a role to play in creating a healthy building environment; building owners should consult with an experienced air quality control expert who can perform an air quality assessment and determine which ventilation control options are necessary for the wellbeing of their building’s occupants. The most widely used ventilation options include:

  • Demand Control Ventilation for Commercial Buildings
    One essential ventilation option for most modern commercial buildings is demand control ventilation, as it allows owners to control the intake of outside air to reduce the levels of CO2 that accumulate within the building. Using specialty sensors, demand control ventilation systems can determine the optimal amount of outside air that each indoor space requires, controlling outdoor air intake to adjust inhabitant comfort levels accordingly. Ventilation can also be adjusted to reduce odors and control humidity to provide a healthy, comfortable indoor work environment.
  • Parking Garage Ventilation for Commercial Buildings
    Unless proper ventilation options in place, toxic gases including CO2 and NO2 can travel from an indoor parking garage through ductwork, elevator shafts, and stairwells to compromise the air quality throughout an entire commercial building. An effective parking garage air quality control and monitoring system can alert facility personnel when these gases are approaching dangerous concentration levels. The ventilation control system then activates garage exhaust fans at the correct speed to remove the gases. Various parking garage ventilation system installation options are available, including hard-wired and wireless systems, which can be installed as stand-alone elements or as a component of a fully integrated system.
  • Indoor Air Ventilation Control for Commercial Buildings
    Using the HVAC system components of a building automation system, an efficient indoor air quality control system can achieve healthy, high quality indoor air. It does this by adjusting ventilation to eliminate unwanted odors, control humidity, and prevent the formation of toxic mold, while ensuring intake amounts of outdoor air are sufficient to meet regulatory requirements.

Advanced Control Corporation provides technologically advanced air quality and ventilation control installation for commercial buildings throughout South Florida. Our technicians offer a full range of ventilation installation options, including a stand-alone ventilation system and a complete building automation solution that incorporates energy management, ventilation control, access control, and CCTV technology to give you complete control of your building’s operations.

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 for expert commercial building ventilation control installation services that will have your tenants enjoying a healthier, more comfortable building environment!

Commercial Energy Conservation

Commercial Energy ConservationRising energy costs coupled with a growing awareness of the need for a more sustainable lifestyle have commercial building owners across South Florida searching for ways to partake in commercial energy conservation and reduce their utility usage. Since commercial buildings account for almost 20% of all the energy used in the United States, and energy costs are most commercial buildings’ highest operating expense, conserving energy makes both environmental and fiscal sense. As a leader in energy conservation who has been at the forefront of green building in South Florida for over twenty years, Advanced Control Corporation has helped thousands of building owners reduce their energy usage and operate their buildings more effectively. We have assembled a few of our most effective energy conservation techniques for commercial buildings; by applying them to your facility, you should be able to make a significant reduction in your energy usage and help your building operate in a more energy-efficient manner. Continue reading

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