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CCTV Solutions

CCTV SolutionsAs a business or property owner, your building, occupants, equipment and data are the lifelines of your business and income. With this in mind, how do you feel about your current level of security? Is your building properly outfitted with the correct security options that are necessary to keep everyone and everything safe? At Advanced Control, we understand that every building or business owner is working with a budget, and with that in mind, we can help design an ideal security plan that can reduce your risk of theft, liability issues and more. As South Florida’s leader in affordable and high-tech CCTV solutions, ask one of our team members to analyze your property’s current commercial building security plan and determine which areas are in need of an upgrade or redesign. Continue reading

What is a Building Automation System?

What is a Building Automation System?When we visit a building or step into one as an employee, often times we give little consideration to all of the inner functions that make that building operate efficiently and safely. From good lighting and comfortable air temperature to sliding entry doors and powerful elevators and escalators, there are many moving parts that encompass all of a building’s amenities. So how does this technology function smoothly behind the scenes from visitors and occupants? That is where a Building Automation System comes into play. Also known as a BAS, these systems consist of centralized, interlinked networks that contain both hardware and software that monitor and control a variety of environments inside and outside of a building or facility. By managing multiple systems of a building at one time, a BAS helps maintain optimal performance and efficiency of a building in addition to keeping occupants and employees comfortable and safe. They monitor and control items including mechanical and electrical function, elevators, air control levels, lighting, air conditioning or heating, security, access and more. Each system works together by sharing its information, which is all accessible at a centralized hub or via your smartphone or laptop, as long as you have an internet connection. Continue reading

Understanding Building Automation Systems

Understanding Building Automation SystemsA building automation system, or BAS, is a centralized control system or computerized hub, where a building’s heating, ventilation, lighting, and other critical systems are managed and monitored automatically. The BAS is a sophisticated entity that monitors performance and readily detects failures in all systems within a commercial building, high-rise condominium, hospital, school, or any other commercial or industrial structure that has multiple operations running simultaneously.


The building automation system performs like a network, utilizing both software and hardware to manage the building’s mechanical, HVAC, security, fire, flood, and lighting operations, to ensure maximum efficiency, a reduction in energy and operation costs, added comfort for the building’s occupants, and most importantly, proper functionality and the safety of all systems working together. There are multiple benefits to incorporating a building automation system into any commercial building or industrial space, including: Continue reading

Security Camera Installation

Security Camera InstallationAs a building owner, you not only want all areas of your building to be managed effectively and operating efficiently but you also want the building and its occupants to be secure. Security should be a top priority whether you own and operate a single site or manage multiple buildings in various locations. With Advanced Control’s building automation systems that focus on security, you can rest assured knowing your building(s) have the best security system possible. Our solutions can help you reduce risk, prevent loss and damage to your property or information, and also help keep those visiting or residing in the building safe. Through security solutions such as CCTV, CCTV recording and VSaaS (Video surveillance as a service), we can build a security management system for your unique needs that will be resistant to compromises and breaches. Tell us about your industry and size of operation and we will design an adaptable and scalable solution that will keep every aspect of your building secure. Continue reading

Small Buildings and Big Energy Management Savings

Small Buildings and Big Energy Management SavingsAre you the owner of a small building in South Florida and curious about how you can save money when it comes to energy? If so, you are not alone. Buildings consume almost forty percent of the world’s energy, making the topic of energy management one of high priority for property owners. To determine how to save money with energy management, the first step is understanding where the most energy is wasted within your small building. For example, a recent survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration highlighted that lighting, ventilation, and heating and cooling systems account for over sixty percent of a building’s energy use. Armed with this fact, consider this: Forty percent of the average commercial building in the U.S. is unoccupied at any given time, but building owners are still spending money keeping these areas lit, cooled or heated, and accessible. What if Advanced Control can show you a better way to manage the energy your small building is using, helping you save money? Well, we can do just that. We have spent decades working with South Florida small building owners and showing them a smarter option in energy management savings through the use of a building automation system. Continue reading

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