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Energy Efficient Hospitals

Energy Efficient HospitalsWhen it comes to energy, efficiency, safety and security, have you contemplated if your healthcare or medical facility is in good health? In today’s highly competitive healthcare arena, hospital and healthcare management must consider if their property is not only efficient in terms of energy, but is also safe for patients, their families, staff members and provides a comforting and quality environment. Even though many hospitals in the United States are over 50 years old, having an energy efficient hospital is possible when you consider the installation of a Building Automation System or BAS. Hospitals that contain older types of technologies are not typically the most energy efficient, however, rather than wasting precious energy because of older technology, a BAS can help systems run more smoothly and reduce the property’s operating costs. Continue reading

Access Control System Options

Access Control System OptionsAs a building or business owner, safety and security should be a top priority. At Advanced Control Corporation, we understand how important this aspect of a building is and offer our clients a variety of options to help reduce risk and also prevent damage or loss to information or property. From protecting your IT data to reducing loss due to employee tampering or theft, our goal is to help  you implement an effective safety strategy that can protect your entire company/building and its inhabitants. One way we do this is by designing and installing a building automation system for our clients that contain multiple access control system options. Having an access control system is crucial to protect your digital and physical resources. These systems operate by giving someone access or denying them access to a specific resource or area in the building. Perhaps you have certain floors within your building that should only be accessed by several key employees – an access control system offers you the ability to make this possible in addition to keeping a log of who enters or exits the area. This same data log is available for those who access certain resources, such as IT data. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible access control system options you can take advantage of through Advanced Control: Continue reading

Importance of a Smoke Evacuation System

Importance of a Smoke Evacuation SystemIf you want to invest in the safety of your building’s occupants and the integrity of your business and equipment, then it is time to consider installing a smoke evacuation system. Smoke evacuation systems are an integral part of the Building Automation Systems available from Advanced Control. Being able to effectively control smoke is crucial for everyone’s safety. Our smoke evacuation systems are designed with speed, safety, functionality and economics in mind. Working in conjunction with your Building Automation System, or BAS, your smoke evacuation system can slow down and/or prevent the movement of smoke into areas close to exits and other elected safe zones within your building. Continue reading

Achieving an Energy Efficient Building

Achieving an Energy Efficient BuildingMaking your building as energy efficient as possible is the first step to achieving sustainability. Becoming energy efficient helps your company control increasing energy costs, decrease its environmental footprint and also add value to your building and business. When you partner with Advanced Control, we will help you develop an energy efficient building strategy by analyzing your existing usage. Our experienced team members will suggest appropriate energy efficiency solutions and help you implement a variety of tools and services available to you through our company. Through the integration of a Building Automation System (BAS), you can solve your efficiency, comfort, security and equipment issues easily and affordably. Continue reading

Parking Garage Security Options

Parking Garage Security OptionsAffordable and effective parking garage security is available with Advanced Control!


There are several effective parking garage security options that can be utilized to generate ample security protection around your property. Investing in this type of security is just as important as investing in any other facet of your business. While Advanced Control Corporation offers unsurpassed affordability when it comes to the products and services we offer, the expense incurred to beef up your parking garage security is justified when you consider how drastically you will be reducing your liability, protecting your assets, and increasing overall safety by reducing crime. Continue reading

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