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Smart Building Managed Services

Smart Building Managed ServicesThe increasingly advanced technology at the heart of today’s smart buildings allows them to integrate all the individual building systems, improving their functioning and creating a more secure, comfortable environment for occupants.  While smart buildings excel at eradicating inefficiencies and automating processes, even the most advanced intelligent building technology can’t entirely eliminate the need for human oversight. Building managers and operations personnel are needed to facilitate and supervise building operations, so they can identify and eliminate problems, perform ongoing maintenance, and monitor energy management operations. For facilities with a large budget and extensive personnel roster this is not a problem, but owners of smaller facilities, and those that do not wish to hire a full staff are left with a personnel gap. Advanced Control Corporation is here to help, with a full list of available smart building managed services. We can train your staff or provide your facility with skilled personnel who are well-versed in every aspect of smart building operations and analytics, including energy management and conservation tasks. Continue reading

Building Analytics Products

Building Analytics ProductsAre you missing significant energy, efficiency, and operational savings opportunities at your commercial building? As the astute owner of a commercial building, you have already invested in a building automation system, and are enjoying considerable energy savings and performance improvements as a result. While your building is operating more efficiently on a daily basis, unseen maintenance issues are accumulating in the background. Over time, these issues will negatively affect the performance of the mechanical systems in your facility, resulting in inefficiencies that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. Building analytics products convert the data your building automation system generates into actionable intelligence that will enable you to identify and prioritize maintenance measures, so you can make fact-based improvements that will lower your energy costs, improve tenant comfort, and extend the life of your equipment.  Continue reading

Building Automation Security Solutions

Building Automation Security SolutionsIn today’s increasingly uncertain times, protecting your building and tenants with a security system is not just a good idea, it’s a necessity. In the past, if you wanted a secure building, you could just hire live guards. Since protecting the physical premises was all that was required, hiring someone to monitor your facility around the clock was sufficient to ensure the safety of the premises and occupants. With the rise of digital technology, security has become a more complex issue. Buildings now require computerized building automation systems for daily operations; these systems, when combined with the use of IT data centers and remote access servers, can leave your building vulnerable to hackers who may wish to compromise your operation. Your tenants also have concerns about security, as they face the possibility of break-ins and theft by former employees as well as the looming threat of industrial espionage. Fortunately, you can be fully protected with an integrated security system from Advanced Control Corporation. Our security measures, which include access control, digital video surveillance, and intrusion detection, can be easily incorporated into your overall building management system to shield your building and tenants from harm. Continue reading

South Florida Building Automation Trends 2015

South Florida Building Automation Trends 20152015 should be an exciting year in building automation in South Florida, as advances in computer technology and the continuing effects of the Internet of Things (IoT) shape industry trends. The demand for building automation in South Florida is expected to increase sharply in 2015, as more local building owners recognize the growing need to protect tenants and premises with security and access control systems. Increased interconnectivity, predictive maintenance, big data, and the use of cloud-based analytic services for buildings will be among the dominant South Florida building automation trends in 2015. These trends will combine to produce buildings that can “learn” occupants’ behavior to deliver a degree of responsiveness that far surpasses current standards. Continue reading

Building Automated Systems & Services

Building Automated Systems & ServicesManaging operations at a modern commercial building is no simple task; with the increasingly complex network of systems that are present in even the smallest commercial buildings, owners really need a robust building automation system and dedicated monitoring services if they want their building to function at its best. As an industry leader in building automated systems & services since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has the experience and expertise to provide the exact solution necessary to ensure the most efficient operation of your facility. Our cost-effective building management solutions are customized to meet your particular needs, with a full complement of software and energy management services for buildings of every size. Our services range from initial building automation system design, to the training of personnel in the proper management of the program, as well as expert energy management services from trained operations personnel who will provide ongoing maintenance and routine checks to ensure your system delivers optimum performance for years to come. Continue reading

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