Commercial Lighting Control Systems

commercial-lighting-control-systemsEnergy use is the single largest operating expense in commercial real estate, devouring up to one-third of a building’s operating budget. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting costs represent 40% of the average commercial building’s electric bill. The final expense of non-energy efficient lighting is far more, though, once you add in higher cooling costs, increased burden on your HVAC system, and wasted lamp life. Advanced Control’s commercial lighting control systems can help you increase your building’s energy efficiency and lower your energy costs while decreasing your environmental footprint.

All types of commercial buildings can benefit from a lighting control system, as they can be retrofitted to your facility’s existing lighting circuits or incorporated as part of a new construction project. A vast range of control is available, from a basic control system for lighting and equipment switching, ideal for use in facilities where time-of-day control is managed from a time clock or centralized building management system, to a fully automatic lighting control that encompasses all of your facility’s lighting circuits.

Commercial lighting control systems offer benefits to owners and tenants alike. They work by employing time and zone controls to lower costs by turning off lights when the building is empty, relying on occupancy sensors to indicate whether people are present and switching the lights on or off accordingly. By utilizing occupancy sensors to turn off energy when your building is unoccupied, you can save 25% on a typical energy bill. Advanced Control can give you command of scheduling, occupancy, and dimming controls over all the lighting systems in your buildings. Customized solutions can include tenant override technology that provides a smartphone based override module to allow tenants the capability to override HVAC, lighting, and temperature controls.

Lighting control can be applied to indoor areas such as offices, cubicles, cafeterias, and storage areas as well as outdoor parking lots, garages, walkways, and signs. Advanced Control has lighting control systems ideal for every size facility, available as networked or stand-alone solutions. For managing a large lighting system, Advanced Control offers optional Fast Ethernet-based control that harnesses the openness of your building’s existing Ethernet backbone to share data between controllers at blistering speeds. This is ideal for larger commercial and industrial buildings where the information from a local control device such as a photo sensor or switch is used to control branch breakers located in several different panels scattered throughout the facility. Available enhanced options for larger systems include an integral web server to provide ready access to panel status and configuration screens. Advanced Control can even set up an alarm notification service that will automatically notify you of any alarm condition via your cell phone, pager, or email!

Advanced Control’s stand-alone lighting control solutions include motion sensors and light level sensors, which can serve as an affordable physical security defense capable of protecting your assets. Low installation and operational costs make this is a popular loss prevention measure. The smart technology of effective motion sensors detects when an object or individual has entered an area, illuminating the area to ward off unwelcome visitors. Light level sensors turn on lights when daylight begins to dim, casting light on specific areas, such as entryways, to repel unsavory intruders.

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