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Welcome to Advanced Control Corporation - the industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integration, access control and CCTV solutions since 1987. We have built a solid and respected reputation for our products and services over the years, and our testimonials speak for us. Our efforts to be the finest controls company in South Florida and your solution for building controls have paved the way to our successful involvement on some of the most respected projects in our market.

  • Innovative Building Systems
  • Cost-Effective Energy Management
  • Expert System Integration
  • Quality implementation of Building Management Systems
  • Comprehensive Services

    spotlight                 "We were GREEN before green was cool."

    The preservation of our environment is at the forefront of many an industry slogan as consumers begin to seek eco friendly products and services. We at ACC have always been green - it is in our roots.
   Before it was “cool” to be “green”, ACC was developing environmentally sound methods of building management and systems maintenance, and in doing so have become an industry leader.
From our initial energy design concept throughout the installation process & ongoing system maintenance, every effort is taken to ensure the least amount of negative impact to our environment and our customer’s daily business operations.
  The TAC products installed by ACC were developed in the mid 1970's to monitor & control large commercial / institutional solar energy systems. It was obvious then that the product focus had to incorporate the efficient use of the energy collected. Many of the unique methods and strategies developed have been incorporated in the subsequent evolution of the TAC products. These methods & strategies have proven over time tosave energyin all types of buildings and climates.
  ACC's 20+ years of designing, installing, and servicing these systems has reduced the carbon footprint of several thousand buildings in Florida.

  As a member of United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Advanced Control Corporation continues to demonstrate its leadership in the area of protecting our environment through energy conservation.

Advanced Control Corporation,as has become standard over the past twenty years, is at the forefront of the emerging technologies and methods participating in the Broward Community College South Regional Library project which is the first LEED certified building in Broward County.Advanced Control Corporation installed the Building Automation/Energy Management System in the 70,000 square foot BCC South Regional Library providing Direct Digital Control(DDC) of the mechanical equipment in the building.

The system provided by Advanced Control Corporation controls and monitors all of the air handling units, variable air volume boxes, indoor air quality(CO2), indoor relative humidity, exhaust air system, and the chilled water system.
Reduce Energy            Save $$$  

Advanced Control Corporation can help you reduce energy costs in a variety of ways. One is simple, straightforward lighting control that offers a fast pay-back and can be scaled to match your budget.

Contact an Advanced Control EMS Specialist to discuss how lighting control can work in your building.

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