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Advanced Control Corp. has been providing viable solutions in green building automation since our founding in 1987. Since that time, we have helped our clients with every aspect of the implementation, integration and running of their intelligent building management systems.

Green building automation has become an important aspect in how companies are run. Whether you have one building or many, ACC can help you control and monitor the mechanical and electrical systems from one centralized location, allowing for simplified and cohesive building management. Intelligent building management systems allow your facilities personnel access to all of your building systems through an easy-to-use graphics interface. All aspects of the building’s mechanical and electronic systems, such as air quality, temperature control, power monitoring and video surveillance, are integrated into one fully automated system for single or multiple buildings. This powerful automation tool can be accessed from any location with internet access, on or off the premises.

Powerful and Scalable: ACC can devise a building management solution that is both powerful in its scope and scalable so that it can be adjusted to fit where your business is now and adapted to suit where your business will be in the future.
Simplicity: By devising comprehensive plans that are both simple and easy to integrate, ACC can help your business remain at the leading edge of your industry.
Connectivity: ACC can help your business function to its full capabilities by ensuring that all of your building operation systems are connected and communicating with all building system networks and your facility personnel.
Communications with Open Systems: The ability of your Building Control System to communicate efficiently and effectively with open systems ensures that your company and your building system maintain the capability to grow as the newest technology and equipment become available now and in the future.
The ability of all facets of your building and personnel to interact with the various systems and building networks is essential for the productivity and health of your business. Open systems communication will allow your business to stay connected and operate at the optimal level of efficiency and cost effectiveness. ACC strives to stay at the leading edge of new technology and works to apply this new technology to the full benefit of its clients.
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Running a small or mid-size business doesn’t mean that you won’t run into big problems in terms of energy misuse and waste. We specialize in small building energy management for buildings of 25,000 square feet up to 100,000 square feet. We know we can help you get your energy costs under control so that your time and money can be better spent focused on other areas. By eliminating waste and lowering overall energy costs, you can begin to save money immediately.
ACC can provide you with easy-to-navigate software that will enable you or your personnel to exercise complete control by utilizing the accurate measurement of power usage in real time. With wireless and remote access, and simple graphical interfaces, you can access and monitor all of your building management systems – from lighting to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).
ACC can provide your small business with the tools necessary to create solutions in energy management that are scalable as your operations expand. We can help you and your building management staff interpret data so that you can put that information to best use and incorporate it into the daily operation of your business.
Remote access to metering systems, simple software navigation and programming tools with dashboards and grids make energy consumption easy to understand and energy saving plans easy to implement. With software that can be fully integrated into any existing building management system, there will be no service interruptions in your business flow.
From big companies to small and growing upstarts, we put the power in the hands of our clients so they can control their costs.
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When interfaced with your building automation system, effective smoke control is vital to the safety of your building’s inhabitants. Advanced Control Corp. delivers industry standard building automation/smoke evacuation systems that are designed based on safety, speed, functionality and economics. Smoke evacuation and effective smoke control systems are required for high-rise buildings, atrium-covered shopping malls and other unique facilities in order to adhere to the local building fire codes and state laws.
When integrated seamlessly with your building’s automation system, a properly designed smoke control system should inhibit or prevent the movement of smoke into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in a building. Manipulating smoke is accomplished by using fans and dampers to control air pressure. Based on smoke detection, a zone containing burning material can be automatically exhausted, using fans, to maintain a negative pressure. The intent is to keep the smoke from migrating to a lower pressure area within the building. This is not always an easy task since the fire is producing heat that can cause pressures many times higher than normal building pressures; but a building fire suppression system can reduce the heat produced by the fire and make smoke management systems far more effective (in addition to reducing the destruction caused by the fire itself).
The single most important aspect of your building automation solution is its ability to protect the occupants of the structure. A top-of-the-line smoke control system can help save lives in the event of a fire by providing and maintaining a viable path for exiting the area, as well as helping reduce property damage caused by smoke. Invest in the safety of your occupants and the future of your business with a smoke evacuation system that is integrated with your building automation system.
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A complete building automation solution gives you total control of your structure – whether you are on the grounds or off property. Automatic after-hours tenant override is a customized solution to enable tenants to remotely override preset building automation scheduling and HVAC systems via the internet or a touch-tone phone after business hours.
Using tracking software, the Automatic Tenant HVAC Override System provides building managers with the ability to bill tenants according to their override activities.
Highlights of our automatic after-hours tenant override system include:
Advanced Control Corp. offers solutions designed to help you monitor and control the mechanical and electrical components in your facility, including security automation.
Our control systems are designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent building requirements and government regulations. In addition, they are implemented to provide efficient use of your building’s mechanical equipment and a greener and safer environment – all while maintaining the comfort that your inhabitants require.
We have experience implementing the most energy-efficient solutions for your facility. We partner with consulting engineers in designing your Building Management System to ensure we offer everything you may require.
At Advanced Control Corp. we have a history for green technology and green initiatives. We are currently working on — and have completed — numerous LEED-certified facilities in the South Florida region. Our experience can help you achieve control over your facility.
We can help in the following areas:
Advanced Control Corporation | Building technology & automation solutions

Energy Monitoring Solutions

Whether you are in the hospitality or medical industries, or any other form of retail or commercial enterprise, Advanced Control Corp. has the experience and expertise to help you monitor and control your energy usage.
ACC helps clients operate within their budgets by identifying problem areas and helping to correct inefficiencies. By staying up-to-date on the latest in building management technology and employing sub-metering dashboards and other interactive tools, we can provide your business with precise energy usage data in real time.

Out-of-control utilities can cripple an otherwise healthy operation. ACC can help your business gauge the performance of your building and devise solutions to increase performance by lowering unnecessary expenses. We will work to eliminate waste by targeting problem areas in your day-to-day operations. We can recommend energy saving strategies and help implement them so that energy conservation becomes second nature to you and your staff.

Our knowledgeable and experienced support staff will assist you and your personnel in understanding and implementing data so you can successfully monitor all of your power systems across multiple sites, even if they are spread out across the city, state or the country.
ACC can provide your company with the following tools to help monitor your utility usage:
Metering: ACC helps businesses monitor and manage power, whether you own multiple buildings or a single site. Utilizing the latest in energy management software, ACC can analyze and interpret data and provide the information to you in a comprehensive plan that can be quickly adapted to start saving money immediately.
Sub-metering: If your business requires you to manage multiple leased-out properties, ACC can help accurately measure the individual energy consumption of each tenant. We can provide the same service for individual departments within your company.
Dashboards: With ACC’s utility monitoring dashboards, we can provide our clients with easy-to-read interactive dashboards so that your employees can see power usage data in real time and devise effective plans to reduce waste.
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Advanced Control Corp. works hard to provide clients with the latest in technology to ensure that they stay on the leading edge of intelligent building management systems and excel in their particular industries. From retail outlets to medical buildings, from data centers to large commercial office buildings, ACC can assist you in all your energy and utility metering needs. Only by measuring and interpreting the data in real time can your management personnel implement cost-cutting plans and improve the overall efficiency of your operation.
Metering allows your business the option of running more cost-effectively. By monitoring your company’s power and utility usage, maintenance and building engineers, managers and other key personnel can pinpoint problem areas and devise strategies to limit energy waste.
ACC provides software and solutions that are easy to integrate into your current building management system so that you can utilize the data immediately and start making changes. It doesn’t matter if you manage one or several buildings located on multiple sites throughout the city, state or country. One integrated platform can provide you with all your utility metering data.
Mismanaged energy consumption can be costly for any business, regardless of industry or size of the company. ACC can help set up critical metering software that includes easy-to-read dashboards and user-friendly graphical interfaces so that your employees can monitor energy consumption in real time. We can provide metering that is scalable and can be adapted over time to reflect the changes in your business.
We can also help you run your business more effectively and efficiently with sub-metering capabilities that allow you to measure the energy expenditures of your tenants. Determining the exact cost of the energy usage of your tenants allows you to better assess the amount of rent to charge. Building engineers, facilities managers and electrical engineers can use the information provided by interactive metering programs in order to perform their jobs better. Improved building efficiency has its rewards in higher productively and improved service reliability.
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It’s vital to control expenses in order to establish long-term profitability in your business. Whether you manage single multi-use sites or a nationwide chain, you can reduce expenses, enhance profits and provide customer service standards that attract long-term, high-quality tenants by ensuring that your facility provides accurate measurement of the energy that is consumed in each tenant space.
Tenant sub-metering for energy consumption involves BTU meters, energy data and software that deliver the essential information needed to assist you to lower your expenses and increase profits. Unlike traditional sub-metering products which must be manually read or lack efficient sub-billing software, we offer provide a total sub-metering solution managed from your building automation system.
With our enhanced building solutions it is easy to quickly and cost-effectively allocate individual occupant electrical usage and bill your tenants for their energy usage.
Attract high-quality, long-term tenants
Reduce expenses
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Advanced Control Corp. will work with your company to create an energy conservation project, as well as to implement that project into your business with as little disruption to the day-to-day operations as possible.
ACC can devise strategies that will help you curb energy waste so that you can save money that will be put to better use elsewhere. Rising global concerns about energy costs and the constant search and development of new sources of energy and ways to be more efficient are what drives many businesses today. It is important that your company is working smart and is utilizing and maximizing the energy efficiency of your building to its full potential. This is just as important for small businesses as it is for large corporations.
ACC will use its expertise in the field of building analytics and systems management to help create a plan that works for you. By both monitoring and maintaining energy systems, ACC can create a program that is flexible and designed to evolve and adapt according to seasonal needs or to address new advances in energy technology.
ACC can help create guidelines for energy usage that will help you save money and time while increasing the optimal performance for your building, operating systems and personnel. There are many challenges to maintaining a solid energy conservation project and certainly bigger challenges lie ahead. Don’t go it alone. Let ACC help you by utilizing our knowledge and expertise to help you rise to meet these new challenges as they occur.
We provide comprehensive, turn-key services to assist you in the design and management of all facets of your company’s energy conservation projects and we provide support throughout the process and monitor the plan to ensure that it is working to optimal effect. Only by understanding the causes of energy waste can you take proactive steps in preventing further loss of capital.
In addition to providing energy conservation project implementation, ACC will also provide your business with operations personnel, energy management and monitoring and operational support.
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Advanced Control Corp. provides a number of tools to assist clients in interacting with and viewing their energy management and utility monitoring systems. Regardless of what industry you are involved in, the size of your operation, or the number of buildings you manage, ACC can help you keep utility costs under control by providing utility monitoring dashboards and graphical user interface software that is comprehensive and delivers data that can be viewed in real time.
Utilizing dashboards and graphical interfaces will help you accurately measure and monitor the key data from your various systems. By giving access to the right people, executives and management personnel will be able to observe energy consumption and make decisions to cut and control costs in specific areas of your building’s operation.
Having access to the monitored data available in dashboards allows your personnel to be proactive in devising new strategies for effective energy usage. Easy-to-read graphical interfaces can be accessed remotely and used to gauge performance of all building systems.
Dashboards and other monitoring software can be integrated into your current building management system so that it can be put to use right away. ACC has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in using this data to implement energy optimization and conversation plans. Dashboards can also be utilized for sub-metering purposes, an essential component if you are leasing out space to individual tenants, or if you need to gauge the utility usage of specific departments. This software is flexible and scalable, so it can be put to best use according to your needs. You will also be able to gauge the success and impact of your newly implemented measures and track the changes to see what improvements can be made.
ACC understands the importance of having access to this information. With all of your building systems integrated into one central platform, dashboards can be used to monitor the power consumption of your entire enterprise — even if you have multiple buildings or remote sites in different parts of the state or across the country.
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Having a fully integrated building automation system is an invaluable tool in managing a business, whether you operate a single site or manage multiple buildings across several locations. However, this plan is only as good as it is secure. Neglecting to take the necessary steps to implement a safe and effective security strategy puts your entire building management system at risk. This can prove to be a costly oversight
In the Information Age, IT data centers and remote access servers are at risk to hackers who may wish to compromise your operation. Employee theft or tampering and break-ins are another concern. The increase in the use of open protocols, while good for system integration, also poses a significant security risk. ACC has been assisting businesses with their security needs since 1987. We have the knowledge and expertise to devise and implement plans that work and can be easily incorporated into your overall building management system. We can offer a security system that allows for access control, digital video surveillance and intrusion detection.
By implementing security measures such as building access and elevator access control, closed circuit television (CCTV) and CCTV recording solutions, you can reduce risk and prevent loss and damage to property and information. We enable our clients to be in control as they monitor their security in real time with systems that can be accessed remotely. If you have a single site or multiple sites, security can be monitored and controlled from one centralized location. Video analytics can help spot behavior that is out of place and digital recorders are employed to monitor security sensitive areas.
ACC can help your business devise and implement security solutions for all your building automation needs. We can offer you the best practices for operating a secure building management system that is resistant to compromises. Our security solutions are scalable and can be adapted to fit your specific needs, regardless of the industry or the size of your operation.
To learn more about how our security automation solutions can help your business, call 954.491.6660 today!

No matter what the challenge, Advanced Control Corp. has an efficient, cost-effective solution to provide flexible and integrated building information technology. Access control is the ability to deny or permit the use of a specified resource by a specified entity. When managing physical resources, logical resources or digital resources, access control mechanisms streamline operations with complete accuracy.

We know that a security automation solution should address the comfort, safety and security of the building’s inhabitants – no matter what the size of the building. These reasons are why customers demand the best in building automation solutions. Access control is a vital area to address when it comes to your small, medium and large building security and automation systems.
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Closed circuit television (CCTV), outside of government special facilities, was developed as a measure to improve security in banks. Closed circuit television is the technology of transmitting signals from video cameras to specified monitors located at a specific location. The technology allows operators to monitor and record television images for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance and safety.
As a leading provider of closed circuit television surveillance technology, we offer an extensive line of security camera systems to meet your needs.
Closed circuit television technology differs from broadcast television in that the signal is privately transmitted to authorized monitors. CCTV is often used for surveillance in areas that need security, including banks, airports, casinos, convenience stores and military installations.
The technology can be used for personal, private or commercial use. In personal use, for example, CCTV equipment may be used for home security. In industrial plants, CCTV equipment may be used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only as required to monitor a particular event.
To learn how a CCTV surveillance system could improve the security of your building, contact a member of our sales team.
An internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the internet.
Implementing a network (IP) camera system in your building automation solution gives you the ability to monitor your building or business from a workstation or at any location in the world via the internet. We provide IP camera solutions that take advantage of the latest in network camera technology, video servers and IP network video products.
Using internet protocol to transmit images, signals and data over a high-speed Ethernet link instead of standard coaxial cabling used in traditional camera systems, IP cameras are versatile and compact. In most circumstances, a group of IP cameras are deployed together with a digital video recorder (DVR) or a network video recorder (NVR) to form a seamlessly integrated video surveillance system.
Advanced Control Corp. is staffed with skilled and qualified professionals to assist you in selecting the right digital surveillance system for your building control needs. Our IP video camera systems provide the following features:
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When tied to a digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), fixed position surveillance cameras provide an economical alternative to having a security guard watching a CCTV monitor 24/7.
At Advanced Control Corp. we offer a wide selection of fixed position security and surveillance cameras for your video surveillance system needs. Fixed position security cameras are ideal for both indoor and outdoor environments. Choose from a variety of options, including thermal, image intensified, low lux, dual sensor and other units. Our expert team will custom-design your facility’s CCTV system, incorporating the use of fixed position cameras to allow video viewing and recording of key locations in and around your building.
When developing requirements for a CCTV system solution, security and reliability are top priority. Fixed position wall and ceiling mounted security cameras are engineered to last with swivel heads and telescopic mounts with adjustable swivel heads.
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A pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control. These cameras are an ideal solution to various issues that fixed cameras pose. The PTZ has the ability to capture events from multiple angles and perspectives, as well as survey a wide range of territory at once. A single PTZ camera can often do the job of several fixed cameras, which are only able to record what falls directly in their path. The PTZ provides greater range of view, scanning wide areas and zooming on hard-to-see targets.
PTZ cameras are great security deterrents. Our team of security design experts is ready to show you how your video surveillance system can benefit from the added security of a PTZ surveillance camera. These cameras deliver extraordinary capabilities in both image quality and day-to-day performance. With the added ability to view up and down, and side-to-side, your video surveillance solution is advanced to the next level. With a PTZ security camera, you are able to view the front and sides of your building, rather than just a fraction of it! Simply use the keypad or joystick controller in the direction you want the surveillance camera to capture, or program a user-defined watch tour.
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Thermal imaging was initially developed for use by the military, and has since been adopted by fire and rescue, law enforcement and security professionals due to its ability to detect things unseen to the naked eye.
Thermal imaging cameras are an excellent surveillance and security option for video surveillance systems that require the ability to view objects in low light or extreme lighting conditions. All objects, both man-made and natural, emit infrared energy as heat. Thermal imaging technology is able to detect incredibly subtle temperature differences of everything in its view — even in total darkness — what would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.
We provide high-performance thermal imaging cameras for a complete security solution. Thermal imaging technology assists security professionals with eliminating scores of vulnerabilities conventional surveillance systems can have.
Integrating a thermal imaging camera with a pre-existing security surveillance system gives you the added advantages to capture footage in complete darkness and in all weather conditions. Protecting your high-value assets and premises has never been easier.
Advanced Control Corp. provides its customers with the highest level of post-sale technical support and training available in the industry. To learn more about thermal imaging cameras, contact us.
As important as each individual component in your overall building automation and management system is, if it can be compromised due to a lapse in security, it has little value. At Advanced Control Corp. we understand this, which is why we have been helping our clients, both big and small, facilitate key security features and surveillance technology.
One important aspect in the security of your operation, whether it’s a single or multiple site, is License Plate Capture Imaging software, also referred to as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, or ANPR. This type of surveillance software can provide a valuable resource in enforcing security protocols and tracking down individuals who have violated rules of authorized access.
This image capture method employs optical character recognition to read the license plate numbers of vehicles as recorded by your security camera system. These captured images can be integrated into existing closed circuit television systems and utilized by your building management and/or security team. Information can be accessed and monitored in real time and can be used in both the prevention of crime, as well as in assisting law enforcement should a security breach or break-in occur.
Using cameras positioned strategically throughout the premises, the license plate numbers of all vehicles that enter are recorded; the data is stored, should it be needed for a later point. The software can be run and integrated into your current building management system and accessed remotely. License Plate Capture Imaging, when used in conjunction with other security features such as closed circuit television and video monitoring, provides an increased level of security and peace of mind. The system can be used for a single site business or it can be employed across several remote sites spread across a wide area.
Any quality building management system will employ a number of tools to help protect against employee theft, break-ins or security breaches by unauthorized personnel. Good, effective security systems are not only essential for protecting your business; it’s also a great selling point if you manage tenant-occupied property. Used with other tools like elevator and building access control and Video Surveillance as a Service, License Plate Capture Imagining will increase the levels of protection of your business.
To see how you can implement License Plate Capture Cameras in your facility, call 954.491.6660
Advanced Control Corp. offers you complete flexibility in selecting how to record, display, monitor and organize your video images to allow for a truly customized solution in video surveillance. We offer systems that are simple in nature and operated remotely to an extensive 24-hour fully manned Video Management System for multiple sites that encompass recording of and attending to hundreds of cameras from a single location. We will guide you to making the right decisions and help you develop the system perimeters, select the equipment, install and service a system all based around your needs.
ACC works with your design engineers or security consultants, or we can provide those planning services for you directly to develop a recording and video management solution that is tailored to you and your facility. With a number of different options that range from dedicated digital video recorders to networked video management servers that control individual camera functions, our team is ready to provide you with a solution that’s right for you.
The highest levels of efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and our proven reputation make Advanced Control Corp. the solution to your CCTV system needs. We recognize that in difficult economic times, a full-service CCTV solution for your building automation needs is necessary to enable your security system budget go further. A CCTV system is a wise investment to create accountability and reduce financial losses for your business.
To learn more about closed circuit television recording solutions and what Advanced Control Corp. can provide to your business, call 954.491.6660 today!
With Advanced Control Corp. as your partner, your video surveillance and security systems are on a networked platform backed with experienced systems integration. We ensure that your business will make a successful transition from analog to network, through a combination of integrated systems and technology that is tailored to your specific building automation needs.
The highest levels of efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and our proven reputation make Advanced Control Corp. the solution to your CCTV system needs. We recognize that in difficult economic times, a full-service CCTV solution for your building automation needs is necessary to enable your security system budget to go further. A CCTV system is a wise investment to create accountability and reduce financial losses.
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A network video recorder (NVR) is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware. However, the software is typically run on an existing network infrastructure and expanded as needed.

Network video recorders are distinct from digital video recorders as their input is from a network rather than a direct connection to a video capture card or tuner. Video on a DVR is encoded and processed at the DVR, while video on an NVR is encoded and processed at the camera, then streamed to the NVR for storage or remote viewing. The DVR utilized for surveillance and security system needs can be accessed remotely through a PC by connecting to a LAN network or the internet. By networking these security feeds, security is boosted by making all digital surveillance video feeds available from anywhere.
Setting up a NVR system is not complicated. With the capacity to view all of the security camera footage from one centralized application, and the ability to record and play back video feed from an integrated workstation or via the web, managing a video surveillance system couldn’t be easier.
With more than 20 years’ experience working with the Andover Integrated System Platform, Advanced Control Corp. can transform your networked digital video surveillance cameras and servers into an enterprise class video surveillance system.
The advantages of hard-disk recording via a network video recorder are:
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Air quality control and monitoring is an important part of a building automation solution. Advanced Control Corp. provides the most efficient and technologically advanced air quality monitoring and control for your building, safeguarding the tenants from potential harm caused by poor air quality. We don’t just provide industry-leading air quality monitoring and control, but superior service to back it up.

To learn more about air quality control and monitoring, call 954.491.6660
Monitoring levels of CO2 and NO2 within parking structures, bus garages, service garages, arenas, fire stations, loading docks and more is essential to the safety and health of those who enter or work in them. We create solutions for your parking garage to monitor and eliminate unsafe levels of both CO2 and NO2.
Key Features
For more information on how you can eliminate unsafe levels of CO2 and NO2, call 954.491.6660

Good air quality is an important component of a healthy indoor environment. A healthy indoor environment is one in which the indoor air is free from significant levels of odors, dust and contaminants and circulates to prevent stuffiness without creating drafts. A healthy indoor environment should be well-planned and properly managed.

At Advanced Control Corp. we care about your indoor air quality. We are experienced in resolving many common indoor air quality issues, and we can assist you in developing strategies that will enable you to efficiently maintain appropriate CO2 levels in your occupied spaces.
For more information on indoor air quality, call 954.491.6660
The air quality inside of your building is important, not only to the health of your employees, but to the health of your business. Incorporating demand control ventilation into your existing building automation system is another way to save money and have your building run more efficiently. Advanced Control Corp. has the experience and expertise to assist building owners and engineers with all of their controlled ventilation needs.
By controlling the intake of outside air and reducing the levels of CO2 that accumulate within the building — regardless of the size of the structures and the facilities you operate — ACC can help ensure that the air quality inside your buildings is comfortable and safe. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need to be monitored so that proper ventilation and safe levels of CO2 can be maintained to create a safe work environment.
Using specialty sensors and by modulating the intake of outside air, ACC can enhance your ventilation system to determine the optimal amount of outside air that each public space requires so that controlled ventilation and inhabitant comfort levels can be adjusted accordingly. Ventilation systems can also be adjusted for weekends, holidays and Daylight Savings Time.
Proper ventilation can also help reduce or eliminate odors and will help control humidity to provide for a safe, comfortable indoor work environment that operates up to code.
Demand control ventilation systems can be integrated into your current building automation system so the comfort of the building’s inhabitants is also efficient.
To learn more about how demand control ventilation can help your business, call 954.491.6660