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Advanced Control Corp. is an industry leader in providing Energy Management, Energy Conservation Project Implementation, Operations Personnel and Monitoring & Operational Support to our clients. We strive to stay up-to-date on the latest technology in Building Management Services and we implement that technology to the benefit of our many satisfied clients.

ACC has been providing cost-effective building management solutions since 1987 and, as a member of United States Green Building Council (USGBC), we have a strong commitment to energy conservation and environment protection.

We understand the needs of our clients and will work diligently to find the best answers to meet your building management needs. From HVAC and lighting systems to video surveillance and the management of remote sites, ACC can devise a plan that fits your needs and your budget.
ACC provides energy management services from the development stage through the implementation of the program. We are there every step of the way, including the training of personnel in the proper management of the program, as well as the performance of routine checks to make sure the program is working to its maximum potential.
We provide operations personnel to help you facilitate and monitor your management systems. ACC understands the cost of employing such personnel, which is why we work with smaller companies to provide this service on a shared or as-needed basis. We will work to help you keep your costs in check.

We go beyond simply advising and implementing building systems, whether its CCTV solutions or access control, we continue our relationship with our clients as we provide monitoring and operational support. From energy usage to individual HVAC unit control, ACC is there to help you every step of the way.

ACC provides building analytics to help you pinpoint potential problems with energy waste and air quality issues. We enable user-friendly, energy conservation project implementation so that your company can be self-sufficient and proactive in identifying and monitoring your building’s energy consumption levels. Identifying problems and finding solutions is in both our interests.
Advanced Control Corp. strives to make its services comprehensive. Our level of day-to-day involvement is determined according to your needs and your budget, but our commitment to you never varies. We are committed to our clients and to implementing new technologies that are cost-effective and tailored to their individual needs.
Is your building performing at its peak potential? Does it provide you with daily readings of consumption of water, gas, electricity? To identify the total energy saving potential inherent in your building and to realistically assess the success of optimization measures, you need to continuously check your building’s energy consumption.
At Advanced Control Corp. we offer solutions for high-performing, efficient buildings that sustain results over time. We are committed to supporting our customers’ facilities throughout their buildings’ life cycle. We offer a comprehensive range of monitoring, technical maintenance and operational support, modifying operations to maximize efficiency (i.e., scheduling, temperature set points, etc.)
High performance is easier than you think.
We have the experience implementing energy-efficient solutions for any facility. We’ll work with consulting engineers in designing your Building Management System to offer the monitoring and control you require, including:
With Advanced Control Corp. monitoring your operation, you have the ability to optimize your operation by making fact-based improvements that have been proven to lower energy costs, extend equipment life and improve tenant comfort, making a positive and measurable impact on your bottom line.
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We believe that the strength of our organization depends on the quality of service we provide. To build a quality company means investing in our technicians and staff, making sure they are properly trained, certified and meet our rigorous customer service standards, as well as health and safety requirements. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service quality, excellence in customer service and exceptional technical capabilities, whether on preventive maintenance or at your most critical time of need.
We offer a wide number of maintenance and service programs that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our “I am Service™” program provides the most comprehensive service solutions in the industry, providing year-round service to your building automation and security automation systems.
Our maintenance and service plans include a range of elements, including online support, client on-site training, system application support, operational support, scheduled inspections, repair and replacement, and emergency service escalated response times.
Additional services can be added and include:
Protect the investment you have made in you Building Automation Systems with Advanced Control Corp. by your side to provide timely, cost-effective solutions to keep your Building Automation Equipment operating at peak efficiency at all times.
Contact your representative at Advanced Control Corp. to receive a complimentary system evaluation and to discuss your needs. We will create a maintenance and service program tailored to your specific needs.
We are about making buildings smarter. As your business and building operation needs change, so do your applications. You need a partner you can trust to help guide you to make the right choice for your building automation needs
We understand you have limited resources to spend and no time to waste trying to understand everything related to your building’s energy use and performance. At Advanced Control Corp. our experienced professionals will guide you and offer independent and unbiased opinions and recommendations on the market, regulations and your building’s needs.
With our consultation services we provide on-site analysis of your current application programs to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency. We also offer turn-key services — design, bid and managing — of energy conservation projects. Services can include bid document preparation, bid receipt and vendor selection.
Let our experience show you how we can design your energy management system. Advanced Control Corp. is your partner for applying proper design and application expertise for optimum system performance.
Contact your representative at Advanced Control Corp. to receive a complimentary system evaluation and to discuss your needs. We will create a program to meet your specific needs and budget.
Advanced Control Corp. will work with your company to create an energy conservation project, as well as to implement that project into your business with as little disruption to the day-to-day operations as possible.
ACC can devise strategies that will help you curb energy waste so that you can save money that will be put to better use elsewhere. Rising global concerns about energy costs and the constant search and development of new sources of energy and ways to be more efficient are what drives many businesses today. It is important that your company is working smart and is utilizing and maximizing the energy efficiency of your building to its full potential. This is just as important for small businesses as it is for large corporations.
ACC will use its expertise in the field of building analytics and systems management to help create a plan that works for you. By both monitoring and maintaining energy systems, ACC can create a program that is flexible and designed to evolve and adapt according to seasonal needs or to address new advances in energy technology.
ACC can help create guidelines for energy usage that will help you save money and time while increasing the optimal performance for your building, operating systems and personnel. There are many challenges to maintaining a solid energy conservation project and certainly bigger challenges lie ahead. Don’t go it alone. Let ACC help you by utilizing our knowledge and expertise to help you rise to meet these new challenges as they occur.
We provide comprehensive, turn-key services to assist you in the design and management of all facets of your company’s energy conservation projects and we provide support throughout the process and monitor the plan to ensure that it is working to optimal effect. Only by understanding the causes of energy waste can you take proactive steps in preventing further loss of capital.
In addition to providing energy conservation project implementation, ACC will also provide your business with operations personnel, energy management and monitoring and operational support.
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At Advanced Control Corp. we believe that maintaining your building automation, security automation and CCTV systems is essential to extending the life of your equipment and achieving the highest levels of efficiency for your building’s infrastructure.
Through our “I am Service™” program we provide the most comprehensive service solutions in the industry. Our trained technicians provide year-round service to your building automation and security automation systems. When you are working, we are working.
When it comes down to answering the question of whether you should perform preventive maintenance on your system, it is important to understand the tremendous benefits of a properly implemented Service Agreement, including:
Advanced Control Corp. also offers a comprehensive range of additional services, including:
Contact your representative at Advanced Control Corp. to receive a complimentary system evaluation and to discuss your needs.
Advanced Control Corp. understands the importance of having a quality preventive maintenance service. This is necessary for the health of any business, regardless of the industry or size of the company. By providing businesses with a preventive maintenance service, ACC is able to help companies avoid major financial pitfalls created as a result of underperforming or failing systems and equipment. ACC can monitor, test and schedule systems and system upgrades to help your business run smoothly and effectively without costly service interruptions.
Computer networks, HVAC, power and surveillance systems can all experience breakdowns. This can, and oftentimes, does happen at the most inopportune times. However, through the diligence of preventive maintenance, the impact of these occurrences can be drastically reduced. Having a preventive maintenance plan in place can save your company thousands of dollars each year. When all systems are up and running smoothly, this will impact the company’s bottom line in a positive way. By providing systematic inspections of equipment and building systems, ACC is able to quickly recognize potential problems before they can develop into time-consuming issues that lower the productivity of your business. Additionally, these networks and systems will require periodic service updates over time. ACC will record and perform these upgrades to keep your systems up to date.
ACC will inspect, detect and correct problems with all aspects of your building systems. We will routinely inspect the functionality of power, lighting, security, smoke detection and other systems for defects and underperformance. ACC can provide for the testing of equipment, monitoring and measuring of performance, and servicing of the equipment either by repair or the replacement of parts.
Troubleshooting, maintaining up-to-date service records and parts lists, performing system upgrades and adhering to corrective maintenance schedules are all aspects of business that ACC has experience in providing our clients.
To learn more about how Advanced Control Corp. can provide a Preventive Maintenance Service for your business, call 954.491.6660
Having a comprehensive maintenance service plan in place is an integral part of any business, regardless of the size. From small businesses to large corporations, preventive maintenance is important to the financial health of businesses across all industries. Only by staying ahead and getting out in front of problems, can you mitigate the damages to the bottom line caused by system slowdowns or shut downs.
Advanced Control Corp. will work with your business to determine which comprehensive maintenance services will have the most impact and the best results for your company. ACC will inspect, detect and correct problems with all aspect of your building systems. By measuring and testing the output and productivity, and routinely inspecting systems, ACC can provide you with a way to prevent or mitigate damages.
Maintaining service lists and scheduling system upgrades so they do not interrupt the normal business flow are just a part of the services ACC can provide. The repair and replacement of parts, observing power, security, fire detection, lighting, air quality and surveillance systems, will all be performed by ACC.
By providing a comprehensive maintenance service, ACC can observe areas of your building’s operating systems that are underperforming due to service needs. With routine maintenance inspections, ACC can troubleshoot and correct problems before they develop.
By maintaining maintenance and repair logs, ACC can help control associated costs and repair bills. Building maintenance is a significant part of any company’s operating budget. Unforeseen breakdowns that result in an unplanned interruption of services can be highly detrimental to your company’s financial health, not to mention the damage it can do to the reputation of your business.
ACC works with businesses, large and small, to determine what level of comprehensive maintenance service is required to keep them up and running at full capacity. Early detection is critical to good preventative maintenance. ACC has experience in providing quality preventative maintenance plans. We have the knowledge and the expertise in all areas of building systems management and provide personnel who are capable of communicating potential issues and resolving them before they become problems.
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Building owners, operators, and facility managers face a daunting task — keeping operations running smoothly at maximum capacity, or at low occupancy rates. The challenge is to continuously adapt to new obstacles, changing business priorities, reduced facility staff, and lower operating budgets. With a digitized power and building management system, there are tools to increase remote service capabilities, help control costs, and maintain operations when resources are low.
Simplify your building maintenance
For real impact on operating costs, occupant comfort and asset value you need to keep building systems performing optimally while working with limited budgetary and maintenance resources.
EcoStruxure Building Advisor is a suite of analytics and monitoring services that provides key insights into your building operations by constantly monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address building inefficiencies.
EcoStruxure Building Advisor is a cloud-based solution, allowing you to select the right tools for your building maintenance needs. You can access them through a single portal with a complete view of your entire building portfolio, and get more information with just a few clicks. Building Advisor provides peace of mind, ensuring you always have access to continuous monitoring, a comprehensive view of building systems, as well as the identification of faults and inefficiencies to make data driven decisions.
BMS health
Smart alarm
Asset health
Track actions, follow up, and show value.
Task Manager
Value reports
Lower costs, optimize budget
Reduce occupant complaints
Extend your Expertise
Contact us at Advanced Controls and let us show you how Building Advisor works for your facility.