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Energy Efficiency Solutions in Fort Lauderdale & Tampa

By installing building automation systems, commercial buildings can save big on energy efficiency.

No matter your company, Advanced Control Corp. has what you need to help your business become more energy efficient through monitoring in a building automation system. Advanced Control Corp. in South Florida understands how to help our clients bring their operations systems up to date while operating within necessary budgets. Building automation systems are integrated control systems that are made up of sensors and actuators that monitor and regulate the operation of building equipment systems. Building automation systems are used to optimize performance and energy use.

These days there are sophisticated systems that are combined with cloud data to fit buildings that are of any size. The importance of monitoring utilities through building automation systems keeps building managers up-to-date on what is going on within the systems and help eliminated unwanted expenses.

How Advanced Control Can Help
Advanced Control Corp. works with each client to achieve their goals. By staying up to date on the latest technology in building management, we are able to give your business the best system available and efficient monitoring systems.
Our experienced support staff will make sure each client and their personnel understands how to use and implement data in order to successfully monitor all the systems, across multiple sites. By providing the following tools, Advanced Control Corporation can help clients monitor utility usage:
Dashboards – These are interactive dashboards, or graphical interfaces, that go hand in hand with utility monitoring and are easy to read and understand. These interactive dashboards give our clients the ability to see all types of power usage information in real time and help put together plans to reduce waste.
Metering – Metering helps business become more cost effective. It allows clients analyze and interpret power and utility data through monitoring that helps business adapt to changes going on and save money. Metering allowing business owners to pick out problem areas and come up with strategies to stop energy waste and save money. This can happen in one individual building or across a set of buildings in a multiple building management company.
Sub-metering – Sub-metering helps multiple buildings accurately measure each buildings individual energy consumption. This can also work for leased out properties to accurately read the energy consumption of building tenants. Another option that ACC can provide is providing sub-metering for individual department within a company.

Building Automation and Energy Efficiency

Studies have shown that building automation systems that allow for correctly tuned controls of systems can cut building energy consumption by around 29% which equals out to around 4-5% of energy nationwide. Building automation systems can help businesses by adjusting setpoints that can help lower indoor temperature according to the time of day and use of the building. For example, lowering the heating at nighttime if the building is unoccupied.

When utilities systems are out of control, they can bring down the operation of a healthy facility. Advanced Control Corp. helps their clients by looking at the performance of the building and then create solutions to increase performing by lowering the price of expenses that are unnecessary. On top of lowering the price of expenses, we will look for ways to eliminate waste by picking out problems areas in the day to day operations.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be able to recommend strategies that can help with energy savings and teach our clients and their personnel how to implement these strategies so that energy conservation becomes a normal part of day to day operations.

If you are interested in finding out ways how we can help you get your building in top shape for energy efficiency, contact us today.

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