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Energy Conservation Techniques | Energy Management Control Systems

Using the latest energy management solutions, commercial building owners can implement energy conservation techniques that help their buildings run much more efficiently and affordably. As we head into 2017, energy costs remain the single largest operational expense that commercial building owners face. That moves energy conservation into top position as one of the key concerns that commercial building owners need to address in order to improve their bottom line. Owners need to find ways to implement energy conservation techniques that enhance energy efficiency and reduce the amount of energy wasted in their facilities. Through the development of an energy conservation plan, building owners can implement a wide range of energy conservation techniques that can significantly improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs by 30% or more.

Implement an energy conservation plan

Advanced Control Corporation can help you implement an energy conservation plan designed to reduce energy waste at your commercial building.  Installing an energy management control system is the first step to making your building more efficient.  Energy management control systems rely on a building automation system to integrate all the control systems in a facility. Once all these systems are integrated, the energy management solution can manage HVAC and lighting systems in an efficient manner that reduces energy waste. If you already have an energy management control system in place, Advanced Control can retrofit your system with more up to date components using open protocol software that allows easy compatibility.

Employ energy scheduling

Scheduling features can be set so that HVAC and lighting is turned off whenever the facility is typically unused, such as weekends, evenings, and holidays. Scheduling can also be set automatically according to your GPS position, so that lights in outdoor access areas, parking lots, signage, and other areas on the exterior of your building follow sunrise and sunset times. Lights only come on when needed as the time of year and sunrise/set changes.

Start daylight harvesting

In areas of the building near exterior walls and windows, photocells can be used that detect natural light levels and automatically dim or shut off lighting as needed to maintain specified minimum levels. Motorized shades can be set to take advantage of natural light without compromising temperature control to maximize energy efficiency.

Use occupancy controls

Using information from RFID card scanners, motion sensors, elevator access controls, and other occupancy sensors, an energy management solution can turn lighting and HVAC off as soon as an area becomes unoccupied.

Perform performance auditing and analysis

Energy performance in buildings can suffer over time. Using intelligent building technology and web-based graphical interfaces, the latest energy management control systems provide owners with an easy way to perform energy audits from any location without having to go on-site. Owners can monitor and analyze performance to identify systems that are performing poorly. Using simple programming tools, owners can adjust performance parameters to optimize energy usage so the systems work at peak efficiency.

Are you ready to make your building more energy efficient? Advanced Control Corporation can help you implement an energy conservation plan that will help you achieve greater energy conservation. Whether you need small building energy management or an energy conservation solution for a multi-building facility, our expert energy management specialists can help you enact energy conservation techniques that will reduce energy waste at your commercial building.

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