Small Buildings Big Energy Management Savings

Are you the owner of a small building in South Florida and curious about how you can save money when it comes to energy? If so, you are not alone. Buildings consume almost forty percent of the world’s energy, making the topic of energy management solutions one of high priority for property owners. To determine how to save money with energy management, the first step is understanding where the most energy is wasted within your small building.

Energy Management Savings

For example, a recent survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration highlighted that lighting, ventilation, and heating and cooling systems account for over sixty percent of a building’s energy use. Armed with this fact, consider this: Forty percent of the average commercial building in the U.S. is unoccupied at any given time, but building owners are still spending money keeping these areas lit, cooled or heated, and accessible. What if Advanced Control can show you a better way to manage the energy your small building is using, helping you save money? Well, we can do just that. We have spent decades working with South Florida small building owners and showing them a smarter option in energy management savings through the use of a building automation system.

Small Building Automation & Energy Conservation

Let our expert team turn your small building into an intelligent building – one that prevents the waste of energy and other valuable resources. Did you know that installing an energy management solution can help reduce your property’s energy usage by as much as thirty percent? It all begins with an intricate network that can manage and control your lighting, cooling/heating, ventilation, etc., all in one place. First, we will design a system unique to your small building’s cooling needs. You will have access to one central interface, and can always enter into your system via your laptop or smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. Through this building automation system, you can set the temperature during specific working hours, or adjust them depending on unexpected outside conditions. Our systems will also give you the flexibility to turn certain areas off or on, or to readjust prescheduled temperatures if the building was to be occupied during off-hours.

Think of the cost savings you can obtain if you can control the cooling in all areas of your small building. This and more is possible with a building automation system from Advanced Control.
In addition to cooling and heating system control, our systems allow you to control the lighting throughout your small building and its surrounding areas. One frustration many business owners deal with is having to light certain areas of a building that aren’t in use. The money spent on doing so should be used for more important aspects of business. With an automated system, you can have one hundred percent control over the scheduling of lighting, plus zone and time sensors that can shut off lights if an area becomes unoccupied. These systems can even be linked to outside areas such as pathways, parking lots, parking garages, outside stairwells and more. No matter the system within your small building, our experts can automate it ensuring you are using energy in the most cost-effective manner.

Small Building Energy Management Solutions

When it comes to saving money, Advanced Control can help you take building automation systems to an entirely new level. Ask one of our experts about our access control and security systems. Do you have expensive equipment, stock, or overhead that needs to be protected? If so, our access control systems can help you designate which areas and levels each employee or visitor can enter. You will also have the ability to generate real-time reports listing who accessed the area and at what time. Security systems are also vital in saving you money, helping to thwart theft or other costly scenarios.

Learn More About Energy Management

At Advanced Control, we have multiple ways your small building can experience big energy savings management and more. Contact us today at 954-866-1139 and learn about the ideal building automation system for your property!

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