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what is an intelligent building management system

Learn how building management system software can upgrade your business

Your commercial property can become more energy efficient and cost-effective with an intelligent building management system. What is intelligent building? An intelligent building management system monitors and controls your building’s infrastructure so that every system is operating sustainably and at maximum levels of performance.

Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader that has enabled Florida businesses to build or integrate intelligent building management systems to improve their building’s operating systems. We provide intelligent solutions that connect every system in your operation to work together as one unified entity.

Each system within your building can be monitored, managed and accessed by you or authorized personnel through a single interface via the cloud, Smart phone or tablet whether you are on-site or off.

The integration of all system entities allows for the distribution and exchange of data across and within the entire network spectrum. This open-access includes multi-properties and multi-locations. Whether you have a small business or a large one, Advanced Control Corporation can customize an intelligent building management system that addresses your business needs and requirements, all within your budget.

We provide infrastructure assessments to determine where there may be room for improvement, and where faulty and wasteful problems exist. We can also help your building’s systems perform at maximum levels of efficiency to help sustain your resources, increase productivity, reduce waste and lower operating costs.

What is intelligent building and do I need it? Yes, because an intelligent building management system provides access and control of every area and process of your building’s infrastructure. It will provide a wide array of comprehensive services for your business that include:

  • Cost-effective energy management systems
  • Intelligent building systems integration
  • CCTV surveillance, and security systems
  • Sustainable solutions to your building infrastructure and the environment
  • Provide intensive security for your property, building occupants, business assets such as IT data and resources, and avert criminal activity
  • Providing indoor environmental safety and comfort through your HVAC system
  • Decrease equipment operating cost expenditures by about 15% annually
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Provide access control to elevators and other areas of your building
  • Minimize the risks of employee theft, tampering or break-ins

Your building management system software will be one of the smartest investments you ever make. Management system software can operate every system of your structure to monitor, manage, alter, collect data and analyze results of all your operations. Your building management system software alerts you to problems, inefficiencies, and malfunctions that may require repair or transition. Another great feature of building management system software is that it controls your building’s HVAC system with all of it variables:

  • Temperature settings
  • Indoor air quality
  • Time Schedules
  • Heating/cooling changeovers
  • Stop/start time optimization
  • Setback controls
  • Humidification and de-humidification
  • Warm-up and cool-down cycles
  • Toxic gas emissions control

Intelligent building management system software also provides many other benefits that will streamline your infrastructure:

  • Schedule lighting controls both on-site and off
  • Monitor access control
  • Tenant override capability
  • Assess tenant allocation costs
  • Initiate lighting and temperature sequences for equipment start-up
  • Monitor zones for occupancy

We provide many services that include design and installation of energy conservation systems, intelligent building management systems, and maintenance and support services. Every facet of your building’s operation will run smoothly, sustainably and cost-effectively.

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