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Intelligent Building Management System Software - BMS System Software

Are you interested in upgrading to an integrated building management system but are wondering about what the software includes? Advanced Control Corporation believes that the client has to define their needs and desires so that their software system can be customized to serve them efficiently. Your input is an important factor in designing your intelligent building management system software.

Our intelligent building systems can incorporate every processing system in your building into your software database. You will be able to monitor and manage every specific function of your building, or multiple sites, through one easy interface location. You can also have access to your system when you are off-site through cloud-based technology, Smart phone or tablet device.

Now you can have intelligent building management system software that is developed to each specific building and need. Your new software system will be able to incorporate your feedback through the intuitive navigation of the graphical user interface. Access to your system is customized through your personal password that allows you to interact with your environment. Some of the special features of your intelligent building management system software include system graphics that can be integrated with other system programs and platforms.

By utilizing graphical user interfacing, we can create scalable solutions customized to each of your management team needs. Each manager can only access their individual screen, unless you decide otherwise. Each team player can customize their screen, and they can protect access to their screen through the use of their own personal password.

Some of the multiple features that your BMS system software graphical interface offers are:

  • Adaptation to various environments, including healthcare, office complex, laboratories, colleges, universities and pharmaceuticals
  • Open playing field for multiple users to access the system simultaneously, although various levels of access are controlled by the user’s personal password
  • System is integrated to CCTV and other security functions
  • Data is incorporated through various resources on the web and off
  • Strong and efficient software platform capabilities
  • Compatibility friendly with older systems
  • Adaptable to a range of environments that include: occupied, unoccupied, alarm etc.

Advanced Control Corporation creates intelligent building systems with dynamic color graphics that are customized to your business needs. Your workstation displays are created to include immediate real-time data of all systems that are being monitored and controlled. You will always have access to real-time information on every function of your building so that you can manage and control each independent, but integrated, area. This feature allows you to operate your building systems efficiently, and also identify faults in your system dynamics so that you can schedule for repairs.

Your building management system software, or BMS system software, provides you with user-friendly animation features and dynamic color graphics that include:

  • Intuitive animation design
  • Incorporation of various resources and other system platforms
  • Customization of individual color schemes that are specific to location or client
  • Evidence-based software platform with multiple capabilities
  • Integrated to security systems, CCTV, and display-streaming video
  • Designed to incorporate the user’s feedback

The flexibility of your BMS system software provides for the open integration of all your web-based platforms. You, and authorized personnel will be able to access, interact with, and manage all systems within your structures through the use of multiple options. By creating a customized building management software system within your infrastructure, you will gain full control of your business environment. Advanced Control Corporation can customize an intelligent building management system to fit uniquely into your business and building framework.

Learn More About Intelligent Building Systems

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