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Benefits of Intelligent Building Management System: Ability to control heating ventilation and Air Conditioning systems, Ability to monitor air quality.

What Can an Intelligent Building Management System Do For Your Business?

As building managers encounter numerous challenges on a daily basis, the importance of intelligent building management systems becomes ever more prevalent in reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs.

But what exactly is an Intelligent building management system?

At Advanced Control Corporation we are prepared to answer and provide a plan. Intelligent building management systems are automated systems that allow operations to run the multiple building technologies and information processes from one central system. What this means that intelligent building managements systems centrally automate control functions for operating systems such as the HVAC, lighting, elevators, life safety systems, security, maintenance, administration and general business functions.

The importance of intelligent building management systems in commercial buildings is growing at an extraordinary rate not only because of its ability to help companies become more energy efficient, but also reduce costs by effectively ensuring maintenance on systems through better control and operability. These types of intelligent building management systems can be installed large scale or small scale and Advanced Control Corporation is ready to work with any size business to ensure that needs are met.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in automated building management systems, and has been doing so since 1987 in South Florida. If you are interested in finding out how an intelligent building management system can help your business, contact us today at 954.491.6660, for all questions regarding your building control needs.
Benefits of intelligent Business Management System
As companies search for ways to become more energy efficient, intelligent building technology systems is becoming increasingly more important because of its ability to lower energy usage and overall costs while giving all occupants a great indoor environment. There are many benefits of intelligent building management systems apart from saving business owners money. Here are a few factors related to the importance of intelligent building management systems:
On top of giving business managers and owners the ability to monitor all of the above systems, and more, from one central location, these systems can also be accessed remotely from a smart device. Intelligent building management systems have high financial advantages for building owners giving them a higher value on their building, lower cost related to consumption and the ability to monitor after hour systems.
Giving business owners and managers the ability to integrate all systems gives them the power to know about system failures, maintenance, service or repairs through the history of the operations and therefore decrease costs for major, unexpected repairs.
Different Kinds of Systems

Automated intelligent building management systems can be known through a variety of terms such as building automation system, facilities management system, energy management system, building management system, intelligent building and even smart buildings. Although there are various names, they all have a similar function, to integrate all building operations systems into one.

At Advanced Control Corporation we work with both small scale and large-scale systems. If you are unsure of what this may look like, here are a few possible examples related to what an intelligent building management system may look like:
Small-scale system
Large- scale system
Advanced Control Corporation monitors the ever-changing technology to ensure that we have the best to offer your business. Contact us today at 954.491.6660 to find out how we can help your business save money and become more energy efficient.
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