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Benefits of Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems, or BAS, is a centralized control system or computerized hub, where a building’s heating, ventilation, lighting, and other critical systems are managed and monitored automatically. The BAS is a sophisticated entity that monitors performance and readily detects failures in all systems within a commercial building, high-rise condominium, hospital, school, or any other commercial or industrial structure that has multiple operations running simultaneously.

Building automation systems perform like a network, utilizing both software and hardware to manage the building’s mechanical, HVAC, security, fire, flood, and lighting operations, to ensure maximum efficiency, a reduction in energy and operation costs, added comfort for the building’s occupants, and most importantly, proper functionality and the safety of all systems working together. There are multiple benefits to incorporating building automation systems into any commercial building or industrial space, including:

  • Lowers utility expenditure. A building automation system saves approximately 15% on average in operating costs for the equipment in the building. That can equate to be anywhere from $.25 to $.40 a square foot.
  • Maintains a measurable comfort level. Computerized controls help maintain consistent temperatures and lighting within the facility to provide comfort to occupants and cuts down on wasted energy.
  • Increases property value. A commercial building’s value is directly related in part to its net operating income. Lowering utility costs will increase the net operating income, dollar for dollar. Every $.10 cents per square foot saved in energy costs may increase the building’s value by as much as $.80 per square foot. A 100,000 square foot building that reduces its energy costs by $.15 per square foot through the installation of building automation systems can increase in value by $120,000.
  • Improve occupant satisfaction. Reduce complaints by maintaining a more comfortable environment. This means less time spent working to resolve complaints, happier occupants, and a more productive business environment.
  • Increased productivity. Improved ventilation and air quality will lead to greater worker productivity and less sick time, generating greater value and efficiency.
  • Simplifies building operation. Computerized controls and real time displays show exactly what is taking place with the building’s components and equipment, without having to go up on the roof or into crawlspaces. It saves time from having to call upon professionals to determine the origin of a problem as well.
  • Reduces maintenance costs. Running the building’s equipment less and controlling it better reduces its deterioration and keeps maintenance costs down, while also extending the life of the equipment.
  • Reduces business interruptions and down time. Breakdowns in operation and emergency repairs can be very costly. The cost of employees and processes far exceed the building’s operating costs per square foot. When customers are involved, the impact can become catastrophic. Computerized controls that monitor equipment status can help you avoid unexpected problems, or put you in a position to take care of them outside of peak operating hours. This saves money in operating expenses, maintains productivity, and sales are not interrupted.

How a Building Automation System Can Help Your Business

Through a professionally installed building automation system, you can control every working component in your building from a single network on an onsite, touchscreen application, or remotely from anywhere via your personal computer or smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection.
Advanced Control Corporation is an industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, and security solutions. Serving South Florida since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation offers comprehensive solutions through the implementation of state of the art, business management systems.
Let Advanced Control Corporation provide you with a complimentary system evaluation, which includes an onsite analysis of your current systems, that will help determine what improvements can be made, and identify your commercial building’s needs.
Contact Advanced Control today at 954-866-1139, to learn more about how the customized installation of building automation systems can streamline the operations in your building, making it more efficient and safe.

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