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Building Automation Systems South Florida

Advanced Control Corp. has been providing viable solutions for building automation systems since our founding in 1987. Since that time, we have helped our clients with every aspect of the implementation, integration and running of their intelligent building management systems.

Building Automation Systems in South Florida

Building automation has become an important aspect in how companies are run. Whether you have one building or many, ACC can help you control and monitor the mechanical and electrical systems from one centralized location, allowing for simplified and cohesive building management. Intelligent building management systems allow your facilities personnel access to all of your building automation systems through an easy-to-use graphics interface.

BAS & Intelligent Building Management

All aspects of the building’s mechanical and electronic systems, such as air quality, temperature control, power monitoring and video surveillance, are integrated into one fully automated system for single or multiple buildings. This powerful automation tool can be accessed from any location with internet access, on or off the premises.

  • Powerful and Scalable: ACC can devise a building management solution that is both powerful in its scope and scalable so that it can be adjusted to fit where your business is now and adapted to suit where your business will be in the future.
  • Simplicity: By devising comprehensive plans that are both simple and easy to integrate, ACC can help your business remain at the leading edge of your industry.
  • Connectivity: ACC can help your business function to its full capabilities by ensuring that all of your building operation systems are connected and communicating with all building system networks and your facility personnel.
  • Communications with Open Systems: The ability of your Building Control System to communicate efficiently and effectively with open systems ensures that your company and your building system maintain the capability to grow as the newest technology and equipment become available now and in the future.

The ability of all facets of your building and personnel to interact with the various systems and building networks is essential for the productivity and health of your business. Open systems communication will allow your business to stay connected and operate at the optimal level of efficiency and cost effectiveness. ACC strives to stay at the leading edge of new technology and works to apply this new technology to the full benefit of its clients.

Building Automation Systems in Florida

To learn more about building automation systems in Florida, contact us or call 954.491.6660.

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