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Building Automation Companies in Florida

Have you been thinking about the many benefits of building automation systems, but haven’t made an effort to have one installed on your property yet? Advanced Control Corporation is a leader among building automation companies in Florida. We can help you enter the 21st century by installing a customized building automation system that is unique to your business and building requirements. Our automation systems will provide you with the processes and properties that are necessary for efficient, cost-effective management of your building’s infrastructure. With a building automation system, you can realize increased productivity, enhanced efficiency and a reduction in overall operating costs.

Our qualified personnel can build your system from the ground up and integrate it into your existing system, providing your managers with compete control over your building’s systemic operations. To stay on the smart side of rising energy costs, our building automation systems can reduce waste and excess utility usage. We have a variety of state-of-the-art products and devices that address the complex and costly problems of commercial building management.

Building Automation Companies

We are a leader in Florida’s building automation companies, providing solutions to building management issues for both commercial and governmental buildings. Our scope is vast and covers a multitude of operations that will benefit your business and bottom line. We provide complete training, and on-line tech support, for your personnel so that they can learn how to operate all of your building’s systems. We also provide building management services if you do not have the personnel available to operate your system.

Our technical support is educated and experienced in all facets of building automation system operations, and can bring valuable information and services to your company. You will appreciate that our building automation systems are scalable, and can integrate any future additions, plus, we also provide an open protocol communication system that shares information, feedback, and can access other platforms and entities. We can create a master plan for your building, including economic viability, to provide a seamless intelligent operation of systemic processes. This plan can be applied in stages if there are budgetary restrictions that have to be considered. Now is the time to develop an intelligent building automation system plan that will assist you in reaching future cost-effective goals.

We work with any sized company, small, medium or large, and will oversee your entire project from start to finish. Besides providing energy management services, we can also provide regular check-ups to assure that your building is operating properly. Our building automation systems provide all facets of building management, including energy monitoring, security systems, lighting control and more.

Building Automation System Operations

Our systems allow for the complete monitoring of all systemic operations inside and outside your building. Your managers can access real-time and archived data on all building operations, to provide valuable data for analyzing and correcting problem areas. We cover a wide range of operations that include: HVAC management, elevator access control, ID card access control, security systems, surveillance operations, automated lighting management, energy monitoring, waste management, conservation, and much more.

We also provide green building initiatives and LEEDS certification for companies that are interested in conservation efforts. We are one of the best building automation companies that can transform your building into a cohesive, finely tuned machine. Your property and business value will increase because of your efforts, and you will be one of the leaders in commerce that is helping to address energy conservation in Florida.

Building Automation Companies in Florida 

To learn more about our building automation products and services, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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