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What are Building Energy Management Systems

The benefits of energy management and the perks of installing reliable building energy management systems are huge. If you haven’t explored these systems yet, is it time to do so! Here’s why.

As a property manager or business owner you want to take advantage of having your building function as efficiently as possible. An energy management system offers significant savings in terms of operational and energy costs, while at the same time being environmentally friendly by conserving resources and providing the buildings inhabitants greater comfort.

Building energy management systems have plenty of benefits that offer your building’s facility engineers and building systems greater operational stability, while also preserving their life span. This is done by monitoring everything in real time and collecting the data necessary to identify faulty items within each system, ensuring that they all work properly and efficiently.

Advanced Control Corporation has been installing building energy management systems in South Florida for many years now. We provide intelligent building design solutions tailored to your needs and requirements. Our building automation solutions offer a sustainable and cost-efficient base which allows you to manage your business operations optimally.

Here are some of the benefits of installing one of our building automation systems:

  • Lighting Benefits – Your new lighting control system will lower your overall operating costs while at the same time enhancing your indoor work environment and improving overall security of your building. The lighting control system is integrated within the building energy management system, allowing you to control every detail of your lights. By installing these systems, you can reduce your lighting costs by up to 30%.
  • Safety & Security – Our building automation systems improve your security and safety in and outside of your building. A CCTV or closed-circuit television security camera system monitors every area of your property, with multiple types of cameras that can capture and record all types of activity on your property.
  • Integrated Systems – All of your property’s operations will be integrated into one single, easily managed system. Integrated operations include air quality, HVAC system, water control, security, lighting control, mechanical systems and the electrical grid.

Learn More About Building Energy Management Systems

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