If you are looking for a cost-effective way to improve your building’s security systems, then you’re in luck! The security experts at Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with an effective way to increase your building security at an affordable price. By integrating CCTV cameras with digital video recording technology, you will be able to monitor security footage remotely, and gain around the clock protection, without having to hire security guards to patrol your premises.

Digital Video Recording Technology Improves Building Security

CCTV companies in South Florida quickly started to implement digital video recording technology in their building security systems due to its reliability and versatility. Digital Video Recorders are used to record video feed from CCTV cameras in digital format onto a disk drive, personal computer or other memory medium. The main advantage of this technology is the fact that it offers clear video images that are handy for detection and documentation purposes.  

Digital Video Recording technology can also provide a wide array of advanced functions, including the ability to search video recordings by different criteria including camera location, date, event and, of course, time. This technology also gives users control over the quality, frame rate and overwriting capacity. If the memory medium or disk drive becomes full, the DVR will overwrite the oldest security footage fist. Security footage can also be accessed remotely through a PC via the internet or a LAN network.

Implementing Digital Video Recording

If you already have a CCTV system in place, Advanced Control can help transform your digital surveillance cameras into a modern video surveillance system that can be scaled and expanded as needed. The surveillance system can be configured to record both conventional Analog cameras, as well as Network IP cameras. This allows you to view all security footage from a single centralized application.  

Advanced Control Corporation has been providing building automation solutions in South Florida for over 20 years. Our security design experts are on hand to create a customized CCTV security solution.

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