CCTV Solutions in South Florida

As a business or property owner, your building, occupants, equipment and data are the lifelines of your business and income. With this in mind, how do you feel about your current level of security? Is your building properly outfitted with the correct security options that are necessary to keep everyone and everything safe? At Advanced Control, we understand that every building or business owner is working with a budget, and with that in mind, we can help design an ideal security plan that can reduce your risk of theft, liability issues and more. As South Florida’s leader in affordable and high-tech CCTV solutions, ask one of our team members to analyze your property’s current commercial building security plan and determine which areas are in need of an upgrade or redesign.

We understand your time is valuable and limited, so we make the process easy for you to create a safer environment. After careful analysis of your property and its unique needs, we will share our ideas regarding which CCTV solutions are best. Our experts can work directly with you and/or your security team to implement a variety of cameras and equipment solutions. All of our CCTV systems are designed to work with one another, and can be accessed through a main interface or remotely as long as you have a tablet, laptop or smartphone and an internet connection.

With Advanced Control, you have access to a wide variety of camera and equipment options. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits our camera solutions can offer your property:

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras – With this type of equipment, even the slightest change in temperature can be detected. These cameras can be installed inside or outside and are useful for inner areas of a building that need to be monitored but perhaps cannot be accessed due to safety precautions.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras – The ideal option for areas that need to be closely monitored, these cameras have the ability to see up and down, side to side and have incredible zoom options. With this solution, you can successfully eliminate any blind spots from your parking garage and parking lots or inside your facility.
  • Fixed Cameras – This type of security solution is mounted on a ceiling or wall in a telescopic mount. It offers the viewer clear, large sectional views of your building, garage and parking areas.
  • License Plate Capture Cameras – Increase security regarding every vehicle that enters your property with these high-tech cameras that use optical character recognition to read and capture license plate numbers.

To add to a variety of intricate and multi-use cameras, you will also need CCTV recorders to successfully complete your security system design. Advanced Control offers a wide variety of solutions including Network Video Recording (NVR), Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Hybrid Video Recording options. Our CCTV recording solutions will record, display, monitor, organize and archive each piece of footage or photograph taken from your device(s). Having permanent footage on hand can help down the road should any liability or legal issues arise, as these recording will be legally admissible.

Lastly, Advanced Control also offers clients VSaaS, known as Video Surveillance as a Service. If you want all of your video surveillance managed offsite, then this is the ideal solution for you. With VSaaS, all of your data is stored in the cloud, which negates damage, theft, tampering, loss, etc. You can schedule recordings to take place based on time, camera station, area and more. In addition, every recording will be time stamped and have the camera name and location available, making reviewing and documenting a breeze.

CCTV solutions are designed to improve the safety and health of any business. Decrease your stress and help keep your property and its occupants and equipment as safe as possible.

CCTV Solutions in South Florida

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-866-1142 and set up a time for one of our team members to analyze your current security situation and recommend possible solution options.

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