Energy Conservation Techniques in Lighting System Explained

Reduce energy consumption with energy conservation techniques in lighting system and building automation.

What are energy conservation techniques in lighting system structures and how do they benefit you? If you own or manage a commercial property you know the value of eliminating unnecessary operating expenses. BMS lighting control systems enable you to manage and control all aspects of energy output in your lighting system, improving performance and reducing waste and unnecessary energy usage. Besides controlling lighting functions, your intelligent building system also provides security protection for building inhabitants, plus your property and assets. Lighting conservation techniques in lighting system technology will improve your system’s performance, productivity, sustainability, and significantly lower annual operating costs.

Intelligent Lighting System

Advanced Control Corporation has been helping commercial building owners improve their building’s infrastructure while reaping bottom line benefits. Our experts can integrate an intelligent building system into your existing operation or create a new one from the ground up. All systems are inter-connected and can send stored or real-time data to your managers for consideration. Outside platforms can also be integrated into your system as well. Authorized personnel will have a full range of control to monitor and manage each system within your building. Plus, you will achieve advanced lighting abilities with energy conservation techniques in lighting system software that employs a wide variety of operating tools.

There are numerous systems that operate through your energy conservation techniques in lighting system. Besides management features, BMS lighting control systems also provide a wide array of other benefits, such as:

  1. Your managers can operate your intelligent building system with the use of time-of-day switching applications from a time clock that will shut down lighting in areas that are unoccupied. This function serves as a practical application for businesses that operate at specific times of the day, or in areas of a building that are only occupied during certain hours of the day.
  1. Our lighting control systems function by using illumination sensors to manage the amount of light being emitted in specific areas. Our systems also use motion detector applications to determine if an area is occupied or unoccupied. Your management personnel will have access and command of occupancy data, scheduling and dimming controls throughout every area of your structure.
  1. With BMS lighting control systems, all lighting circuits are integrated into one centralized management location. Your managers can access your system through an easy to use single interface whether they are on-site, or off, via the Internet, mobile device or other cloud technology. All system data is presented to you through visualization dashboards that allow you to view charts, graphs and building performance metrics and trending. Your energy conservation techniques in lighting system will enable your managers to evaluate, improve, and control all lighting systems on your property.
  1. Another added benefit is that your energy conservation techniques in lighting system features tenant override technology in the format of a smart phone based override module system. This would provide your tenants with the capability to override lighting, temperature and HVAC systems within their designated areas. Override technology can also include indoor areas such as restrooms, cubicles, storage areas, cafeterias and more.
  1. BMS lighting control systems also serve outdoor areas such as building entrances/exits, parking garages, signage, walkways, handicap access, loading docks etc. Outdoor areas can be controlled by a singular independent system or an integrated networked system. We can also provide fast Ethernet-based building illumination systems. Through Ethernet technology your management personnel will be able to access and share data among your controllers throughout your structure with lightening speed. Ethernet-based technology is the ideal system to use if you are managing a large commercial or industrial area.
  1. Security protection is improved with an intelligent building system. Security features that your system utilizes are sensors that can pick up suspicious activity in any area. Once an area is deemed suspicious, it is flooded with light to deter theft, damage and other criminal activity. Alarms can also be set in place to alert law enforcement and building occupants.

Learn More About Energy Conservation Techniques

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