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Energy Management Solutions in Florida

If you own a commercial building in South Florida, energy management solutions and other ways to save money have most likely crossed your mind. If so, you certainly are not alone. In fact, according to The World Business Council for Sustainable Development, buildings consume approximately 40% of the world’s energy, making energy management and monitoring a hot topic among building owners. Add to this fact that 30 – 40% of the average commercial building is unoccupied at any given time, and it is clear to see that narrowing in on a way to preserve valuable (and costly) resources such as lighting, cooling and heating is crucial.

For South Florida commercial building owners, determining ways to save money due to energy costs is taken to an entirely new level, thanks to scorching temperatures and high energy bills. Luckily, Advanced Control Corporation’s energy monitoring and energy management solutions are designed to increase your building’s efficiency and lower energy costs, leaving you with additional money to grow your business. We understand that energy management is a key concern for building owners and offer wide-ranging energy management plans and monitoring systems for each building’s unique needs.

Devising Your Building’s Energy Management Plan

Energy misuse and waste can financially hurt a building of any size. And, with energy costs such as lighting, cooling and heating accounting for over 50 percent of a building’s expenses, it is crucial to get energy management under control.

At Advanced Control, we work on comprehensive energy management plans for buildings anywhere from 25,000 square feet to over 100,000 square feet in size. First, we will assess your building’s current energy usage, waste and distinct needs. Next, we work alongside you to formulate the best energy plan for your business, one that will adapt to fluctuating temperatures depending on the season and have new energy technology integrated as time goes on.

Once your systems are installed, you can be provided with easy-to-use software that will help members of your staff control power usage in real time through a variety of remote and wireless access points, simple graphical interfaces and more. Our systems even have the capability to use RFID scanners, motion sensors and access card readers to determine when certain areas of the building are unoccupied, allowing energy usage to be decreased during these times. Additional intelligent building solutions include scheduling features, which allow heating and cooling to be turned on or off during certain hours, days and weeks. Software is even available via your smartphone that would allow you to turn on certain systems ahead of time if you were to come into work during non-traditional hours.

By integrating our energy management solutions, you can monitor your energy usage in real time on site or remotely, as long as you have an internet connection. Over time, measurable results are evident to track the changes in your building’s energy usage. Bottom line – our systems adjust your building’s energy output to run at maximum efficiency, allowing you to enjoy energy savings and decreased energy costs.

Intelligent Buildings – Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Isn’t it time your South Florida commercial building starts decreasing its energy costs? Partner with Advanced Control and begin with the installation of a building automation system. Once the system is fully integrated, you will begin to see dramatic increases in the efficiency of your building’s energy usage, particularly in the areas of lighting control and temperature control.

Building owners throughout South Florida have trusted us with their energy monitoring and management needs for over 20 years. Let us show you how to turn your building into an intelligent building, all while reducing your carbon footprint and maximizing efficiency. Let our knowledgeable technicians assess your structure’s energy needs and design custom energy management solutions that will incorporate lighting and temperature control, access control and more.

Learn More About Energy Management Solutions in Florida 

Call Advanced Control now at 954-866-1139 to set up an appointment for an analysis of your building. Reducing energy costs and increasing efficiency is easier and more affordable than you think. We look forward to working with you.

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