Energy Management In South Florida

What is building energy management? How does it benefit you and your property? As a property manager or building owner, you will want to take advantage of the best energy efficient systems available for you and your business. Building energy management systems offer significant savings in terms of energy usage, lowering overall operating costs while being environmentally friendly by conserving precious resources.

Building energy management systems have plenty to offer in terms of benefits – both for your building systems and mechanics, while preserving the lifetime of these systems. By monitoring consumption in real time, any faults can be identified quickly to ensure that they are functioning properly and at peak efficiency.

Advanced Control Corporation has been installing building energy management systems throughout Florida for many years. We provide sustainable, custom intelligent building solutions for each and any operation. Here are just some of the benefits of installing a building automation system in your building:

  • A new and improved lighting control system will lower your operating costs while in the same time enhancing the indoor work environment and the security of your building. The lighting control system is integrated into your building’s energy management system and you will have full control over lighting operations. Motion sensors, along with time and zone schedules allow the implementation of occupancy control and improved energy efficiency. It’s important to note that around 30% of energy is wasted on lighting unoccupied areas within commercial buildings.

  • Building automation systems provide your property with increased security and safety, both within and outside your building. CCTV – closed-circuit television security camera systems can monitor every area of your property. An integrated security systems is one of the best investments property managers can make for the safety of their tenants.

  • Your building’s operations are fully integrated into an easily manageable system. Options include: air quality control, HVAC, water control, security, lighting control, electrical and mechanical systems.

Your building’s energy management system can be accessed and managed from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, via smart phone, PDA, tablet or laptop. This is possible due to the implementation of cloud-based technology.

Intelligent Energy Management in South Florida

Advanced Control Corporation’s energy management systems ensure that your building’s infrastructure is fully integrated into a holistic system of operation, where in formation is shared to allow your building systems to function more efficiently while in the same time reducing overall operating costs. Energy costs are continually on the rise so it’s a good idea to upgrade your building’s energy system – you can save up to 35% in energy costs by installing an intelligent building automation system.

If you would like more information about our services contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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