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Advanced Control Corp. can offer your business enterprise solutions to ensure that all facets of your building management systems stay interconnected. It is important to the health and welfare of your business that data can be exchanged and distributed throughout your entire building system network and allow for these separate systems to work together from a single interface for the benefit of your building and its inhabitants. Systems communication between your building’s various systems should be fast, simple, effective and transparent to you, the user.

At ACC we use our knowledge, experience and trained personnel to help your company perform to its full potential. By offering enterprise solutions that are comprehensive and easy to integrate with your building’s current management systems, ACC can help your business run more efficiently and cost effectively.

ACC can assist you in devising and implementing enterprise solutions that will allow you to control all aspects of your operations for a single building or across multiple locations. ACC can help you integrate your building management systems into one single graphical interface. If you are a large corporation with multiple buildings and remote sites that are spread throughout the city, state, or even the entire country, ACC can give you access to communications protocols that can be used and shared from a single platform.

From small companies to much larger corporations, ACC understands that individual needs vary and there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions. This is why we can work with your individual company to devise strategies tailored to your specific needs. We create solutions that will increase levels of coordination between networks, systems and the people who run them. Security, heating and cooling, power monitoring – all these systems can be integrated so that communication between them and operators is optimal.

Only by understanding your business and how it works can ACC create solutions to improve the functionality of the entire enterprise, which is why we work closely with you to develop solutions that work while we continue to monitor the full operation and the effectiveness of these plans.

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