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When selecting a planned services company, you can breathe easy knowing that Advanced Control Corp. will not only maintain your building automation but make sure that it’s functioning to the highest level.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in building automation, energy management, system integrations, access control, and CCTV solutions. They work with each individual company to make sure that they are equipped with the best innovative building systems that allow for cost-effective energy management.
One of the main focuses of Advanced Control Corporation is its planned services program “I am Service” which will be outlined here.

They focus on being green in the preservation of the environment and make sure that companies who work with ACC are brought up to date and effectively trained in the updated systems.

Advanced Control Corporation has been in business since 1987 and has dramatically reduced the carbon footprint of many businesses and buildings in South Florida.

“I Am Service” Program

The planned services program “I am service” offers comprehensive solutions for any business. Advanced Control Corporation offers businesses trained technicians to help with year-round services that help ensure that building automation and security are running smoothly. ACC operates on its mission statement which is the key to their success and their guiding principles are:

  • ACC understands its mission, goals, and principles
  • ACC realizes that their expectations of one another are critical of their success
  • ACC is customer-driven and focused
  • ACC always provides complete honesty and integrity
  • ACC knows that competition is healthy, and they will work harder and faster than the competition
  • ACC will make commitments wisely and then live up to them
  • ACC will insist on giving their best effort in everything they do
  • ACC operates with a sense of urgency on ALL matters related to its customers
  • They understand that even when it isn’t their problem, they will own the solution
  • They make themselves proud of everything they do
  • They will not have losing or unsuccessful projects
  • Everyone at ACC is an ambassador of the company
  • ACC respects their co-workers and believes that people who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond by giving their best

Because of these guiding principles, ACC is available to help answer any questions that companies have about how to keep their systems up to date and running effectively. They believe in honesty and will only provide information on what is best for the outcome of the company.

For example, if a customer is unsure whether they should perform comprehensive maintenance on their system, ACC will be able to tell them the following:

  • Preventative maintenance can help avoid breakdowns, lower operational costs, increase the life of the equipment, provide system optimization, better comfort for occupants and always provide priority service response.

As stated above, when choosing the “I am Service” program, you are providing your automated system with around the clock service to ensure that your investment is functioning to the best of its ability.
If you want more out of the planned services package, Advanced Control Corp can offer a variety of services for your company such as:

  • User training
  • Software upgrades
  • Help desk
  • Energy conservation consultation
  • Software/database archiving and storage
  • Time and material repair and maintenance service

A Planned Services Company Can Help Your Business

If you would like to speak to someone at Advanced Control Corp. about a system evaluation or discuss the needs you can contact them, or call them at (954) 491-6660. You can help your company run more effectively and be greener at the same time.

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