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Effective Building Maintenance Services in Florida


Advance your building management system for complete control.

Wise businessmen and women realize that the best way to operate their company successfully is to have an effective building management system in place.
A proper building management system is an essential resource that allows your infrastructure to operate effectively, enabling your employees to function in their respective purview without interference. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have employed the appropriate tools to effectively manage your business.

Building Management Services

As a vital source of support, building management services provide and maintain a comprehensive structure and order that your daily business operations depend on to function properly.

If you have an older building with limited infrastructure support, it may be time to think about retrofitting some upgrades, or installing a completely new system, to prevent the risk of declining productivity in your daily operations.
South Florida commercial businesses have the opportunity to partner with one of Florida’s leading companies of building management services.

Advanced Control Corporation building maintenance services affords your commercial structure elevated infrastructure performance on demand. Your fully integrated building management system can deliver cost-effective services and solutions that can increase productivity while reducing operating costs.

Our building management services oversee a multiplicity of infrastructure operations that can include:

  • IT access to all networks and operations, to distribute and exchange data for complete interactive control. Your building management system allows for superior communication connections between internal systems and also networks with outside platforms and vendors.
  • Managers can access data using a single user-friendly interface for a simple, transparent, and quick exchange of information. Our building management services are scalable to allow for future expansion and also realignments within the existing structure.
  • Vital building maintenance services include automated temperature controls that retain set-points, reduce waste, and manage energy consumption throughout your commercial structure. Your building maintenance services also monitor and manage air quality, harmful gases, humidity, dust, mold, smoke, and other pollutants. Managers can access real-time and archived data to analyze and identify problems, and apply solutions to relevant issues before they magnify.
  • Your building’s electrical system can be managed efficiently and cost-effectively, reining in waste, and reducing energy usage. The lighting system is managed through the use of numerous systems and devices, such as: zoning, schedules for days, time of days, weekends and holidays, automation devices, and also metering and sub-metering.
  • Systemic mechanical processes are built in compliance with building codes and regulations, plus we also provide green building technology that enhances energy conservation and environmental sustainability. Advanced Control Corporation is a provider of LEEDS certified systems that are developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Our building maintenance services provide a well maintained, efficient security system operation within your commercial structure and outside property. Building inhabitants, assets, and resources can be blanketed in protection and monitored and recorded for future reference. An array of specialized cameras is employed for the monitoring and recording of all activity that occurs on your property and is admissible in a court of law as evidence against criminal activity.
  • Door and elevator building access control uses personalized access cards to control the traffic of employees and guests throughout your building, preventing roaming and unauthorized access to specific areas and resources.

We provide the essential keys for comprehensive building maintenance services and systems. Our team can design and build a unique building management system that addresses your business needs, goals, timeline and budget.

We also provide many services that include personnel training, monitoring, energy management, operational support, and much more.

Learn More About Effective Building Maintenance Services in Florida 

To learn more about our building management services and the many rewards they reap, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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