LEED Green Building Rating Systems in Florida

The demand for LEED Green building certification continues to grow, as buildings and tenants alike wish to experience the environmental and financial benefits that green buildings have to offer. Property owners who wish to get a LEED green building certification must first choose the LEED Green Building Rating Systems qualifications they will be meeting. The United States Green Building Council administers LEED Certification and has designated 9 separate rating systems, each one of them focused on a different aspect:

  • LEED for Major Renovations and New Construction – this system is primarily focused on new commercial buildings but it also covers hotels, government buildings, churches, libraries, offices and buildings undergoing major renovations.

  • LEED for Existing Buildings – this building rating system has the aim of reducing the environmental impact of existing buildings and promoting sustainable practices for the building’s ongoing operation and maintenance. Qualifications include air quality, waste management, energy and water use, green cleaning products and exterior building maintenance.

  • LEED for Commercial Interiors – primarily used for certifying green leased or owned spaces within large commercial buildings that offer a reduced environmental footprint as well as reduced operational and maintenance costs.

  • LEED Core & Shell Development – designed for the development market, where property developers have control of only the base building components, such as structure, plumbing, electrical and mechanical.

  • LEED for Retail – is similar to non-retail certification but in the same time designed to address certain unique aspects of retail environments.

  • LEED for Schools – this is similar to LEED for New Construction, but it addresses issues specific to academic needs, such as master planning, air and environment quality and classroom acoustics.

  • LEED for Homes – it’s designed to promote high performance, green homes of all shapes and sizes. This qualification also includes third-party score verification.

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development – this LEED Green Building Rating System is designed for neighborhood projects of any size, utilizing the principles of smart growth, green infrastructure and New Urbanism.

  • LEED for Healthcare – is designed to address the specific requirements of healthcare buildings which are not covered by LEED for New Construction. This qualification is applied to assisted living facilities, medical offices, patient care facilities, research facilities and medical education centers.

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