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Commercial Lighting Control Systems for Offices
Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to save money and by simply installing office lighting control systems, business owners can do just that.
When business owners add office lighting control systems, businesses are giving themselves the ability to either manually or automatically control the lighting functions, and their intensities, within the building. A few ways office lighting control systems can work within a building are:
Occupancy Sensors: Occupancy sensors are motion sensors within the interior of the building, detecting movement and illuminating on command. Occupancy sensors are great things to install in bathrooms, break rooms, conference rooms and anywhere that isn’t used 24/7 but needs lighting on command.
Motion Sensor Controls: Motion sensors can be installed inside or outside of a building. They are great ways to cut back on the cost of energy usage because they cause the lights to only be used when necessary. When they detect movement they turn on, and after a set amount of time they will turn off again.
Dimming Controls: Dimming controls are great additions to any room because it lets those inside control the amount of light in the room by moving the dimmer switch back and forth. This option is an eco-friendly option because the light is not using full power at most times because it isn’t full on or off.
Networked Controls: One of the most advanced systems in commercial lighting control systems for offices are networked lighting control. This means that lights and other functions in the building can be controlled by an app or a desktop, from anywhere.
When making the decision of adding office lighting control systems to your business, Advanced Control Corp. can help your business by adding lighting control systems for your building. Installing commercial lighting control systems for offices gives your building a physical security measure that is not only affordable but also effective. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get your office lighting control systems up and running.
Benefits of Adding Commercial Lighting Control Systems for Offices
No matter the size of the building, adding office lighting control systems combine a building automation system with motion sensors, among other things that create a fully automatic lighting control system. Commercial lighting control systems for offices have many benefits for businesses and their owners, these benefits can include:
Savings – when businesses are able to control all parts of lighting on site, money is saved. Business owners and managers are able to cut back on energy costs on site or remotely through building automation systems. These systems include RFID readers, motion detectors and occupancy controls turning lights on or off when parts of the building are occupied.
Less Energy Wasted – Many times nearly 30 % of energy used in commercial buildings is lost to lighting and air control in areas that are unoccupied. On top of that, lighting accounts for a huge part of energy costs related to buildings. When adding commercial lighting control systems into building automation, owners are able to create schedules related to light usage which can significantly reduce energy usage.
Added Security – Adding motion sensors to your building adds extra security and is a loss prevention measure. Motion sensors with light attached detect movement and therefore illuminates protected areas during after hours, deterring intruders. These systems can also be connected with alarms for extra added security.
Remote Usage – While it has been previously mentioned, a great feature of lighting control systems is that they can be used remotely. Owners are able to access and manage all major actions within the building from a remote location on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
How Advanced Control Corp. Can Help You
If your business is ready to begin operating with an office lighting control system, Advanced Control Corp. is ready to help. Our experienced staff are ready to help you reduce your operating costs and get you up and running before you know it. Contact us today at 954.491.6660 to set up your first consultation.
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