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Security Automation Solutions for Commercial Buildings Florida

Learn how security automation for commercial buildings works to safeguard your property. Why leave your commercial building at risk for a security breach when you can have complete office building security working for you?

It’s no secret that criminals eventually learn how to get around security upgrades. That is why it is so important to stay one step ahead of them to keep your property safe.
Our security automation system works 24/7 to keep your investment interests and human life protected from potential break-ins and criminal activity.

Security Systems for Buildings

Many commercial building managers rely on manned guards to keep their building secure. But human guards cannot be everywhere at once, and that is why it is best to have a security automation system in place to protect your property.
Our security systems for buildings provide a safe and efficient way to blanket your property with complete monitoring surveillance.

Plus, our security automation also archives all activities taking place on your property, so that you always have a record of events to analyze if wrongdoing is suspected.
Your management team will be able to view real-time activity both within your building and outside property, giving your managers a unique perspective.
Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in creating customized office building security systems that address building vulnerabilities, blind spots, dark areas, and other security problems.

Our team of experts begins by inspecting your property to determine what issues need to be addressed and then start the design process to create a tailored security automation system.

You can opt for a new office building security system, or we can retrofit upgrades to your existing system.

Our security system software creates an integrated system that shares information and provides feedback with all systems, vendors, and clients.

Your managers can easily access your security automation system via desktop, laptop, or mobile device, whether they are on-site or off, giving them complete control of security management tasks.

Office Building Security Systems

To ensure a full range of protection, our security systems for buildings incorporate the use of many unique tools and equipment, such as:

Thermal Imaging Cameras – Thermal imaging is a unique process that enables the camera to detect changes in temperature within a given area.

This type of camera is popularly used in banks, the military, law enforcement, etc. Thermal imaging cameras are the ideal security tool for areas that are pitch black or that have blind spots, such as those in hallways and the corners of your building.

Access Control – Another vital component of office building security is an access control system that permits or denies access to any area of your building.

Elevator access control protects restricted areas by limiting access to specific floors and zones. Your management team can steer all traffic inside your building by issuing personal access cards that are embedded with access data. Employees, tenants, and guests will only be granted access to the authorized areas on their card.

CCTV – Closed-circuit television is the bedrock of any security automation system by providing comprehensive monitoring and recording of all activity that occurs on your property. You managers will be able to view and analyze activity for unusual behavior, strange occurrences, and criminal activity, and also notify law enforcement if necessary.

CCTV uses a variety of cameras to capture all activity occurring on your property, and can also zoom-in on details for optical character recognition and capture license plate numbers.

We provide an extensive range of security systems for buildings, too numerous to mention here.

Learn More About Security Automation Solutions for Commercial Buildings

To keep your property and building inhabitants safe, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 and speak with one of our security automation specialists.

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