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Security Camera Installation

As a building owner, you not only want all areas of your building to be managed effectively and operating efficiently but you also want the building and its occupants to be secure. Security camera installation should be a top priority whether you own and operate a single site or manage multiple buildings in various locations. With Advanced Control’s building automation systems that focus on security, you can rest assured knowing your building(s) have the best security system possible. Our solutions can help you reduce risk, prevent loss and damage to your property or information, and also help keep those visiting or residing in the building safe. Through security solutions such as CCTV systems, CCTV recording and VSaaS (Video surveillance as a service), we can build a security management system for your unique needs that will be resistant to compromises and breaches. Tell us about your industry and size of operation and we will design an adaptable and scalable solution that will keep every aspect of your building secure.

Here are the benefits each security solution from Advanced Control can offer your building(s):

1. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Originally developed as a security solution for government entities and banks, CCTV’s latest technology is now available for your property. CCTV uses signals transmitted from video cameras to specific monitors located at your main interface location. Your security team can monitor and record these television images for multiple purposes, such as security, safety and surveillance. Advanced Control offers an extensive line of state-of-the-art security cameras and systems that are customizable for your property’s needs. In addition to monitoring areas, CCTV security systems are the perfect solution for industrial facilities that have locations or rooms that aren’t suitable for human occupancy but still need to be maintained and monitored. Ask a member of our team about network, fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, thermal imaging and license plate capture cameras and which type would be ideal for your industry/property.

2. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Recording

When it comes to recording, displaying, monitoring and organizing your videos, we offer customized solutions depending on your requirements. Simple and easy to use systems are available, which can be operated remotely if needed, in addition to extensive 24-hour fully manned video solution systems that record multiple sites and are made up of hundreds of cameras. When you partner with Advanced Control, we help you develop the system, select the correct equipment, and provide expert installation and service. Let us help you build an affordable and efficient security solution that will offer accountability, provide safety for your building’s occupants, and help you potentially reduce financial losses from theft or security breaches.

3. VSaaS

Did you know Advanced Control is a leader in VSaaS, also known as Video Surveillance as a Service? This managed video service is rising in popularity and being incorporated by both large and small businesses. With VSaaS, video surveillance is managed off-site with all data being stored in the Cloud. What does this mean for you? Well, for starters, with video data not being stored on on-site networks, the possibility of theft, tampering or damage is negated. With VSaaS, you can record, identify and store in the Archive for later viewing. In addition, all recorded video will be watermarked, time stamped and include camera name/location, helping make the review process easy and fast.

If you aren’t physically at the main interface in your building, real-time, streaming video can still be monitored through remote means, as long as you have access to the internet. Think of the time and money you will be saving, in addition to the increased level of security a VSaaS offers you. First, you will cut down the amount of data you need to store on company workstations and computers. In addition, because you can monitor video through secure web access, there is no need to purchase specific video viewing software. Ask someone from our sales team about the additional cost savings benefits this system can offer you.

With the amount of time and effort you put into your building to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively, be sure to also make it as secure as possible. Advanced Control offers a variety of building automation systems and can explain which systems would work best for your property.

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