Maintaining security in commercial buildings is becoming increasingly complex as technologies change and intruders become more educated. One of the primary concerns of business owners is how to keep their building and occupants safe from criminal and hostile activity. Advanced security camera systems for business is your best bet against security breaches.

Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in building management and security systems that are state of the art and able to detect any encroachment on your property. Whether you are concerned with employee tampering and theft of confidential IT data and other resources, or outside intruders trespassing onto your property with criminal intent, you can have peace of mind knowing that your comprehensive cctv surveillance system is protecting your property.

How Security Camera Systems for Business Work

As a public space your commercial building can be vulnerable to security problems that should be addressed. Our security camera systems for business provide an extensive array of products that will monitor, manage, alert and potentially avert any attempt to breach the security of your property.

Our CCTV security systems for business provide you with the ability to protect your building by utilizing an assortment of cameras and other devices that will monitor, record and store all data of activity taking place on your property. Your managers, and law enforcement, can be alerted to break-ins, while systemic structures can provide specific areas and zones to be shut down until help arrives. Advanced Control Corporation uses a variety of devices fitted to your CCTV security systems for business that include:

Fixed Position Cameras

These cameras can be mounted on walls and ceilings and are equipped with swivel heads for flexible surveillance purposes. These types of cameras are best for viewing large areas like hallways, lobbies, waiting rooms, parking garages etc.

License Plate Capture Cameras

You can monitor and record all vehicles that enter onto your property with these types of cameras and they can easily zoom in to read license plates numbers for future reference – even as court evidence.

Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

These types of cameras have the ability to move in any direction and work very well in blind spots and other vulnerable areas.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These cameras can detect temperature changes in any area to signify the presence of an intruder, even in the dark.

Other Security System Advantages

Your Advanced Control Corporation cctv security systems for business also uses digital video recorders that allows your managers to access all security data from an internet enabled device. Your managers will be able to view all activity on your property in real-time or in stored data.

We also offer VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) systems that are cloud-based. This type of surveillance includes video recording, and storage, remote viewing, management alerts, and cyber surveillance. VSaaS has many great benefits that you will appreciate and our team of experts can explain the details to you at any time.

Another great feature of our security systems is access control, which gives your managers the ability to steer traffic through your building. Employees and visitors will only be able to access specific areas and floors of your building that are determined by your managers with card activation. The cards will have an imbedded electronic description of areas that can be accessed. Visitors can easily swipe the card in an elevator to get to the floor they need, but will not be able to go anywhere else. This keeps your building safe from loiterers, roamers and intruders.

Our team of experts can assess your property to determine where vulnerabilities exist and what type of devices will work best in what areas. We can create a cctv surveillance system that is unique to your building and property so that you have the most advanced security system working to protect your property.

You will be making a smart business decision when you decide to install our security camera systems for business.

Learn More About Security Camera Systems for Business and Retail

To learn more about our security systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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