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Smart Building Managed Services in Florida

The increasingly advanced technology at the heart of today’s smart buildings allows them to integrate all the individual smart building systems, improving their functioning and creating a more secure, comfortable environment for occupants.  While smart buildings excel at eradicating inefficiencies and automating processes, even the most advanced intelligent building technology can’t entirely eliminate the need for human oversight. Building managers and operations personnel are needed to facilitate and supervise building operations, so they can identify and eliminate problems, perform ongoing maintenance, and monitor energy management operations.

For facilities with a large budget and extensive personnel roster this is not a problem, but owners of smaller facilities, and those that do not wish to hire a full staff are left with a personnel gap. Advanced Control Corporation is here to help, with a full list of available smart building managed services. We can train your staff or provide your facility with skilled personnel who are well-versed in every aspect of smart building operations and analytics, including energy management and conservation tasks.

Advanced Control’s cost-effective building management service solutions provide personnel and assistance to ensure every system in your building performs as needed for a smoothly operating facility.  We provide help every step of the way, from advising and implementing your building system to training your personnel in the proper management of your energy conservation and building management programs, and providing ongoing monitoring and operational support. The comprehensive list of managed services we provide includes energy management and energy conservation project implementation, operations personnel, and monitoring and operational support to ensure your building systems are working to their maximum potential.

Smart Building Energy Management Services

Advanced Control provides complete smart building energy management services, working with you through all phases of the energy management process. For smaller facilities, we can provide energy management personnel on a shared and as-needed basis. For our customers with large, well-staffed facilities, we provide complete training services, instructing your personnel in the entire implementation process so they emerge well-versed in every aspect of operating and managing your energy plan. To ensure the ongoing success of your energy management program, we will perform periodic routine checkups and review your program to ensure it meets your current energy needs.

Smart Building Operations Personnel

To ensure the smooth operation of your building, Advanced Control can provide your company with operations personnel who are well-trained across a wide range of smart building managed services, from energy implementation to security. Our trained professionals can advise and instruct you on cost-effective, efficient ways to operate and manage your building. While these advanced building operation services were once only available to the larger, well-funded corporations, Advanced Control’s shared and as-needed service programs makes them affordable to companies of all sizes.

Monitoring and Operations Support for Smart Buildings

We offer a variety of solutions to maximize your building’s efficiency, providing the exact degree  of operational support needed to ensure the smooth operation of your facility.  You can choose to have Advanced Control’s trained personnel perform analytics and monitoring of all of the critical systems controlled by your building automation solution or order services on an individual basis. Monitoring is available for your building control systems, access control, and security systems

Energy Conservation Project Implementation

We draw on our expertise in the field of building analytics and systems management to provide comprehensive, turnkey services to assist you in all facets of your company’s energy conservation projects, from initial design to ongoing support through the process and monitoring to ensure the project works to optimal effect.

Advanced Control has reduced the operating costs of thousands of buildings throughout South Florida using comprehensive building automation solutions that incorporate energy management services, building automation systems, lighting control, and more.

Learn More About Smart Building Managed Services

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