Smart Building Solutions in Florida

Smart building solutions offer many benefits to building owners; they improve the operation of all the individual building control systems, create a more comfortable building environment, and enhance the safety and security of occupants. While those are all important advantages, the benefit that leads many South Florida building owners to install smart building solutions in their facilities is the solutions’ ability to increase energy efficiency.

Energy costs are the single largest operational expense of commercial buildings, and cooling, lighting, and ventilation can account for as much as 62% of the energy commercial  buildings typically use (according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration). For owners whose buildings are subjected to sweltering South Florida temperatures, this can translate to staggeringly large bills for energy use.  Smart building solutions enable owners to get their energy costs under control, by reducing energy usage by as much as 30%.

Improved Energy Efficiency in South Florida

Advanced Control Corporation installs smart building solutions that are able to greatly improve the energy efficiency of facilities through the use of building automation systems that eliminate energy waste in unoccupied areas. In an average commercial building, 30% to 40% of the structure is unoccupied at any given time, but the lighting, heating, and cooling systems remain on. This just wastes valuable resources while running up costs. Our smart building solutions use motion sensors, access card readers, and passive RFID scanners to register when a building area becomes unoccupied. They then leverage this information by turning off the HVAC and lighting systems in these empty areas.

To ensure all building areas are at the desired temperature point by the time occupants arrive in the morning, Advanced Control’s smart building solutions include scheduling features that can be programmed to turn the heating or air conditioning on or off at a certain times during the day, week, etc. An automatic tenant HVAC override allows occupants to use their smartphone to turn the HVAC on when coming into work at non-scheduled times, such as weekends or late at night.

Intelligent Building Solutions in Florida

Advanced Control’s smart building solutions also improve energy efficiency using time and zone controls for lighting control. They turn off lights on a set schedule; after hours and on weekends, passive RFID is used to monitor cleaning crews as they check in; lights automatically turn on and off as the cleaners move through various areas of the building.

Utility monitoring is another way that smart buildings are improving the energy efficiency of buildings.   Advanced Control’s versatile energy management solutions use powerful software that has the capacity to receive, store and analyze metering and sensor data, using it to optimize and track energy use. Our powerful energy management software also performs power quality analysis and critical power monitoring; once it analyzes power usage in the building, it provides maximum energy savings by adjusting your building’s systems to run at maximum efficiency.

When you use Advanced Control’s smart building solutions for energy efficient buildings, you gain control of your energy use as well as your energy expenses.  Our smart building solutions help owners monitor energy usage in real time through critical metering software that includes easy-to-read dashboards and user-friendly graphical interfaces.

We can provide metering that is scalable and can be adapted over time to reflect the changes in your business. You have the option of monitoring energy consumption on site or remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

Are you ready to start enjoying increased energy efficiency using one of Advanced Control Corporation’s smart building solutions? Our knowledgeable technicians can install a customized solution that incorporates temperature control, lighting control, access control, and more to reduce your energy usage and start you on the path to higher building energy efficiency.

Learn More About Smart Building Solutions

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