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South Florida Building Automation Trends 2021

Behind the placid surface of modern commercial buildings there are a multitude of electrical, mechanical, and security control systems hard at work performing necessary tasks. As the number and complexity of these core systems has increased in recent years, so, too have the various associated hardware devices that supply the systems with the information they need to function, such as motion sensors, closed circuit television cameras, digital video recorders, access card readers, passive RFID scanners, and more. This growing tangle of technology has given rise to the need for a single master control system that can integrate all these diverse systems into a single unified network that can share information and perform its functions efficiently.

Smart Buildings in South Florida

Smart building solutions are the answer: by integrating all of the various systems into a symbiotic whole, they improve the functioning of all the individual building systems, creating a more secure, comfortable environment for occupants, while improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption, which in turn lowers operating costs and improves the building’s carbon footprint.

Smart building solutions are able to improve energy efficiency because they use building automation systems that leverage the information gathered by occupancy sensors, shutting off the HVAC and lighting systems in unused areas of the building. By eliminating this one area of energy waste, buildings can realize a 30% improvement in their energy efficiency. Scheduling features can be employed that automatically adjust your HVAC system to achieve a specific temperature before the workday begins, or your tenants can use an Automatic Tenant Override to adjust HVAC settings from a remote location via their smartphone or tablet so a desired temperature is reached by the time they arrive at the building.

Smart building solutions can also create a more secure building environment, using access control, elevator access, and CCTV cameras and recording solutions to monitor intruders ad prevent them from accessing protected areas.

Automated Building Solutions by Advanced Control Corporation

The smart building solutions Advanced Control Corporation creates employ the latest advances in building technology, so they can be accessed and controlled in person or remotely from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet via a computer workstation, Laptop, PDA, phone, or the web. We can create a custom graphical user interface for our web-based smart building solutions that will allow you to interact with and control all of your building systems over the internet, using dynamic color graphics, custom created animation designs, and intuitive navigation tools.  The easy to understand graphics, trends charts, and alarm system status symbols allow you to monitor your building’s operations with ease.

Advanced Control’s smart building solutions feature open integration, so they work as well on existing structures as they do when installed in new buildings. Other building solutions may encounter problems with interoperability, as they attempt to integrate multiple systems from different companies, but the smart building solutions created by Advanced Control embrace BACnet, an open ASHRA/ANSI/ISO standard that provides the opportunity for building automation systems to interoperate with each other.

Intelligent Building Solutions in South Florida

Our intelligent building solutions include a large collection of more than 200 third-party communication drivers that includes many propriety protocols, so they can integrate with components that lack an open standard to communicate. Our advanced building solutions are IT-friendly, supporting major communication, desktop IT and building automation standards like email, SNMP, HTML, Active-X and XML through TCP/IP, OPC, LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus and Ethernet.

Are you ready to experience the improved efficiency and enhanced security provided by Advanced Control Corporation’s smart building solutions? Our experienced technicians will create a customized smart building solution that incorporates the latest building automation, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology to improve the performance, comfort, and security of your facility.

Learn More About Smart Building Solutions

Contact Advanced Control today at 954-491-6660 for a smart building solution that will improve your building’s energy efficiency, enhance its security, and create a safer, more comfortable working environment!

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