Keys to Effective Intelligent Building Systems in Florida

Cloud-based building automation solutions, an increased role for smartphones and tablets as both personalized interfaces and data producers for building systems, and the continuing development of self-healing capabilities as an integral part of intelligent buildings are expected to be the building automation trends to watch in 2014. As the ongoing evolution of information technology continues to proceed at an accelerated rate, cloud-based technology is expected to revolutionize building automation solutions, making them more affordable even as it greatly increases their capabilities.

Building Automation Solutions in South Florida

Cloud-based building analytic services and their expansive ability to handle the “big data” produced by building systems are leading the development of true cloud-based building automation solutions. The challenge posed by multiple system integration becomes more manageable as cloud-based technologies are involved, leading to the possibility of integrating and controlling large portfolios of facilities from a single central interface. Cloud-based computing power will continue to spur building automation systems to progress beyond the monitoring and control of building systems. The extra computing and analyzing power could enable building control systems to automatically take corrective action whenever they identify a system that is malfunctioning, essentially creating “self-healing” facilities.

Smartphones, tablets, and the expansion of their processing abilities have created a major shift in the way many of the tasks of daily life are accomplished, and they are expected to do the same for the manner in which building automation systems are controlled. While PDAs have been used to exert some control over building control systems in the past, the development of apps that use cloud-based functions is expected to fuel an increasing shift in the control of building automation systems from facility-based interfaces to more mobile solutions.

Solutions for Small Building Owners

As technology development proceeds apace, these applications will transform the way various systems interact with each other, in addition to granting users an incredible degree of personalization in the way they interface with their building systems. Look for increasing numbers of small building owners to be employing building automation systems this year, as cloud-based technologies lower prices and apps allow a greater degree of customization. Even the smallest building owners will be able to afford an intelligent building solution, by choosing only the specific features they need.

The Bluetooth capabilities of smartphones could lead them to play a part in building automation systems’ acquisition of occupancy data. Accurate occupancy data is essential for the efficient functioning of building automation systems, and there are several current methods for acquiring that data including access cards and readers, video surveillance, sensors, and RFID. However, using the “Bluetooth Beacons” retail outlets employ or company Wi-Fi networks to track occupants via their smartphones could prove to be a superior way of developing occupancy metrics. With the increase of building automation systems’ access to accurate, real-time occupancy data, facilities should see a corresponding improvement in their energy efficiency and security.

Advanced Control Corporation

Advanced Control Corporation is at the forefront of the emerging technologies and methods used in today’s advanced intelligent buildings, and has been the industry leader in energy management and South Florida building automation solutions since 1987. Whether you are managing a portfolio of buildings, or are seeking small building solutions, our experienced technicians can create a custom, web-based intelligent building control solution for your facility that incorporates building automation, energy management, access control, and CCTV technology, allowing you to control and monitor your building from anywhere in the world.

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