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South Florida Elevator Security Systems

Elevators were once merely a convenience for building residents, but they have become an absolute necessity in today’s high-rise commercial buildings. In addition to providing a way to move people and objects between floors quickly and efficiently, elevators provide the universal access to floors and services that is mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Along with this convenience and easy access comes a major vulnerability that you, as the building’s owner, must resolve: now that you have provided an easy means of access, how can you protect your tenants from unwanted visitors and intruders? An elevator security system is the ideal solution, as it will provide the means to monitor and control access to the various floors in your building, creating a safer environment for your residents and insulating you from any liability issues that may arise.

When buildings have multiple tenants, it is neither appropriate nor safe to allow the occupants unfettered access to all the floors in the building. Myriad legal and safety issues can ensue, leaving you liable for potential damages ranging from instances of corporate espionage to actual physical harm. In order to provide your tenants with the secure work environment they deserve, you must control all points of access to the floors in your building by taking control of your elevator lobbies and the elevators themselves. An elevator access control system from Advanced Control Corporation will secure your building from the lobby up to the roof, reducing the risk of theft, corporate espionage, and vandalism.

The experienced security experts at Advanced Control can outfit your building with one of our expandable, adaptable South Florida elevator security systems that have the capacity to control all the elevators on all the floors of your facility. Your system administrator will be in complete control of access, with the ability to set accessible floors for each individual cardholder. The host computer is able to manage event data for even the largest facilities, providing dynamic control of memory for up to 50,000 cardholders / up to 20,000 events. For the greatest security, Advanced Control’s elevator security system has the capability to retain ID event data and setting value even during a power failure.

While your elevator security system will function well as a stand-alone system, Advanced Control can integrate it with one of our powerful building automation systems, a video surveillance system, and CCTV cameras to create a complete security and access control solution that will blanket your building in protection. Advanced Control’s access control systems provide an automated way to monitor, control, and restrict admission to the various areas within a building, enhancing building security while improving the experience of your visitors and employees, and providing a secure building environment.

The knowledgeable security experts at Advanced Control Corporation are ready to create a customized security solution that blends elevator access control, access control, CCTV cameras and more to blanket your facility in protection. Advanced Control can install a mixture of network, fixed position, pan/tilt/zoom, and thermal imaging cameras, placing them so they survey your entire building or focus on a single specified area, such as a loading dock or entrance. You can choose a digital, network, or hybrid CCTV Video Recording Solution to capture the images from your CCTV surveillance systems.

 South Florida Elevator Security Systems

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