3 Ways To Improve Your Building Security System

Building security remains at the top of the list regarding concerns for building owners and occupants. No matter the type of building you have, ensuring the protection of those inside and the premises is essential. To provide the best security system for your needs, Advanced Control Corp has the tools and resources to implement a unique building security system for your needs.

Advanced Control Corp. has established itself as a leader in building management through automation, system integration, and access control solutions. We have been in the business since 1987, and we not only believe in our systems, but we are dedicated to solving comfort, efficiency, security, and equipment problems for any business.

We will work with you every step to ensure the installation and initial design ideas run smoothly for you. On top of that, we take every effort possible to create the least negative impact on our environment as possible and your business operations.

Please continue reading to discover how Advanced Control Corp. can develop the ideal office building security system and why it’s imperative to invest in one.


What Is a Building Security System?

These days, modern office buildings host control systems that can virtually control all critical systems. It’s vital to incorporate the latest surveillance, access control, and intrusion detection technologies to have the best security and protection of the business and its employees.

When companies take the time to address all possible vulnerability areas, Advanced Control Corp can take this further by helping these businesses update or install the latest office building security systems to safeguard their building adequately.

When it comes to selecting a building security system, our experts will work with you to make sure you have the best components to fit your security needs. To do this, we will create a security solution allowing you or your business managers to monitor all activity around the building in real-time.

A few components of building security systems can include:

  • Access Control
  • Elevator Access Control
  • CCTV Surveillance

When you build your security plan with us, we work with you and businesses of any size to assure any size business that building automation security system needs are met.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Security System

If you are looking for some examples as to why your business may need a building security system, here are two reasons why your business needs a security system:

  1. Elevators – installing an access control system in your elevator heighten security measures for buildings that hold tenants in high-rise buildings and high-rise office buildings. This practice means everyone who is expected to be in the building will be given an access card, allowing them on the specific floors programmed on the card. This type of access provides a great advantage to tenants, business owners, and business managers as it deters theft and criminal activity.
  2. CCTV Surveillance – Cameras automatically deter theft and criminal activity. Still, when installing CCTV surveillance systems, all images and recordings are dated and electronically stored to be accessed, even remotely, anytime they are needed.

3 Ways to Enhance Office Building Security System

While you may think your building entails an intricate security system, there are always ways to secure your building from unnecessary dangers. The top three ways to improve your office building security system include:

  1. Consider overlooked areas of your facility: Often, the parking garage can be assumed as a safe place, but security could be lacking in that location. Upgrading the parking garage’s security systems with a license plate reader can safeguard any unwanted guests from entering your building before they step out of the vehicle.
  2. Use a comprehensive approach: Install a thorough building security system that encompasses motion detectors, elevator controls, LED lighting, and security monitoring can ensure the safety of your tenants and premises.
  3. Examine environmental concerns: The No. 1 priority is always protecting the workers inside any office building. Part of that is the environment people experience in the facility. Using non-toxic, natural building materials can help enhance proper air filtration to keep natural air properly flowing in the building.

Automated Building Security Systems in Florida

At the end of the day, security always comes first, and by updating your security system, you are creating a safer, more secure environment for all parties involved.

We are here to help you improve your building, call us today at 954.491.6660 and allow us to design a customized security system to enhance your facilities’ safety.

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