Top Reasons to Install an Office Building Security System


Your building’s safety and security, and by extension, your tenants, entails a leading concern among building owners. Installing an office building security system can provide you with the peace of mind that you are taking all the necessary steps to ensure your building remains secure 24/7.

The Benefits of an Office Building Security System 

There are endless advantages to having an office building security system. A few of the top reasons why building owners tend to have this type of system installed include the following: 

1. Lawsuit protection 

One of every business owner’s fears is that an accident will happen on their property, which may leave them open to a possible lawsuit. When you have a security system that includes a camera positioned all-around your building, you have video evidence you can use to defend yourself against any lawsuit. 

2. Helps you save money

Did you know you may be able to pay less in insurance premiums when you have a building security system? Buildings with this type of system are more attractive to insurance companies because they know you are taking every step to safeguard your building. This extra layer of security may increase the chance you may not have to tap into any of your insurance coverage. 

3. Better building appearance 

Do you have offices in your building that are available for rent? Providing potential tenants with the information that your building has a security system will make the office space more appealing to tenants because they know they will be safe during their time on the property.  

4. Immediate emergency response   

If something does happen on your property, a building security system can immediately alert the authorities to any type of problem. Whether you need an emergency response from a police officer or EMT due to an accident or you need the fire department to come, your automated building security system will ensure the right team of authorities is called to address the issue.

5. Removes your building as a weak target     

If a burglar realizes your building does not have a security system, the possibility of that burglar trying to harm your building goes up exponentially. Installing a security system removes your building from being categorized as a vulnerable target.

6. Sheds light on the right areas     

When someone is looking to harm your building, they will likely be looking to find the areas of your building covered in darkness. When you install an office security system that includes a motion light sensor, you will always know that this light will go off if there is any movement around your building that can easily scare off any bad characters.

Let Advanced Control Install Your Office Building Security System

The Advanced Control team is always on the lookout for ways to keep your building safe. We work with you to develop a security system that suits your facility’s needs. If you are interested in learning more about our security system options or more about one of the other building automation services, please reach out to us today at (954) 491-6660. 

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