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Office Building Security System

Securing the workplace and protecting property and assets is a primary concern of all commercial building owners. Many commercial properties are open public spaces, such as malls, hospitals, airports, theaters, and hotels, and this makes security a vital concern in protecting building occupants, merchandise, equipment, IT data and more. Public buildings provide wide-open areas where visitors can freely roam, and this can encourage criminal activity if preventive security measures are not taken ahead of time. Advanced Control Corporation can create an office building security system for your property that will meet all your security needs.

Our security systems for office buildings provide viable solutions to security issues through the use of elevator and building access control options, comprehensive camera and recording security devices, thermal imaging solutions, and much more. To avoid damage and loss, and deter criminal activity, we urge you to consider investing in an office building security system to provide effective security solutions for your building occupants, assets, resources and property.

The issue of safety is a major concern in today’s world, and your employees and visitors want to know that your building is secure with the advantage of an office building security system.  Providing a safe environment and securing commercial property and resources has become one of the most researched topics among property owners and managers. Advanced Control Corporation can provide you with the tools you need to secure your property. We are experts in creating advanced security systems for residential and commercial properties, and we can examine and evaluate your structure’s current safety plan. Once security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies are identified we can begin the process of designing an advanced office building security system for your structure. We offer a variety of security automation solutions to for you to choose from to ensure optimal security for your property. Some of the security systems for office buildings that we employ include:

1. Elevator Security

Elevator security systems are a vital security measure for tenants in high-rise apartment buildings and also in office buildings. A SmartCard system may be used to allow tenants, employees or visitors access to specific floors that are programmed into the card. This means that only authorized persons are allowed to enter specific floors and zones within the building. This security measure provides a great advantage because it acts as a deterrent against theft, criminal activity, and property damage. It also removes undesirable transient individuals from entering restricted zones, and steers traffic throughout your structure as you see fit. Elevator security systems can be managed by authorized personnel via your office building security system software. Elevator security systems are adaptable and can operate as a singular entity or be integrated with lighting and surveillance systems.

2. CCTV Surveillance

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) technology was originally created to secure banks and is now used globally in many business properties. CCTV technology allows for the transmission of images and signals from around your property to be viewed on monitors by your security team. All of the images and recordings are dated and electronically stored and so that they can be accessed, even remotely, at any time for review by your managers. The data is also admissible in a court of law as evidence, if the need arises. Our knowledgeable representatives can explain to you about how some of our devices operate, such as: Pan/Tilt/Zoom options, License Plate Capture, Thermal Imaging and much more.

Office Building Security Systems in Florida

We can create security solutions that will help you prevent loss and damage to your resources and property, and also protect building occupants. Your managers will be able to control security issues for a single structure or multiple buildings in different locations via cloud-based technology.

As an industry leader we are experts in the design, installation and support of security systems for office buildings and can create the perfect security system for your structure. To learn more about our advanced security systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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