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Card Access Systems for Buildings - Info and Benefits

Apply card access systems to secure your building inhabitants and increase your security.

Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to securing your commercial property. Advanced Control Corporation can help you redefine your building’s entire security system with the latest building security system technology to secure your property and building inhabitants. 

We offer a host of security products that include elevator access control and card access systems. Our experts can examine your property to define vulnerabilities and property requirements to create a customized security system that is unique to your safety needs. We can also integrate your new building security system with your building automation system to create a synergistic infrastructure that works together in unison for optimal efficiency.

You can have affordable solutions to your building’s security concerns and also secure IT data, resources and assets. We also provide technical instructions and support so that your management team will be able to monitor and manage all of your property effectively.

Elevator Access Control Safety

Your building should be free from loitering and roaming traffic to secure it properly. An elevator access control system will prohibit employees and visitors from accessing different areas of your building without authorization. Elevators will only allow access to floors and lobbies that are granted to each individual who enters your building. Anyone who wanders into your building aimlessly will be denied access.

This security measure is widely used in high-rise and multi-tenant buildings, and commercial and public buildings. It allows your managers to steer traffic in your building and allows access to specific areas by authorization only. Elevator access control systems are integrated with your building automation system and video surveillance system to work together in unison for optimal security.

Card Access Systems

Card access systems are used to manage the entry and exits of employees, tenants and visitors to your building. Each individual has their own card with authorized areas that can be accessed imprinted in the card data.

Card access systems are easy to use with one smooth swipe of the card into the scanner located on a door or elevator access control system. Employees and tenants will have access to designated areas such as: their work area, cafeteria, parking garage etc. Visitors will be given a card that allows them entry to their designated area only, restricting them from roaming or snooping around your building. Access control is a safe way to deter undesirables from entering your building.

Building Security System Benefits

Your building security system should be integrated with your building management system and include surveillance systems that can blanket every area of your building and outdoor property. With the use of multiple devices, all activity taking place on your property can be monitored, recorded and stored for future reference.

If there is a breach in security, your managers can be alerted and also law enforcement if necessary. We have a host of detection devices, including some that can screen blind-spots inside your building. Thermal detection devices can identify changes in temperature in any designated area and are especially useful in dark areas where they can pick up activity that is not seen. Closed circuit television (CCTV) and other types of surveillance cameras can be placed throughout your building and property to monitor all activity.

Our cameras leave no areas vulnerable to a security breach and if a breach occurs, it will be recorded for your managers to see and alarms can be sent to law enforcement. Your managers can authorize a lock-down of your entire building or only in specific areas until help arrives. Your employees and tenants will feel safe knowing that you are doing everything in your power to keep your building secure. And you can have peace of mind knowing you are protecting your property from damage, theft, liability and also protecting building inhabitants.

Learn More About Card Access Systems in Florida

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