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Advantages of BMS

Let an intelligent building management system upgrade your property and decrease costs.

Are you thinking about installing an intelligent building management system in your commercial structure? Smart businessmen know the many advantages of BMS Systems & BMS Software, as well as and how they improve efficiency, productivity and save money on overall operating costs. As an industry leader, Advanced Control Corporation has been helping businesses create their own intelligent building management system and we can do it for you too.

BMS Software Advantages

One of the advantages of BMS software is that you receive enterprise solutions that will connect all your networks into one automated system. Your managers can easily access and control any area of your structure and property, whether they are on-site or off. Below are additional advantages of BMS for your consideration:

  1. Our BMS software allocates the distribution and exchange of all data within and across your entire network spectrum. The release of data operates as a quick and efficient stream of communication for monitoring and managing systems through a single interface. Your intelligent building management system can serve one single structure or multiple structures in different locations.
  1. Advantages of BMS also include an integrated building security system that will ensure building occupants remain safe and your structure, resources and assets are protected. Your IT data centers will also be secured so that your company is protected from hackers breaking into your system and stealing and destroying all your valuable data. Security measures also protect against employee theft, tampering and break-ins.
  1. Our advanced security systems utilize intrusion detection devices, digital video surveillance and access control systems. Vital security measures include building and elevator access control to steer transient traffic and personnel through your building, and deny assess to restricted areas. Closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording solutions enable your managers to monitor and control all security issues in real-time from one central location, or off-site. Video surveillance is used to reveal any unusual behavior from building occupants, and digital recorders will record activity in sensitive security areas. When you install an intelligent building management system you are reducing the risk of criminal activity and safeguarding against damage and loss. These are all excellent advantages of BMS technology.
  1. The installation of an intelligent building management system provides sustainable solutions to your building’s infrastructure and environment. Our building management systems are adaptable to change as your business needs evolve; other system can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Additional technology platforms can be incorporated through the use of your BMS software system. One of the best advantages of BMS is that the value of your company and property will increase.
  1. Your BMS software allows your managers to access data for monitoring, analyzing, and managing every system in your structure, including mechanical and electrical, from one centralized location or off-site via cloud technology. Your BMS software has a user-friendly graphics interface that makes access and management a simple and unified task.
  1. Your automated lighting control system employs a sophisticated web of sensors, occupancy controls and scheduling to automatically shut down lighting in unoccupied areas and during scheduled times of the day or night. Your lighting system will control all areas within buildings, and also outside walkways, parking garages, loading docks etc. The U.S. Department of Energy reports an estimated 30% annual savings on electric costs with the use of an intelligent building management system.
  1. Advantages of BMS include substantial savings on air conditioning and heating costs. Your building’s HVAC system can work on a management schedule for specific days, and specific times. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning costs can be reduced by having these systems timed and scheduled properly. The use of temperature sensor controls can be set to operate when building areas are occupied, and shut down when the area is unoccupied. Your HVAC system will also monitor and control air quality, humidity, ventilation, and protect against harmful pollutants, gases and smoke.

Learn More About BMS Software Advantages

The advantages of BMS technology is that your building will be properly managed to increase security, improve energy efficiency and productivity, and reduce operating costs. Advanced Control Corporation has been creating intelligent building systems since 1987 and we are well known for providing quality products and services to our clients. If you would like to learn more about the advantages of BMS, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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