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Control Energy Management with BAS

Control all aspects of energy management with a building management system from Advanced Control Corporation.

Every manager of a commercial building knows that energy costs are high and rapidly increasing. As one of the largest expenditures for companies operating a commercial structure, taking control of high energy costs is smart business management. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is a leading green technology developer in Florida that has helped hundreds of companies lower their energy and overall operating costs. We can show you how to develop smart energy management by creating a building management system that will reduce waste and significantly lower your energy costs.

If your energy systems are outdated you are probably spending a lot more on energy costs than you should be. Most commercial companies are paying more than half of their energy budget on lighting and HVAC systems. We can upgrade an existing infrastructure or build a new one from the ground up, that is adaptable to future additions. Your building management system software will allow you to monitor, analyze, and manage every system in your structure in real time and in data storage. Your building management system software can alert you to problems, malfunctions and inefficiencies within your infrastructure so that immediate attention can be made before system failures develop.

Creating intelligent building systems for your commercial property will be one of the smartest investments you will make. Your system will monitor and control all heating, air conditioning and lighting systems in one or multiple structures and can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. One of the reasons for high-energy costs and waste is that many structures have these systems operating all the time, even when the building, or specific zones, is unoccupied. Intelligent building systems monitor and control every area in your structure and shut down lighting when areas of the building are unoccupied. You can save up to 25% in lighting costs alone with a system that manages your structure and outdoor areas such as: parking lots, garages, signage, walkways, and more. Your HVAC system will also save you money by regulating heating and cooling through the use of schedules, timers, sensors and other devices.

A smart energy management system will provide many advantages to your building’s operation, and also maintain sustainability to your mechanical networks. Some of the many great features of your energy management system include:

  • Monitor access control, and steer traffic through your building
  • Schedule lighting controls both on and off-site
  • Apply tenant allocation costs, and override capabilities
  • Initiate lighting and temperature sequences for equipment start-up
  • Monitor zones for occupancy
  • Regulate temperature settings for heating and air conditioning, setback controls and time schedules
  • Manage heating/cooling changeovers
  • Stop/start time optimization
  • Operate warm-up and cool-down cycles
  • Manage indoor air quality, temperature settings, humidity, ventilation, air circulation, toxic gas emissions and smoke.
  • Control plumbing and fire alarm systems
  • Provide IT data and resources
  • Use advanced security and observation systems such as closed-circuit TV (CCTV), cameras and recording systems, motion sensors, and much more.
  • Recycle greywater, and use rainwater containment
  • Control electrical systems and power generation resources

Your energy management system supports a healthy indoor environment that protects building occupants from offensive odors, dust, pollution and contaminants. An efficient HVAC system will improve air quality and comfort levels, and keep energy usage to a minimum. With the proper energy management system your company can reduce waste and lower the high cost of energy expenses. Your system can be accessed via a cloud based platform whether you are on-site or off. Building management system software utilizes visualization dashboards that allow you to view charts and graphs, building performance metrics and trending. You will be able to evaluate and provide the necessary management control that your infrastructure needs to perform efficiently and cost-effectively.

Learn More About Energy Management Systems Integration

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