Elevator Floor Access Control

Are you considering installing an elevator floor access control  system in your building? Join thousands of other property managers in their quest to secure their buildings, assets, resources and building occupants. If you are a manager of an educational institution, government building, hospital, commercial building, airport etc. you should be up on the latest trends in security to effectively be able to deter criminal activity, property damage and theft.

Advanced Control Corporation has been improving security for many Florida buildings throughout the State and we can do the same for you. We work on all types of structures and properties to ensure that you have the best security system available on today’s market. You can upgrade your building’s elevator security systems by adding elevator floor access control, which allows you to steer and control traffic within your structure. Visitors will only be allowed access to specific floors in your building via the elevators. They will not be allowed to roam your structure at will and enter high security or restricted areas. Elevator floor access control will manage all of your building’s occupants including employees and tenants. Your management system will program and specify which floors are available to which individuals. When visitors have completed their appointment they will have no other option but to exit your building safely and securely. Elevator security systems should not be overlooked when devising a security plan for you property.

Our experts can develop a comprehensive elevator floor access control system for your structure that is completely programmable by your managers. Every individual in your building will have access and restriction codes assigned personally to them. They will only be allowed in ascribed areas that will be determined by your management team. An elevator access control system integrates every elevator in your building so that there is a seamless and effective flow of IT data. We can also incorporate an override system that can be used by specific personnel. The use of access cards will send the elevator down to the lobby to receive the card holder, who will then use the card to gain access to specified floors.

Your managers will be able to monitor your elevator floor access control through a user-friendly, flexible computer program that they can easily access on-site or remotely via cloud technology. The computer program will allow managers to control a variety of applications including:

  • Time zones and weekly and holiday scheduling
  • Card code numbers
  • New accounts
  • Permission levels
  • Elevator control functions
  • Proximity monitoring
  • Integrated CCTV cameras

The use of security keys to engage doors often end up lost or stolen. To remedy these problems new solutions should be implemented. By assigning business personnel or tenants with an electronic ID access card, their information will always be in the program IT data in the event that their card is lost or stolen. Individual ID information codes can easily be removed from the computer program and new ones added. This technology provides a safer, more effective elevator access control system.

Elevator Floor Access Control Systems in Fort Lauderdale

You can optimize the security of your building and occupants with an elevator floor access control system. Intelligent building technology integrates elevator security systems with surveillance and intrusion detection technologies to provide maximum protection against any threat to security. Advanced Control Corporation can customize an elevator floor access control system for your building. Our advanced security systems maximize security control with the use of CCTV, biometric scans, RFID scanners, access card readers, digital video surveillance, smoke and toxic gas detection devices, lighting control, and much more.  To learn more about the many advantages of our elevator security systems contact Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660.

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