Elevator Security Systems in Fort Lauderdale FL

Every business manager and property owner knows the importance of having a fully integrated security automation system in all their buildings. These systems may encompass elevator security, access control, video surveillance and more. Being able to monitor and access control of entire buildings is necessary to manage a business effectively. Losing important data and compromising your IT capability can cause lots of problems for you and your business. There is also the risk of employee tampering and theft when systems are not secured properly. Open protocols may benefit system integration, but this too poses another security risk. Advanced Control Corporation (ACC) is an industry leader with the knowledge and experience to assess the needs of your company when it comes to elevator security systems, access control and more.

Your business may require that specific areas be restricted by unauthorized personnel and visitors. A security system with elevator access control would prohibit unauthorized people from entering restricted floors. By utilizing elevator access control, people would use a card that allows them access to allowable areas only, and this helps to keep your facility secure. High-rise and multi-tenant structures should have a security automation system in lobbies and elevators to control and protect the inhabitants of the building. Elevator access control will also reduce the risk of criminal activity, damage to the structure, and control undesirable transient traffic.

Elevator Security Systems include:

1. Floor access that can be controlled by the system administrator who regulates what floors a card holder is allowed on.

2. You can opt for a singular control operation or integrate it into the building’s automation system and video surveillance system.

3. Control elevator and floor access for the entire facility through a security system that allows for expansion and adaptation.

Advanced Control will analyze your existing structure and design and implement an access control elevator security system to best suit your business needs and requirements. If you are planning to erect a new structure, our team of experts can assist you in developing an intelligent elevator access control system plus much more.

Elevator security systems and access control systems allow you to permit or deny anyone the use of any particular resource on your business property. By utilizing access control technology you are able to efficiently streamline your business operation with a cost-effective solution. These technologies will safe-guard your physical, logistical and digital resources, and give you peace of mind knowing that your business is being adequately protected. Security automation systems also provide safety and comfort to all inhabitants within the structure.

Advanced Control can also include closed-circuit television (CCTV) into your buildings security system. The intelligent technology of CCTV allows the transmission of video camera signals to reach specified monitors in a centralized location. Operator personnel will be able to monitor and record television images for an array of purposes, such as safety, surveillance and security issues. We are a leader of closed-circuit surveillance systems, and can offer you an extensive selection of security camera systems that serve your needs. CCTV is unlike broadcast television because signals are privately transmitted only to authorized monitors. CCTV technology can be used for personal, private or commercial purposes to improve the security of your facility.

Elevator Security Systems in South Florida

With a wide variety of intelligent access control and elevator security systems and options available, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 . Our experts can help you plan the ideal elevator security system for your facility.

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