Energy Management System for Commercial Buildings

Discover the many benefits of an energy management system with the help of Advanced Control.

Is your commercial building as energy efficient as it could be? Perhaps you don’t know enough about energy management to realize the significant impact it can have on your building’s systemic performance and operating costs. Building management systems can improve overall productivity, security and expense and also increase the value of your property at the same time. 

Building owners who have had a bms system installed all agree that it is a major asset to their company. Building management systems integrate all infrastructure systems so that they work as one synergistic unit. Operations include monitoring all operations and collecting data; utilizing detection devices such as sensors and meters; feedback; alerts and alarms and the ability to alter and manage any area you see fit.

Preparing for the Future

Your infrastructure will operate seamlessly and your managers can analyze stored data and determine where areas of improvement may exist. Advanced Control Corporation is a leader in energy management in Florida and has built and installed many building
management systems for commercial and governmental properties. We can design and create a system uniquely fitted to your building requirements or add a bms system to your existing operation. Our systems are scalable and adaptable to include any future additions or changes in your specific set-up. With energy costs skyrocketing, it behooves you to think about making the necessary changes now to improve your systemic performance and reduce utility costs.

Lighting Control Systems

Lighting a commercial building and outside property can be a huge expense for property owners. Unfortunately, many buildings are using an unnecessary amount of lighting instead of using intelligent lighting. Your bms system can efficiently manage lighting throughout your structure and outside property to reduce your lighting costs by up to 30 percent annually.

Sensors, meters, sub-meters and other devices can control lighting by a schedule of days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Lighting will be shut down at these specified times and also when your building, or a specific area, is unoccupied. Lighting sensors can read when an area is occupied or not and adjust lighting to suit the purpose. Outdoor lighting of ramps, walkways, exits, parking lots and garages, loading docks etc. will all be monitored and controlled by your energy management system. If security is breached, that area will be flooded with light to help deter criminal activity, assist in camera recognition and alerts will be made to your managers and law enforcement if necessary.

Power Monitoring

You can also rein in the high cost of utilities by monitoring your building’s power usage. An energy management system can do just that and enable you to reduce overall operating costs. With the use of selective devices, your system can identify degraded performance in specific areas so that they it be addressed before it develops into larger problems that could cause a shut-down.

A bms system will monitor, collect and store data on all energy output so that your managers have the ability to analyze and assess problems and locate the area of concern. All areas of energy usage will be monitored including your HVAC system, lighting, security, access control, and other systems. You can identify the areas where energy is being wasted by accurately auditing energy consumption.

Energy management provides effective solutions to curbing excessive energy usage and maximizing overall performance. Your company will save money, improve performance, reduce wear and tear on infrastructure systems and have the ability to make any necessary changes so that your systems are purring like a kitten.

Discover the benefits of an energy management system with the help of Advanced Control Corporation

Bring your building up-to-date and reap the many benefits of building management systems by contacting Advanced Control Corporation today at: 954-491-6660 .

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