Green Globe Certification VS LEED

Are you interested in constructing or retrofitting a certified green building but finding the LEED certification a little steep? Green Globe certification may be the perfect solution! Green Globes, a web-based program first introduced by The Green Building Initiative (GBI) in the United States in 2004, employs onsite assessment by a third party. Green Globes seeks to advance the environmental performance and sustainability of commercial buildings by offering an affordable alternative to LEED. With total cost for certification coming in around $10,000, it is succeeding.

Green Globe Certification VS. LEED

Unlike LEED, Green Globes has no prerequisites and only a few eligibility requirements. The Green Globes certification system assesses environmental impacts on a 1,000 point scale in multiple categories: energy, water, resources, emissions, indoor environment, project management, and site impact. Buildings that achieve 35% or more of the possible 1,000 points are eligible to seek a certification of one to four Green Globes. Third-party assessors with expertise in green building design, engineering, construction and facility operations review documentation and conduct on-site building tours during the assessment process.

Green Globe Certification Modules

The program has three modules – Green Globes for New Construction (NC), Green Globes for Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings (CIEB), and Green Globes CIEB for Healthcare. Buildings are Education credits are granted in the New Construction rating system for using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis while making decisions on building assemblies and materials. Green Globes CIEB follows the same areas of assessment as Green Globes for New Construction, except for the section on Site Impact.

Green Globe Certification for Your Building

Are you interested in seeking Green Globes certification for your building? Advanced Control Corporation can help by customizing an energy management system for you that is nearly effortless to update and maintain as technology advances. The smart building automation system provided by Advanced Control Corporation utilizes software that analyzes energy use to provide energy savings and still maintain the comfort of the inhabitants. It has the capacity to receive, store and analyze metering and sensor data provided to optimize and track energy use.

Building owners in South Florida renovating for energy efficiency turn to Advanced Control Corporation. We have built a solid and respected reputation for our products and services over the years, and our testimonials speak for us. Advanced Control Corporation has been at the forefront of green building in South Florida since 1987, as the industry leader in building automation, energy management, system integration, access control and CCTV solutions.

Learn More About Green Globe Certification in Florida 

Contact the experts at Advanced Control Corporation at 954-491-6660 for more information. We look forward to working with you!

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