Green Technology Application in Construction

How the benefits of a green technology application in construction can be realized in new and existing structures

Green building technology has become one of the hottest trends in construction. The benefits of a green technology application in construction are far-reaching and comprehensive, offering significant advantages when used in new facilities as well as existing structures. Green technology makes buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable, so they have a lower carbon footprint and a reduced impact on the environment. Builders, building owners, and tenants all realize considerable benefits from the application of green construction technology.

When green building technology is applied to construction, it provides a variety of benefits. Builders see an increased demand and a higher market value for their facilities. Building owners benefit from having lower ongoing costs of operation, improved rates of tenant retention, and higher building values.  Building occupants enjoy a more comfortable and healthy working environment, as well as the market benefits of being a “green” business.

Green technology in new and existing construction

The primary way that green technology benefits are achieved is through greater energy efficiency. In new buildings, green building construction plays a role in every phase of development. Every aspect of the structure, including siting, design, construction materials, and the systems used to run and maintain operations are chosen to be as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible.

In existing structures, new green building technology is used to integrate the control systems that are already in place in the facility. Building automation systems with advanced software features are used to incorporate all the older systems that control the electrical, mechanical, and security features of the structure, networking them into a centrally-controlled solution. This allows even the older legacy systems to work together so that owners can realize the benefits of the latest green technology.

Improved energy-efficiency

30% to 40% of a commercial building is typically unoccupied at any given time. Green building technology makes use of motion detectors, RFID scanners, access card readers, and other sensors to monitor the occupancy status of building sectors. Whenever an area of a structure becomes unoccupied, green technology automatically shuts off lights and adjusts HVAC, cooling, heating, and ventilation options. Building owners can realize as much as 30% savings in their energy expenses by eliminating unnecessary energy use in this manner.

A healthier working environment

Numerous studies have documented cases of the “sick building syndrome” that can create an unhealthy work environment in commercial buildings, particularly older buildings and those located in hotter climates where ventilation issues are a concern. When HVAC systems are constantly left on, they can accumulate condensation that allows unhealthy mold spores to develop. Energy-efficient green building solutions can automatically turn off HVAC systems when not needed in order to maintain the correct temperature and humidity for optimum health. Advanced software and sensors can be put in place to monitor the ventilation system to prevent CO2 from underground garages from cycling throughout the building.

If you are interested in enjoying the benefits of a green technology application in new construction or your existing structure, Advanced Control Corporation’s energy experts can help. As the industry leader in green building energy management solutions in South Florida since 1987, Advanced Control Corporation has helped thousands of buildings improve their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint.

Green Technology Application in Construction

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