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How Does a Building Automation System Work?

Just how does a building automation system work? Intelligent building systems are connected to every operating system within your structure and also throughout your outdoor property. As a complete integrated system, you and your managers are able to control and modify any area of your property’s operation. Building automation systems can be built from the ground up, or integrated into your existing operating system. At Advanced Control Corporation, we use advanced mechanics and engineering so that every facet of your automation system is flexible and adaptable to future modifications and inclusions.

Intelligent building systems utilize sustainable, energy efficient systems that will help you reduce waste, and improve energy usage efficiency, that will make a great impact on your overall operating costs. Our team of experts can conduct an operating system analysis of your existing structure to determine if any problems exist that are costing your company unnecessary expense. As an added benefit to keep track of operations, you can include detection building management system software. When you use our proprietary building management system software, your data will be converted into actionable intelligence. This process allows you to classify and prioritize mechanical system inadequacies and engage cost-effective solutions to reduce your facility’s operating budget. Our building management system software is an integrated diagnostics tool that operates via the cloud and web levels. It will identify system degradations, faults and inefficiencies and provide recommended improvements.

Our building management system software will help your company operate more efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively. Our VAO (visualize, analyze, optimize) building management system software can decrease your annual energy expenditures by up to 30%. One of our technicians can examine the daily diagnostic data of your VAO system to determine what operational needs and building requirements necessitate improvement. We offer management services that include the customization of your particular sequences and systems.

Your building management system software has the ability to monitor and manage power usage in a single or multiple structure operation, and provides the most up-to-date technology in energy management software for all your metering needs. If your business has multiple rental properties, your building management system software will accurately report each individual tenant’s energy consumption. Intelligent building systems also provide an easy-to-read, utility monitoring interactive dashboard that presents power usage data in real time. This feature enables you to evaluate what areas are producing waste and need improvement. Advanced Control Corporation can set up new building management system software, or integrate one into your existing operation. Your company will benefit by enabling you to gauge your building’s infrastructure performance, reduce operating costs, and utilize energy conservation recommendations. Your utility costs will be reduced and your operating system’s overall performance will be optimized.

How does a building automation system work?

Intelligent building systems provide you with a broad array of monitoring systems, technical support, operational maintenance, and systems modification capability to maximize efficiency, conserve resources and minimize waste. Your building automation system monitors, manages and controls:

  • Water conservation capability, greywater recycling, plumbing systems
  • HVAC equipment and optimization
  • Elevator monitoring and access control
  • Tenant override systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Electrical usage
  • Production areas
  • Chiller plant
  • CO monitoring and alerts for parking garages
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Integration of the Access Control system
  • Video surveillance systems, CCTV,
  • Identify and card management systems

Your building management system software allows all authorized personnel to access your building’s operating systems through a user-friendly graphics interface, making building management effortless and cohesive. This system allows access to air quality, temperature control, video surveillance and power monitoring for one single building or multiple structures, and can be accessed via the cloud, internet, mobile device or tablet, whether on-site or off.

Building Automation Systems in Tampa & Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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