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If you own a commercial building, chances are you may be thinking about new ways to lower the cost of your operating expenses. Advanced Control Corporation has the perfect solution to lowering the high costs of today’s commercial businesses. Our building management systems can provide your building with the essential systemic strategies you need to reduce utility usage and waste. 

Smart Solutions

It isn’t always a matter of just reducing utilities usage, but of using them more intelligently and efficiently. Annual utility costs can run as high as 40 percent of your overall operating costs – so it is important to curb waste. Our energy management systems provide you with the products and devices that can significantly reduce waste and utility usage, improving your bottom line.

In the hot and humid Florida climate, HVAC systems seem to be working overtime to keep interiors cool and dry. Your HVAC system can be restructured with new technology to handle these problems more cost-effectively. Plus, our bms system is scalable, adaptable and flexible to meet any changes or additions you may require in the future.

Most new structures are built to be air-tight to retain the desired climate, but this can cause a problem with air safety. Without the proper ventilation system your building’s interior can be amassing an unhealthy degree of CO2 levels in the air. Our demand-control ventilation system can solve this problem plus reduce the formation of toxic mold growth, dust, pollution,
humidity etc.

The Rewards of Lighting Control

Lighting is one of the highest utility costs in commercial structures that can be reined-in with the proper energy management solutions. By installing a bms system, or upgrading your existing one, you can significantly reduce annual lighting costs by up to 30 percent. Building management systems utilize lighting efficiently and only when necessary.

With the use of meters, sensors and other devices, lighting inside and outside your structure will be resourcefully monitored and managed. With feedback from sensors and other devices, lighting will be shut down when an area is unoccupied and relit when an area is occupied. Scheduling can also be set in place to shut down lighting at specified times of the day, days of the week, weekends, holidays etc. There is no reason to have all the lighting on all of the time if it isn’t needed. By effectively managing your lighting system you can dramatically lower operating costs.

Your building’s managers can easily access your lighting system through cloud-based technology whether on-site or off, with an easy to use graphics interface. This will be their main mode of operating your lighting system but manual controls will also be set in place using switches, push-buttons, dimmers, remote control and others, plus there will also be a tenant override system to accommodate your tenants’ needs.

Synergistic Design at Work

Building management systems provide your business with the solutions needed to rein in high operating costs. If your business is operating with an old, outdated bms system, you are probably spending more money than you should be and an upgrade is essential. A new, or improved system will allow your managers to monitor in real-time, review stored data, analyze systemic operations, receive alerts to malfunctions and avert shut-downs.
Utility monitoring enables your managers to analyze and interpret data and pinpoint areas of operation that can be improved through a metering system. Sub-metering assists in determining the costs of energy consumption of each tenant in your building. All systemic operations on your property are available for review and management. You can have the power to tweak operations to benefit your business and still run efficiently and effectively with enhanced performance and production.

Building Management Systems in Florida

To learn more about building management systems and how they can benefit your business, contact Advanced Control at 954-491-6660.

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