Illumination Control Benefits in 2022

Illumination control offers plenty of benefits for commercial building owners. These benefits include enhanced security, increased energy efficiency, lowered operation costs as well as other benefits that make commercial buildings more attractive to potential tenants. One of the biggest advantages to illumination control is the fact that it can easily be added to existing structures or even new buildings without the need for extensive renovations. Larger commercial buildings can benefit from combining building automation systems with occupancy sensors, access card readers, RFID scanners and motion detectors. Commercial lighting control systems can be implemented for parking lots, walkways, garages and other intermittently-used areas. These state of the art systems often include light level sensors and motion detectors to provide illumination when daylight is limited. Here are the top illumination control benefits.

  • Less Energy Waste

Up to 30% of the energy used by commercial buildings is wasted on air control and lighting in unoccupied areas. Building lighting control systems combine BAS with motion detectors and RFID readers that register when certain areas are empty. The system then turns lights on or off according to real occupancy needs, thus preventing energy from being wasted on illuminating empty areas.

  • Lower operating costs

Lighting can account for up to 40% of the energy costs associated with commercial buildings, making it one of the highest operating costs that owners face. Illumination control allows building owners to use scheduling as well as time and zone controls to turn lighting on or off, as needed, instead of relying on humans. By eliminating the need for humans to operate lighting, the building’s operating costs are significantly reduced.

  • Increased security

Commercial lighting control is becoming more popular among business owners as a loss prevention measure. Due to its low installation costs and minimal maintenance requirements, it’s one of the most affordable security systems for businesses of all sizes. Alarms and smart illumination can be used to repel potential intruders.

  • Remote activation

Modern illumination control systems don’t need a human operator to be onsite to control your building’s lighting. Building owners can perform all actions remotely using desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones. Occupancy control settings, dimming, and scheduling can all be done remotely through the internet.

Illumination Control in Your Building

Illumination control can easily be incorporated into new and existing structures, or added as an application. Plenty of illumination control options are available, depending on your building’s specific needs.

Illumination control benefits are practically endless, regardless of the size of your commercial building. If you are ready to implement illumination control in your new or existing building, Advanced Control Corporation can be of service. Our lighting control technicians have helped reduce the operating costs of thousands of facilities of all sizes.

Illumination Control In South Florida

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