Keys to Effective Intelligent Building Systems in Florida

Discover the reasons why you need intelligent building systems from Advanced Control.

If you want to improve your commercial building’s systemic performance and reduce operating costs, you need intelligent building systems.

Once you consider all the related benefits that intelligent building provides, you can see why it is considered a smart business decision to install it as a part of your systemic operations. 

Sustainable Intelligence 

An intelligent building management system is a single platform that can integrate all systemic processes that occur in your building, and allow your managers to observe real-time activity and archived data.

This allows your managers to discern if there are snags in your system that need to be addressed and also sustain high operation performance.  

Today’s commercial buildings have a complex web of operations that should be managed through IT technology. The number of systemic processes in commercial structures has increased over the years, as newer products are developed.
To address each systemic operation effectively can be a challenge for building managers who don’t possess intelligent building systems that are designed to carry the load. 

Here at Advanced Control Corporation, our team of experts can design and build unique IT infrastructures that integrate all of your building’s operations into one cohesive unit.

Our systems make managing complex infrastructure operations simple and effective and address the many challenges that managers face.  
Once your system is installed you can begin to enjoy many benefits, like smart energy monitoring and intelligent building management that can reduce energy consumption and waste, and lower utility costs significantly.

Our building systems improve systemic operations through integration that provides an intelligent, synergistic approach to management. 
Our systems are not only sustainable but also scalable to allow for changes and additions of new products and platforms that are required for future growth.  

Smart Building 

Sustainable development makes for an excellent return on your investment, and also increases the value of your property.  High-profile employable talent, and tenants, are attracted to working in smart buildings, where they can enjoy the best amenities. 
Plus, enhanced security measures make all building inhabitants feel protected and safe. 

You can enjoy lower operational costs through the use of automated sensors and detection devices that adjust HVAC operations, lighting management, access control, and security measures.

Our open protocol system allows for data sharing and feedback between various operations. This process enables management measures for retaining, tweaking, or changing specific variables in each separate systemic operation. 
Your management team can access your intelligent building system through the internet or cloud-based technology, and control operations in various locations and multiple buildings.

Accessed real-time and archived data from all systemic operations can be analyzed to enhance performance and productivity.  
As a leader of intelligent building systems in Florida since 1987, we have the expertise and experience needed to create a system that is unique to your business goals and requirements.

We oversee every area of your management system’s installation, from inception to completion. We also provide training services for your employees, either on-site or remotely.

If you do not have the personnel to operate your building system, we also provide operation and maintenance services.

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Now is the best time to reap the benefits of intelligent building. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660 to learn more about our intelligent building management systems.

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