Palm Beach Elevator Access Control Systems

Is your high-rise building as safe as it could be? In the current uncertain times, tenants are increasingly searching for buildings that offer them a high level of safety and security. One of the critical areas of vulnerability of high-rise multi-tenant buildings is access control. A large part of establishing a comprehensive access control system is elevator access control. When buildings have multiple tenants, it is not appropriate for occupants to be able to access every floor of the building at will. Elevator lobbies and elevators themselves must be controlled to protect the inhabitants of the building. An elevator access control system from Advanced Control Corporation provides the control you need to achieve a secure, protected environment.

Securing access to elevators increases the safety of your building and tenants in several ways. Palm Beach elevator access control systems not only effectively reduce the risk of costly theft, they serve as deterrents that decrease the chance of vandalism and damage to your structure. Implementing elevator access control measures also serves to limit undesirable transient traffic. Your building’s enhanced safety results in a more secure work environment where occupants are willing to work later hours. The heightened safety and increased productivity makes your building more appealing to prospective tenants and fosters tenant retention among current occupants.

Advanced Control can provide control of all of your elevators for every floor in your building, with an elevator access control system that is expandable and adaptable for your entire facility. The system administrator can set accessible floors for each cardholder. A host computer manages event data for even the largest facilities, providing dynamic control of memory for up to 50,000 cardholders / up to 20,000 Events. For added security, the system even retains ID event data and setting value in case of power failure.

The elevator access control system from Advanced Control is versatile, accepting a number of 4 reader interfaces. The system uses Network Communication, with TCP/IP communication available via an optional module. An optional LCD display and keypad can be used to the control board for stand-alone operation and manual setting. Advanced Control Corporation will assist you in completing a thorough analysis of your facility’s access control requirements to configure the different level of access for every individual in your building.

You can choose stand-alone access control operation or integrate your elevator security control with our building automation system and video surveillance system to create a complete security and access control solution. Advanced Control can implement a network IP camera solution for your facility using closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras that transmit over a high-speed Ethernet link using internet protocol, providing you with the ability to monitor your building with video surveillance via the web from anywhere in the world. A mixture of fixed position and pan/tilt/zoom camera types is your best choice for full-coverage building security. If you require the ability to view objects in low light or extreme lighting conditions, Advanced Control offers CCTV solutions that include high performance thermal imaging cameras.

Palm Beach Elevator Access Control Systems

Advanced Control Corporation’s team of proficient security design experts is ready to customize a security system solution for your facility. Advanced Control has been providing building automation in South Florida since 1987, helping business owners increase security, reduce energy costs, and improve their building’s efficiency. Contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954.491.6660 to discover the peace of mind true security brings.

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