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South Florida Intelligent Building Systems

An evolving trend among residential and commercial building owners is to create intelligent building systems that offer substantial benefits to the business owner and the environment. Whether you are building a new structure or renovating an existing one, you can have a new building infrastructure that is efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Building automation systems offer maximized benefits by utilizing smart building technology that includes:

  • Sustainable systems that require a minimum of maintenance
  • Less energy usage and waste
  • The enhanced health and safety of building occupants
  • Security of building and assets
  • A decrease in replacement and operating costs.

Advanced Control Corporation has been helping companies create intelligent building management systems in Florida since our inception in 1987. Companies are encouraged to contribute to the well-designed development of buildings throughout the State for environmental purposes, and also to benefit the profit margin of the business owner. Intelligent building systems create sustainability throughout every process of a building’s operation, and also reduce waste and conserve natural resources. Sustainable development has become a benchmark of intelligent building systems in cities across the State.

Intelligent Building Management Systems in South Florida

Intelligent building management systems specifically utilize smart building design that offers viable solutions to each building system requirement. Building automation systems manage, monitor and control the entire electrical and mechanical system in your building through one convenient centralized location. You and your building managers can access your automation system off-site via the internet, tablet or mobile device. You will have the ability to access, manage, and collect data from all of your building systems through one convenient graphics interface. Some of the intelligent building systems that you can access and control are:

  • Air quality, ventilation, comfort, temperature control, toxic gas emissions alerts, and smoke evacuation
  • Utility monitoring and management for electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems
  • IT data centers and servers; software and hardware security
  • Security system building and elevator access control, real-time closed circuit television (CCTV) and recording solutions
  • Automatic and scheduled lighting controls

Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems are connected to every system within your building’s infrastructure and also outside. You will be able to access archived data and real-time data of every system to analyze and determine if any problems or malfunctions exist. Your managers can determine if security, lighting or HVAC systems are not being used efficiently in some areas within your structure and off-site, such as: elevators, conference rooms, closets, washrooms, loading docks, parking lots or garages, walkways and building entrances. You will be able to establish where problems and inefficiencies exist so that you can address these issues in a timely manner. This enables you to streamline your building’s operation and reduce unnecessary waste and operating costs.

You can reap the many benefits that intelligent building management systems deliver. All systems will begin to operate at their peak levels of performance while remaining cost-effective and energy efficient. Lighting and temperature control is easily managed through sensors and scanners to establish if areas are occupied or not. Intelligent building management systems can save you up to 30% annually on unnecessary energy usage. And your building’s operation will hum like a well-oiled machine.

Intelligent Building Management Systems by Advanced Control corporation

Advanced Control Corporation provides premium intelligent building management systems in all types of Florida structures. We are experts at what we do, and we have contributed to the creation of many commercial and governmental sustainable building projects in Florida. Our team can design a new building automation system for your structure or integrate one into your existing system. We customize our work to accommodate and meet all of your building requirements and expectations, and we also work within your budget. We would love to help you achieve a more sustainable and cost-effective intelligent building management system.

Intelligent Building Systems in South Florida

To learn more about our great company and our building automation and intelligent building systems, contact Advanced Control Corporation today at 954-491-6660.

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